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Sequence 2




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




A beautiful young woman of twenty-four was also buying some rice at the stand, waiting patiently in the small queue, and she stared at the prostitute for a moment as she walked away, and then she turned and looked at the young man eating so voraciously at the table.


She scowled a little, then smiled when she saw the animated way the man was eating the rice and chicken, just like a little boy who has gotten his favourite dish. When it was her turn to be served, she ordered her food quickly, asking the seller to give her two of the same order, and then she rummaged through her small black bag for her purse. As she handed over her money to the seller, she took a look at the handsome young man again. She saw him holding up a chicken wing, and then he licked it almost clean, dropped it into the plate, and licked his fingers animatedly.


The young woman’s eyes met those of the men sitting nearby, and all of them burst into laughter at the expense of the eating man. He looked at the men, and then up at the girl buying food, and suddenly he made a very crude gesture.


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He lifted his hand with the four fingers crooked and the thumb above the crooked forefinger, and then he pumped his thumb about four times at them, turned, and repeated the same action at the girl.


This was a crude local insult, indicating that he was insulting their mothers’ sexual organs. This time the men roared into laughter, and the girl laughed too. She could not remember the last time she had seen that gesture, which was typically one that kids made.



When her food was handed over to her, she fumbled her purse into her bag, but it slipped out and fell. She did not notice this, though, and began to walk rapidly away. The young man looked up and saw the purse on the ground. He turned and looked at the retreating back of the woman.


“Hey!” he shouted.


The girl paused and turned, and saw the man beckoning her. She smiled and paid no heed to him because she was already late getting home. She did not want to go and queue for too long before getting a car. The truth was that she did not want to spend any money on a chartered taxi; money was hard to come by these days and she always managed hers very well to avoid waste.


The young man quickly scooped the rest of the food into his mouth, stuck the chicken he had saved into his pocket, and then stood up.


“Cha!” one of the young men at the other table said and burst into uncontrollable giggles.


“Wetin?” his friend asked, intrigued.

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“You no see what the paddy do?” the one laughing asked.


“No, wetin e do?”


“Shit, e put the chicken for ein pocket inside!” They both laughed uproariously.


“E be retarded,” the other said. “Edey behave like some kiddie be. Ebe gyimie-gyimie!”Read more interesting and erotic stories from


“Proper buulu paa, kwerh ! E craze pass!”


They laughed so hard that one began to cough badly.


By that time the young man had picked up the purse and was running after the lady who had dropped it.


The woman, who was taking a shortcut to the trotro station, ducked between some tall buildings. It was dark in the alley, and she startled a cat lying on a plank of wood. The cat screeched and clambered up the wall, causing the woman to gasp with apprehension, and then she looked behind her and saw a figure running toward her in the darkness.


“Hey!” the figure shouted.


The young woman, well aware of the recent spate of rape and kidnapping of young women, was instantly afraid. She began to run blindly away, and then she chanced a look back. Her pursuer could really run, and he also increased his gait, pumping his arms hard and drawing alarmingly close to her.


“Hey, stop, woman!” he shouted angrily. “Just trying to give you your purse!”



The woman turned a corner blindly, and she was gasping for breath now. Terrified, she flattened herself against the wall and fumbled into her bag for the can of pepper spray she always kept there for safety.


She shook the can and held it tightly with her hand on the nozzle, and when the boy turned the corner, she pointed it and let him have the full blast of it! “Agyeeeeeeeiiiiii!” he screamed and dropped the purse, clutching his face and bending over double before crumbling on his knees. “You fool! You stupid fool! I was bringing you your purse and you put pepper in my eyes!”


The girl recognized him then as the strange young man who had been eating, and the light spilling from a room across her reflected on her purse which was lying on the ground now.


“Oh, goodness me!” she cried with sudden remorse as she bent over him and reached for him. “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m horribly sorry!”


He flinched from her hands as he continued to moan and groan. She picked up her purse and put it in her bag, and then she helped him to his feet eventually and led him slowly to the road side.


Then she made him sit on a ledge along a filling station as she dashed in to buy water and baby shampoo from the store because she had read the mixture could relieve the burns of pepper spray. She mixed them in a disposable cup and washed the young man’s face with it several times.


Each time she asked him to open his eyes he shook his head violently, just like a petulant child, and she found herself wondering what was wrong with this man. She guessed he was in his late twenties, and yes, he was incredibly handsome, but why was he behaving so childishly?


His face and eye area were inflamed, but the solution seemed to be working because he had stopped crying and moaning. She washed his face a final time, and then used her handkerchief to dab at his face.


“What is that?” he asked suddenly, his tone suspicious.


She raised her eyebrows.


“What is what?” she asked gently.


“What are you cleaning my face with?”


“A handkerchief,” she said with a smile. “My handkerchief.” “Have you dried your vajayjay with it?” he asked.


“What?” she gasped out, totally shocked. “What are you talking about?” “Your vajayjay!” he said with a giggle. “Have you cleaned it with your handkerchief? Girls do that, don’t they?”



