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Sequence 26




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Adobea looked lovingly into Shalom’s eyes.


“No matter what happens, my love, I’ll always love you, and I’ll always be there for you,” she whispered tenderly. “I love you so much, Shalom.”


“Oh, Adobea!” Shalom said breathlessly. “You’re making my heart drum tobum tobum tobum like Nankese percussion bass drum!”


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They both laughed again and when they kissed it was gentler and sweeter, a moment of blissful awareness and magnetic propulsion that made their desires rise rather alarmingly.


His clothes were quite wet now and so he stepped out of the bath and quickly took off his clothes. He looked at Adobea with a goofy smile on his face.


“Your vajayjay is wet like Dabala okro, isn’t it?” he asked goofily.


Adobea was breathing hard with desire as she watched him, noting how incredibly handsome he was. She laughed softly but said nothing because she could actually feel her desire oozing out of her netherlips and raining down the insides of her thighs.



She had never been one to be concerned much with sex. Her moments with Reuben had always been more of her pleasing him than her deriving much desire from the act. To the best of her knowledge, she had never had an orgasm. The fact that it had not really been a great deal and aftermaths of guilt had made it easy for her to eventually tell Reuben that she would no longer make love to him until they got married.


She had thought herself frigid in a way, admitting to herself somewhere along the line that lovemaking was something she was not going to enjoy if she eventually married Reuben.


And then he had decided to go in for Samantha and broken her heart.


Then Shalom came along…and it was a whole lot of a different ballgame. He made

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her breathless and always on a sexual high. His kisses and touches set fire to her


soul! She had mostly been dry down there with Reuben and had to engage in


lengthy foreplay to get ready for him.


But with Shalom it was different.


Just being close to him made her ooze alarmingly! Her whole body craved for him, and for his touch! She was always on a sexual high, lusting to be filled in a way she had never felt in her life! With Reuben she had always been in a hurry for it to end, but with Shalom it felt she would never have enough of him. She was that into him, and she loved him that much.


“Heerrh, Adobea!” he shouted suddenly and Adobea giggled when she saw him pointing at his erect pe.nis. “Look at my etutobi, Adobea! Look at my etutobi!” “Etutobi?” she asked with a smile. “Is that what you call it now?”


“No, that is how the little people I was with call it,” Shalom said with a smile. “Look at how it is hard and pointing up toward my face!”


Adobea laughed and shook her head.


“It is supposed to point up like that when you’re aroused, isn’t it?” she asked. “No, no, no!” he said, shaking his head hard. “When I was with that prostitute my bad brother took me to, and when I was with Bajoe and Calima, my etutobi did not point up like this! It only got up small but pointed at the table level! But when I’m with you it points towards my face and my heart beats by heart!”


Adobea stared at him as the pain washed over her again, sudden unbidden. “So, you slept with somebody else again,” she said dully. “Somebody called Calima!”


The excitement vanished from Shalom’s face immediately and he raced into the bath with sudden trepidation on his face.



“Adobea, don’t be angry, please!” he said desperately. “Please, don’t leave me again.”


“I’m not going to leave you, Shalom,” she whispered. “I love you, and I can’t leave you. But it still hurts. You just sleep around and although I know it is because of your condition, it still hurts me badly!”


“I didn’t sleep with Calima!” Shalom said dejectedly. “She’s short, you know, very short. And there was a man called Atwiaa who loved her and was jealous because he thought Calima preferred me. When Calima told me I replied that she was being silly because she is so short, and I’m tall, so we could not…do that thing! I even put my peeweewee on top of her head to prove it!”


Adobea looked at him strangely.


“You put your pe.nis on top of her head?” she asked painfully.


“Yes, yes,” Shalom said in a rush. “Just to prove to her that I cannot put it in her. She said she loved me, and I said I love Adobea. But that Calima, she’s so bad! She started to cry that I found her unattractive because of…because of her being so short. I told her I just didn’t want to hurt Adobea. She said Adobea would never know and I should make her see the sunshine if truly I did not find her repulsive!” “Oh, the manipulative bitch!” Adobea said tightly. “And yes, of course, the great kind Shalom had no option than to sleep with her!”


“Ohhhhhhhhhh, Adobea!” he said with great exasperation. “I didn’t want to do it but she pushed me on the bed and sat on me. For someone so small her vajayjay was big. She put my etutobi inside her vajayjay and –”


“Enough already, Shalom!” Adobea shouted painfully and pushed him. “Spare me the details! What’s the matter with you?”


She turned her back to him and reached for the soap.


Desperately, Shalom slipped his arms around her from behind and held her right. “I’m sorry, Adobea, please,” he said desperately. “That is why I ran away from Calima! I didn’t love her! It is you I love and you I came back to. I promise, Adobea, I’ll never ever, ever, ever, never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, never do it again with any other woman!”


He held her tight with his hands cupping her breasts as he rubbed himself against her back. She shuddered with great desire inside the bath and felt her nipples hardening.


