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Sequence 28




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




A look of sheer helplessness and anger crossed Shalom’s face as he reached out and gave Lucille a shove that sent her tottering backwards with a cry of horror on her beautiful face!


If Agya Asare had not reached out to hold her, she would have fallen down rather badly.


“I don’t know you!” Shalom cried in distress. “Why are you doing this? That man claims to be my brother but he left me at a brothel! What are you people doing here again?”


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Adobea held his arm and tried to calm him down although her heart was beating rather painfully.


“Shalom, please, calm down!” she said gently. “Calm down, my love!” Shalom’s mother moved towards him with tears spilling down her face.


“Your brother didn’t leave you at the brothel, my dear son!” she said earnestly. “Ah, an olady pancake who is a liar too!” Shalom said indignantly. “Ha! The prostitute said he left me there! And I have images in my head, of people putting machines on my head and tampering with my brain, hurting me, taking out my memories! I’m pretty sure you all know this and you all tried to harm me!” “No, Jack-Lord, no!” cried Samuel Larbi as he stood up and approached Shalom with deep emotion on his face.


“Herh, I’m not Jack-Lord, comot for there!” Shalom said furiously. “I don’t really trust you! You saw my condition and you left me with a prostitute who put my etutobi inside her mouth and then put it into her vajayjay! If it had not been Adobea I don’t know what would have happened to me by now!”


“You were kidnapped, my son!” Beatrice Larbi shouted plaintively as tears streamed down her face. “You were kidnapped on your way to your wedding!” Shalom gasped suddenly and took a step back as a look of dismayed horror flashed across his face!


“I…I was…was kidnapped?” he whispered hoarsely. “But why?”



“Because the great physicist, Isaac Larbi, was your father!” his mother cried with pain as she put her hands on his upper arms.


“Yesu Kristo!” Agya Asare whispered with sudden awe. “This is the son of the rich and famous Isaac Larbi? Ah, yes, there were rumours that his young son was also growing to become a great physicist too!”

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Adobea nodded her head numbly as slowly she began to get the picture! Isaac Larbi was a household name in game, and a world-renowned physicist known for his amazing inventions in physics! He had died about a year previously and the whole world had been in great mourning!


“Your father shielded you and your brother, my son!” Beatrice cried tragically. “He did not want the two of you to be exposed to the public’s eye! Before your father died last year, he was working on a secret invention which he said would be the world’s most breakthrough device, but alas, he died before he could complete it! However, you were helping him most of the time!”


“Yes, my dear brother,” Samuel said sadly. “You were the brains in the house with father. I was just the first son who was enjoying the riches, but you were in the lab with Pops all the time! The kidnappers thought you knew whatever this great invention was, you know, so they kidnapped you when you were on your way to church to marry Lucille! They said they would kill you if we made the case public or involved the police! We were so scared of losing you, so we’ve been trying to negotiate with them!”


Lucille pushed away from Agya Asare and picked up her bag.


She removed a yellow A4 envelope from it and then dragged several glossy pictures from within and showed them to Shalom.


“Pictures of our wedding day, my love,” she whispered as tears coursed down her cheeks pathetically. “I died, Jackie! Oh, I thought you were dead! Those beasts evidently tried to get the information from your head and that is why they did this to you! Oh, God! I’m dying!”


“Then die fast!” Shalom said petulantly as tears came to his eyes. “Die so that I can marry Adobea! I love her, oh, please, I love her! Let me give you to Reuben, okay? Then I can marry Adobea!”


“Don’t be silly, Jackie!” Lucille screamed and pushed him hard in the chest. “Please, don’t do this to me! We’ll get you the best doctors, my love! They’ll reset your mind again and bring you back! When your mind is right again you’ll be back where we left off, and you’ll feel the love you have for me, and forget all about this cheap girl!”



“Herh, watch your mouth over there!” Maame Fosuaa spoke for the first time, and her voice was very acidic. “Don’t call my daughter names otherwise I’ll pull out your tongue with my bare hands!”


