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Sequence 20




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




They explored the building!


It was huge and well-segmented. The ground floor was mostly taken up by processing and store-rooms. It was evident that raw food and other agricultural products were going to be processed in various rooms. They found a room filled with boxes of cloth and paper sacks.


The administration rooms were a floor above, followed by research labs, IT rooms and other technical areas.


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There were hostel-like halls on the third floor, and sleeping apartments for senior staff a floor above! There was a particular large room with a huge bed, replete with a study table and a bathroom. This pleased Calima so much that she claimed it as her own.


“This room is for you and me, Shalom!” she screeched with sheer delight as she felt the mattress. “I’ll let some of the women help me clean it immediately!” The little people were so excited by the great rooms, beds and other incredible facilities, and kept thanking Shalom over and over.


Shalom, on the other hand, was busy inspecting the other machines. He took the steps to the roof and saw that there was a huge concrete reservoir tank up there. It



was covered so it was comparatively in excellent condition. He traced the pipes to the ground to a machine room at the back of the building.


He also inspected the three small buildings at the backyard and found some old fuel. Next he went to one of the rooms to see a huge powerplant.


Calima, who had been following him everywhere he went, asked him what the machines were for.


“Oh, there’s a plant that pumps water from the underground well over there to the reservoir above the building, which is then distributed down to all the rooms,” he said carefully. “There is also a thermal plant here that gave them electricity. There are some tools here. I’m sure the oil and fuel inside have been corroded by now. I’ll try and see if I can service them into working again.” Calima’s eyes widened with great anticipation and shock.


“Really?” she whispered with the sheen of tears in her eyes. “Oh, Shalom! You’re such an angel! You’ve been brought here by God to save us!”

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Shalom grinned at her in his huge goofy way!


And so, a most busy day began for all of them!


The little people ran back to the settlement to inform the rest about the miracle, and soon they all came to the huge building bursting with indescribable excitement to see the magical place and to claim places for themselves!


Chief Ogum and his elders went to the machine room to see Shalom. They saw him wearing only his boxers and smeared with oil and grease as he held a tool and attacked the powerplant. Spread all around him were parts from the plant which he had unscrewed, washed with petrol and greased others.


Without accord they knelt on their knees, about fifteen of them, and raised their hands up and began to thank him profusely whilst Calima stood beside him with a proud look on her face.


“What are they saying?” Shalom asked with a scowl.


“They’re thanking you and worshipping you, darling,” Calima said with tears in her eyes. “You’re like our god to us now!”


“Tell them to get up!” Shalom said with a chuckle. “I’m not god. Moreover, they look like kneeling turtles the way they’re kneeling!”


Calima was offended by that, but Shalom laughed, and the chief and elders laughed too. Perhaps, if they had understood what he said, they would not have looked so happy.


Calima brought him food presently, consisting of yam, a delicious leafy stew, duck meat and sliced mangoes. She insisted on Shalom coming to the dining-room, but



he would not budge, so she served him on a bench he was working on and watched him eat with gusto and sheer pleasure in her eyes.


She stood on a chair to be at par to his shoulders and put her hand on his hair. “You’re such a handsome man, Shalom,” she whispered. “And I love you so much! You can marry me and be king of our village after my father passes on.” Shalom looked at her with his mouth full of food and his face chagrined. “Ahhhsh canssh mallliiiesh youushhs lasssh dashhhh!” he said anxiously. “You have food in your mouth, my darling!” she said quickly with concern. “I couldn’t understand what you said!”


He swallowed the food and drank some water, and then looked at her again. “I said I can’t marry you like that, Calima!”


“And why not?” she asked anxiously. “Don’t do this to me, Shalom! Is it because of my size? You liked the way I did sex with you, didn’t you?”


“Herh, Calima, don’t start that!” he said, waving a hand at her. “I told you I love Adobea too much! You said she didn’t have to know, and you were weeping because you thought I found you unattractive. And then I put my bula matari on top of your head to show you I could not put it inside you. Then you put me on the bed and climbed on top of me and broke your inside jein, jein, jein like alikoto! So, please, don’t start, okay? I love Adobea!”


She began to weep pathetically, her lips are trembling badly as she sat down on the chair.


“You can cry, I don’t mind!” Shalom said and continued to eat.


Calima instantly jumped off the chair and picked up a hammer on the floor, and then proceeded to whack him hard across his left shin with hit.


“Aooowwww agyeeeeeeiii, Calima!” he screamed with pain as he hobbled, grabbing his shin and sitting down. “What’s wrong with you, huh?”


She threw the hammer away and fled from the machine room still weeping. After a while, the pain subsided a little and he stood up and continued eating. When he was done, he resumed working on the machines. Presently, Calima came back with Ntowhe and Atwiaa. The two men, grinning widely like children with toys, offered to help him. Calima cleared the table with a furious expression on her face.


Shalom was grateful for the help of the two men, and instructed them on how to help him.