“I like rubbing my etutobi against your boodankadunks, Adobea!” Shalom said in a voice thick with passion. “It is making my body go flabuuuuu!”


Adobea sighed and leaned her head back against his chest as she felt him digging into her back. It was the most maddening sensation of desire and she trembled



almost violently. This was more than she could control. All she wanted to do was drag him to the bedroom and just mount him.


With a herculean effort she moved out of his arms and quickly began to sponge herself. He moved toward her.


“No, Shalom, don’t, please,” she said in a strained voice as she looked at his erection which was now at eye-level because she was bent over. A pained expression crossed his face.


“But why, Adobea, my love?” he whispered. “Look at the way you’re bending over with your boodankadunk sticking in the air. Do you want to kill me, Adobea?”


She stood up quickly and faced him weakly.


“Do you want to do it, Shalom?” she whispered.


“No, not yet, I told you,” he said in a rush. “I want it to be right!”


“But this is not right, Shalom, it is not!” she said desperately. “Seeing you like this, na.ked together, each of us so aroused, rubbing each other…it is the same sin, my love, just like if we actually fornicate. So, until then, we must avoid this, okay? I can’t take the torture anymore!”


“Ahhhh, Adobea wants to see the sunshine!” he said with a goofy laugh.


“And stop that!” she said sharply as her eyes flashed at him with pain. “Stop that, please!”


“Why, don’t you want to see the sunshine?” Shalom asked innocently, his expression hurt.


“Shalom!” she said with a great sigh. “Of course, I want to make love to you and feel that great moment, but stop using words other girls used with you when you’re with me! Stop comparing me to her!”


“Oh, Calima is not like you at all!” he said instantly. “She’s like this!”


And he raised his right foot some inches from the bath to indicate Calima’s height.


“Only her boodankadunk is biiiiiiiiiiig!” he said with a giggle.


“Stop it, Shalom, please,” she said crossly and reached for the shower to wash the soap off her body. “Please, take your bath!”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you!” he said as he took the sponge and poured a little bit of soap gel into it. “Those people ate the elephant yam too much when I gave it to them, and come and see blasting!”


“Blasting?” Adobea asked as she stepped out of the bath and reached for her towel.


Shalom had soap all over his face now as he began to smile.


“Yes, flatulating!” he said with a giggle. “Heerh, they queued up at the entrance to the toilet. In the night, Calima was going puuuuuupiaaaaawwww! Chief Ogum was



going fuuuuuuuushiiiiiwwww! Atwiaa’s own was like gbuuuuuuun-kpradaaaaaa! And the queen had the worst of them, going kpaaaaaapuuuuuuuum-kradaaaaaa! Herh, they can flatulate papa, those short people!”


Adobea’s anger was gone as she broke out into peals of laughter, and Shalom opened his eyes to watch her and instantly shouted when the soap stung his eyes. Adobea went to him and helped him wash his face. He opened his eyes after a while and then kissed her again slowly and gently.


She pulled away after a while and resumed drying herself.


“It is paining me, Adobea!” he said when he washed the sponge and turned the shower on himself.


“Your eyes?”


“No, my hwea balls,” he said with a goofy smile. “And my etutobi!” “Shalom, stop that etutobi etutobi thing please!” she said. “The slight pain is because you were so aroused and didn’t make love, I guess. Blue balls they call it.” “Then let’s get married, Adobea!” he said suddenly. “Let’s get married and do it! I want to do it with you because I love you so much!”


She slipped her bathrobe on and watched him with love on her face.


“That would be my happiest moment, Shalom,” she whispered. “To be your wife. But you know we can’t do that until we know who you really are.”


“I don’t care, Adobea!” he said earnestly. “I don’t want to be me. Just want to marry you and be happy. I don’t care about my past!”


“But there might be family members out there!” she said. “Even a wife!”


“I don’t want a wife from my past!” he said indignantly. “Even if I have one I’ll boot-boot her boodankadunk out and marry you because I can’t live without you.” “I love you, Shalom,” she whispered. “But that’s what we have got to do now. We have to find out who you really are, my love, and then we can go on from there. Hurry up now. I’m going to prepare some food for you.”




The following morning a happy Adobea went to the market early.


The previous day had been quite eventful. She had not known that a lot of journalists had come to the house and had been quite taken aback when her father came to drag her outside where all the family members were being interviewed. Evidently, Shalom had won two great rewards; one for the capture of the kidnappers of the school children and another for helping in the arrest of the sadistic murderer, Doctor Odabor.



After the interviews, when all the reporters, journalists and onlookers were gone, Kofi Gyan had knelt in front of Shalom and thanked him because the designs had made him win the big contract! It was quite a joyous day.


Later, when Adobea eventually went to the bedroom, Shalom was fast asleep and she had let him slumber on. He was evidently tired and needed sleep. Secondly, in the frame of physical lust she was in, she knew if he had touched her, they would not have been able to stop the consequences.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


He was still asleep when she left the house to the market.


Shalom was in bed, dreaming of Adobea.