“I don’t want my head to be reset again!” Shalom cried sadly. ‘I don’t want to remember loving you, Lucille! You don’t sound kind! You sound like a very wicked girl! I just want Adobea, oh Adobea! I don’t want to lose Adobea!”


“My son, my son, please, stop this!” Beatrice wept pitifully. “You’re breaking our hearts! Oh, those evil men did a whole lot of bad things to your head! They called us about two days ago and said they deposited you in a brothel!”


“Evidently, they did not inform us in time so that they could escape and cover their tracks,” Samuel said grimly. “Those bastards! They informed us two days ago and we contacted the police immediately! It came out in their feeds that someone who had been named Shalom and whose facial features resembled yours was reported missing here! And then, fortunately, the story about you broke out on television, and we came to get you! Oh, my brother, my only brother!”


“Oh, comot for there!” Shalom screamed dejectedly. “Look, you people are hurting me so much! Maybe my condition is permanent, okay? I’ll remain a fool forever! I do very bad things now, okay? Look, I behave like a child, and I do embarrassing things! Lucille, you don’t want to be with me again!”


“I want to be with you forever!” Lucille screamed and stamped her foot as tears fell down her face. “Oh, what have they done to you? I want my Jackie boy back! I want my true love back, the only one I love! Oh, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie…I love you so much! Please come back to me!”


“I hate it when you call me Jackie!” Shalom screamed as tears of anguish came into his eyes. “It sounds like an erected pe.nis! Lucille, I’ve done things, bad things! I did that atopa thing with the prostitute! Herh, I did it with Bajoe, the girl with the huge boodankadunk! Herh, her boodankadunk was so huge that at first, I couldn’t find her vajayjay because her thighs covered it! And then I did it with Calima, the little woman! Look, we even did it against the window when I gave her one atopa fuchor and she sailed out of the window! I’ve been bad, unfaithful man, Lucille! Surely, you don’t want me back!”


“I do, I’ll always love you!” Lucille screamd. “I don’t care what you have done, Jackie, because those bad people messed with your head! I’ll always love you! Yes, we’re so rich, and you’re going to have the best doctors to help you get your memories back!”


“I will wound you, Lucille, I promise I will!” Shalom screamed. “I’m not correct in the head now, Lucille! Truth is, I’m like a mad man now! I can simply pick you up



and throw you under a speeding train, I don’t care! Go and ask Calima! I threw her away like rotten Nzema cassava in Dzorwulu! If you continue this nonsense, I can kill you, Lucille. I will just kill you like that!”


Lucille, still weeping, moved forward and put her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his chest.


“I know you, Jackie!” she wept in anguish. “You have the kindest heart in the world, and I’m not afraid of you! Come back home, my darling! We’ll cure you and you’ll not even remember this nightmare again!”


“It is not nightmare!” Shalom screamed and stepped away from her with a troubled look. “My name is Shalom! I don’t like any Jack Larbi which sounds like Larbi with a fu.cking erection! I am happy with Adobea! This morning we took a bath together and I liked rubbing my etutobi on her boodankadunk and rubbing her breasts so that her nipples become hard like Anloga pebbles! Go away, Lucille! Go away, Mama and Samuel! I’m staying with Adobea!”


Lucille’s eyes flashed with fury as she pushed Adobea suddenly so that Adobea tottered backwards and landed rather ungainly on her backside!


“What did you do to him, you wicked girl?” Lucille screamed furiously. “You knew there was something wrong with him! You knew he was a man trapped inside a boy’s body and yet you engaged in sex with him? Are you sick?” Maame Fosuaa caught Lucille by the arm, swirled her round and then threw her down the stairs!


Lucille screamed as she soared in the air and landed in the dust full faced!


Her face was instantly covered with dust which mingled with her makeup and


tears, giving her a very scary look!


Shalom hooted with laughter!