“Whya isa Calima angrya witha youa?” Atwiaa asked carefully.


“She wants me to marry her and I said no,” Shalom said promptly without looking at him.



A look of sheer pain and horror flashed across Atwiaa’s face as he stared at Shalom, and he breathed hard.


“Soa, youa don’ta wanta marrya hera?” he asked carefully.


“Nope,” Shalom said. “I’ll be leaving this place soon and go back to Adobea, my sweet love. I miss her so much, so very much.”


“Thena, whya dida youa puta youa etutobi insidea Calima?” Atwiaa asked painfully.


Shalom paused and looked at him with confusion.


“What is etutobi ?” he asked.


Atwiaa pointed at Shalom’s groin.


“Youra koti!” he said. “I don’ta knowa howa ita isa calleda ina Englisha!” he said. “Youra potisa…or pontisa!”


“Oh, you mean my pe.nis?” Shalom asked with a grin. “No, no, no, I didn’t put my pe.nis inside her. She got on top of me and slid her big vajayjay on my pe.nis, yeah, and then she went like this….kpu, kpu, kpu, kpu, kpu! Her, her waist is hard papaapa and her atopa is sweet!”


Shalom was jerking his waist up and down to emphasise how Calima was hitting him with her moves, and this brought sheer pain to Atwiaa’s face, and caused Ntowhe to laugh hard as he watched Shalom.


“Stopa ita, stopa ita, kwasea, ita isa enougha!” Atwiaa said painfully. “Ia didn’ta aska youa toa showa mea howa shea throwa hera atopaa!” Shalom nodded and resumed working again.


They worked in silence for a while, and then Atwiaa looked up sharply again. “Pleasa, Ia lovea Calima verya mucha,” he said plaintively with tears in his eyes. “Ia knowa Ia wasa bada, buta Ia changeda nowa! Pleasea, Ia bega youa, Shaloma, pleasa don’ta puta youa biga etutobi insidea hera va.gina againa! Ifa youa puta ita insida, ita makea hera va.gina biga biga anda shea nota enjoya mya etutobi whena Ia marrya hera!”


Shalom looked at Atwiaa suddenly with pity and then dropped the wrench he was holding and moved toward him.


“Listen, you’re a good man,” he said kindly. “I think you were using the food you were getting her and her family to blackmail her, and it doesn’t work like that. Show her kindness and the real love you have for her! And don’t worry, her vajayjay expands to fit any pe.nis, so you’ll always be able to fit her!”


His eyes opened with sudden hope.


“Youa surea?” he asked expectantly.



“I’m sure, buddy,” he said levelly. “Soon, I’ll be gone, and you’ll have her to yourself, And she would rokoto you like alikoto!”


Both of them laughed maniacally at that, and resumed working again in a cordial atmosphere.


Darkness had fallen by the time Shalom finished fixing all the parts of the plant back again, and Ntowhe returned with a crude lamp fashioned out of an empty tin and cloth to provide light.


“Mente koraa ni enie boe?” Ntowhe asked with confusion.


“Shaloma, the Ntowhea, hea wanta knowa whata ata alla area wea doinga?” Atwiaa translated.


“Ntowhe wants to know what at all we’re doing, is that what you said?” Shalom asked with a giggle, and Atwiaa nodded profusely.


“Mea tooa wanta knowa!” Atwiaa said. “Becausea we’rea justa playinga with a metalsa thea wholea daya!”


Shalom guffawed with laughter.


“You think you’ve just been playing with metals the whole day?” he asked, still laughing. “Don’t worry. We’re done now. You’ll know very soon!”


And so, he finally finished servicing the plant and put in fresh fuel and oil. He told them to stand back, and then he turned the key in the ignition of the power plant. It kicked dismally, and he turned it again. This time there was a harder kick as the lubricants rolled in. He turned it the third time, and this time around the engine roared into life!


And Ntowhe ran away!


He fled from the machine room with the speed of a jet plane, so fast that Shalom could barely see his short legs moving!


“Yieeeee!” Atwiaa said as he crouched with fear, doing his best not to flee as he watched Shalom with bright, scared eyes.


Shalom was smiling broadly as he moved to the switchboard and moved the handle from neutral to powerplant, and instantly the machine room lights came on brightly!Read more interesting and erotic stories from


And then Atwiaa also ran away!


Shalom held his stomach with laughter as he hurried out after them!


And then he simply fell on his knees hooting with laughter at what he saw!


The lights had come on brightly in the building and all around it, turning the night to brightness!


And all the little people were screaming and running out of the building!



Men, women and children came pouring out of the building with screams of fright, massing up in the yard with loud jabbering. Some were even trying to climb the walls and flee because the gates were locked again.


Calima came out then, shouting to be heard as she explained to them that this was electricity from the plant! Slowly, they calmed down as they turned one after the other to look at Shalom.


And they saw him on his back on the ground laughing his head off!


Obviously, he was having a lot of fun at their expense!

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