They were floating on clouds in the sky happily. There was a lovely garden in the sky and the clouds were huge and round that formed cocoons around them. They were na.ked and his erection was sticking in her ribs as she moaned with pleasure and shouted:


“Oh, Shalom, I see the sunshine…push it some more into my ribs!” “Your ribs are cutting my etutobi, Adobea!” Shalom said. “Etutobi blue balls, etutobi blue balls!” Adobea whispered.


Suddenly, Shalom felt the hot sun dropping on his cheeks, giving him pain, and he sat up with a moan of pain as he woke up from the strange dream.


His left cheek was smarting him as he looked around sleepily…and then he gasped when he saw that there was a man sitting on the side of the bed! Shalom blinked again and laughed suddenly.


“Herh, Adobea, I see you like a man!” he said. “You look like Reuben, the fool!” “It is me, you fu.cking fool!” Reuben said angrily.


Shalom opened his eyes wider and shook his head.


Indeed, it was Reuben Arthur, Adobea’s former boyfriend.


He was dressed in jeans, sneakers and a nice red T-shirt.


“Herh, Reuben!” Shalom said and touched his smarting cheek tentatively. “Why is my cheek smarting me?”


“Because I slapped you!” Reuben said nastily. “You were sleeping and muttering bullshit with Adobea’s name so I slapped you!”


“Look at your head like Calima’s elbow!” Shalom said indignantly. “I was dreaming!”


“So, you now sleep with Adobea, right?” Reuben asked, and tears came to his eyes immediately. “You now screw her? Is that what you do?”


“Why are you crying?” Shalom asked with a giggle. “I’m going to marry her. Are you not the one who took Samantha and left Adobea? And what are you doing in her room anyway?”



“I sneaked in to talk to her, to beg her to take me back because I still love her!” Reuben said miserably. “Only to find you here in her bed, you fool!”


“Ah, what is wrong with you?” Shalom asked. “Go and marry Samantha!” “I don’t love Samantha!” Reuben screamed. “I love Adobea!”


“Ah!” Shalom said, confused. “You love Adobea and yet you left her and took her best friend, and now you come back because you love Adobea and sneak into her room. You’re suffering from tetanus, or you’re rabid, or sick from the head.” And Reuben flew at Shalom and tried to punch him, but Shalom was big and muscular and surprisingly strong. He flung Reuben on the floor and kicked him in the face as he tried to get up. Reuben was flung back hard on the floor, and as he lay there tears came to his eyes.


“Please, Shalom, I beg you!” Reuben said after a while as he sat up. “Please, leave her for me, okay? I won’t treat her badly again, I promise. I will marry her instantly. You’re handsome and evidently talented! I’m sure you have a girlfriend or fiancée or even a wife in your life! Let me have Adobea, I beg you.”


“I won’t, koshiaaaaa!” Shalom said indignantly. “You think I craze? If I have a wife or girlfriend, I’ll give her to you, I promise. I will let you have her, but I am keeping Adobea.”


“If you don’t leave Adobea alone I’ll call the gods of my ancestors on you, Shalom!” Reuben said in a threatening voice. “And do you know what will happen to you if I call the gods on you?”


Shalom seemed scared instantly.


“The gods?” he whispered. “Gods from your ancestors?”


“Yes!” Reuben said exuberantly when he saw that Shalom was scared. “And when I call my gods on you, chale, you will go mad! Adobea will also go mad! Do you want her to go mad?”


“No, Reuben, please no!” Shalom cried, agitated. “Please, please, I don’t want her to go mad!”


“Then leave her alone!” he screamed.


“I won’t!” Shalom screamed back. “I love Adobea! So, you go away and take Samantha, or wait if I find my girlfriend I’ll give her to you! But I won’t leave Adobea!”


“Then I’ll call the gods on you, Shalom!”


“Don’t call the gods, Reuben!” Shalom shouted with fear. “Don’t you dare call the gods of your ancestors on my head!”


Reuben bounced to his feet.



“I will call the gods on your head! Ohhhh, gods of tatafu!” he screamed suddenly. “My ancestral gods of lamdurah, gods of adomkole, wicked gods of shintomadu!” “Heerh, Reuben, stop it, stop it!” Shalom screamed with fear. “Don’t call the gods on my head!”


Reuben closed his eyes and clapped his hands now, fuelled on by the terror on Shalom’s face and the desperation in his voice.


“Gods of tanti, gods of etwe na kote, gods of tinkole, I call you today!” he screamed.


Because his eyes were closed, he did not see that Shalom had jumped down from the bed in his agitation and that he had picked up the heavy side-drawer beside the bed and was straining to raise it above his head.


“Gods of kelewele, gods of agushi and pepre, my ancestral gods of imotia, gods of kokonte, I call on you to…”


Reuben did not finish because Shalom threw the heavy side-drawer down on his head!


“Guuuuuuu!” Reuben groaned as he collapsed on the floor with a gash in the back of his head that began to bleed.


“Shalawele!” Shalom shouted. “I told you not to call gods!”




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