He jumped and clapped his hands like a little boy as he pointed at Lucille! “Hoooo, look at your face!” he shouted. “Like kaakaamotobi! Serves you right for hurting Adobea!”


As Lucille began to weep pathetically, Shalom turned his back on her and knelt beside Adobea whose tears were now flowing down her cheeks.


“Shalom, my love,” she whispered as she put a hand on his shoulder. “You need to go with them, please. They’re your family, and they’re suffering!”


“They’re not suffering!” Shalom screamed with pain. “Look at them! They have money so they look like money! I won’t be happy with them, Adobea! I’m only happy with you! Please, I beg of you, don’t do this to me! Adobea Asare, please don’t break Shalom’s heart, please!”


Adobea’s pain hit a peak at that particular moment.


Her tears fell faster as she put a trembling hand on his cheek.


“Shalom, my love!” she whispered painfully. “If the kidnappers did such a horrible thing to you, then you need expert medical help, my dear! Your condition might even get worse because they have brainwashed you! Maybe the radiation from whatever device they used had caused something in your head, something that might affect you badly in the future! We’re poor, my love. We can’t give you the help you need! Please, go with them and get the help you need!”


“Don’t break Shalom’s heart, Adobea!” Shalom said in a trembling voice, and then he began to weep pathetically like a little boy. “I beg you, Adobea! Do not break Shalom’s heart!”


“Oh, Shalom, don’t do this to me!” Adobea wept too, bitterly. “Please, they’re your family! That was your life! get the help you need and become the man you are! My love, you’re such a brilliant physicist, and your work will help mankind if you get well! Please, I’ll always be here! When you’re well again, and you still love me, come back for me!”


“Look at your head, Adobea!” Shalom said painfully. “If I get well I might forget all of this! I might not even remember you! Is that what you want, Adobea Asare! Please, Adobea, Adobeeeeeaaaa, don’t break Shalom’s heart o! There is God o, Adobea! God will pornish you like the Nigerians say, Adobea! Park well o, Adobeeeeaaaa!”Read more interesting and erotic stories from


“My love for you makes me want to see you well again, Shalom, please!” Adobea cried as she got to her feet. “Get well, Shalom! I’m here in your heart!”


She tapped his chest gently in the region of his heart.


“You told me once, remember?” she whispered painfully. “I’m right here in your heart, where nothing can touch me! When you’re well, that sweet, great love we share will still be there, and it will bring you back to me!”


“Adobea, look at your mouth like gonjon pin!” Shalom cried with absolute fractious pain. “I don’t like the things you’re saying, Adobea! Please, come with me too! I’ll go only if you come along, please!”


“No, Shalom, please!” Adobea screamed and, unable to hold her pain anymore, she turned and walked rapidly towards the main door.


“We’ll recompense you,” Beatrice said to her. “We’ll give you a lot of money, my dear, for taking such good care of him!”


“I don’t need your money!” Adobea screamed, and then she fled into the house and locked the door.



“Herh, Adobea, Adobea, don’t lock the door!” Shalom screamed and hammered on the door. “Open the door, Adobea! Open the door now! Don’t break Shalom’s heart o, Adobea! You’re killing me softly!”


And he wept bitterly as he hammered on the door repeatedly, looking so forlorn and so broken like a little boy that Maame Fosuaa began to weep too. But Adobea did not open the door.


Samuel Larbi held his brother and drew him back gently, and then led him to the sleek car outside.


“You’ll have to come to the station too, Agya,” Commander Derbie said with tears in her eyes. “To sign off the official closure of this case.”


Adobea moved to the window and looked out.


Shalom was sitting in the back of the car with Lucille beside him.


His head was bent and his shoulders slumped, and he was still weeping painfully. “Oh, Shalom!” Adobea whispered as the pain in her heart became unbearable, and she slowly dropped to the floor and put her forehead against the wall. Her pain, as she wept, was immeasurable!








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