“Absolutely not!” she gasped out. “What’s the matter with you anyway? What gave you that idea?”


“That prostitute,” the man said promptly. “She cleaned her vajayjay with a handkerchief when she put my peeweewee into her vajayjay and rolled her waist like this, like this!”


The man stood up and imitated a woman straddling a man and making love to him. “Oh!” the girl gasped and giggled, reaching out to hold his shoulders and stopping him from moving. “Oh, please, stop it! You made love to her?”


“No, I didn’t make any love!” he said indignantly. “First, she ate my peeweewee, and then she did that, then my body did me glumligi and she was saying ooooosh, oooooosh, oooooosh then I peed into her vajayjay…it was white sticky pee. Maybe I need to drink a lot of water to make my pee watery again.”


The girl just could not speak.


She stood there gaping at him with absolute shock, not knowing if he was pretending and being intentionally scandalous, or if really, he was a little bit challenged upstairs. She understood him when he finally fished a kitchen thigh from his pocket and took a contented bite on it still with his eyes closed. Adobea sighed heavily.


“Please, open your eyes now,” she said.


“No!” he said stubbornly as he shook his head. “Do you think I’m a fool?” She sighed again and leaned against the ledge with him.


“Now why do you say that?”


“Because you will put that pepper in my eyes again, wicked woman,” he said with such absolute childlike conviction that her heart leapt with great compassion, and without meaning to she moved close to him and put her arms around him, giving him a long hug.


She had always steered clear of men, mostly, because she had been very hurt quite recently, and did not want any more romantic entanglements for now, but she knew this was a little boy trapped in a man’s body. Of course, she was aware a prostitute had taken advantage of this gentle boy recently, but to her he was still a young, lost boy.


“You’re not thinking of putting your vajayjay on my peeweewee, are you?” he asked, sounding uncomfortable. “I didn’t really like it, except the part when my body went glumligi, but I don’t really want to see that…glue weewee again, no.” “I’m not going to do that, okay?” she said, still hugging him. “And that…glue weewee, it only happens when you do what you did, but after that you will pass urine normally.”



He pushed her away frantically and looked at her with a face wide with hope and expectation.


“Are you sure?” he asked urgently. “When I pee now it wouldn’t be like that white glue thing?”


She smiled at him gently.


“I’m really sure,” she said.


“Oh, thank you, thank you!” he almost screamed. “What is your name?” “I’m Adobea,” she said softly. “Adobea Asare.”


“Oh, thank you so much!” he exclaimed. “I want to weewee but I have been so scared!”


And right then he lifted his sweatshirt, unzipped and pulled out his organ. Adobea gasped when it plopped out, not at all like a little boy’s, and she turned away quickly as he let out a gush of urine against the wall, gasping with obvious relief.


“Heeerh!” he groaned with gratitude. “It was making my stomach and my ballsies pain me really bad! How did you know anyway, Adobea? Do you also lick peeweewees for money like that prostitute?”


She laughed gently and shook her head, and she really did not remember the last time she had laughed this much. Not since Robert jilted her almost a year ago. Her life had been dull and filled with pain as she fought a constant daily battle to get over him.


And here she was, laughing as if she did not have a care in the world, and yes, ever since she met this strange boy-man she had not known the crippling rush of helplessness and pain she had been used to.


“What’s your name?” she asked finally.


“I don’t know,” he said promptly. “See, that prostitute, she says my brother brought me to her to lick my peeweewee, and he gave her more money than she usually earns for licking peeweewee and putting it into her vajayjay, see. Now, my brother promised to come back for me but he never did. So, she told me to go to that police station place and tell them my story but then I saw your purse and raced after you.”


She looked at him, horrified by his story.


What sort of brother would do this?


This man was evidently trapped in his formative years, and had probably not grown past his tenth year or lesser, mentally. So, why would a brother send him to a prostitute and forget all about him? A boy that could not even remember his name?



“And you don’t know the name of your brother, or parents or where you live?” she asked, aghast.


“Nope!” he said with a worried scowl. “But maybe if I go to that police station place, they can help me, right?”


He yowled with sudden pain and held his groin, and then he looked at her with an agonized face.


“What’s wrong?” she asked quickly, her kind face filled with concern. “The zipper!” he groaned. “It zipped my ballsy!” “Oh!” Adobea said and looked around quickly.


Some people were passing, and she wondered how they would think if she gets down to look at it. They might even think she was going down on him, maybe even video her.


But he was in such great pain.


She sighed quickly and got down on her knees.


“Here, let me see,” she said.


“Don’t touch it!” he moaned. “It is so painful!” “I know. But please, let me see!”


He straightened up and she pushed his hands aside. Luckily, his thing was inside there somewhere. She held the zipper and gave it a sudden downward jerk. He yelped, but the skin came free. Adobea then pulled up the zipper gently, making sure the material was well away from his body.


“There, you’re okay,” she said and got to her feet.


A man had stopped and was looking at them with curious eyes.


“What were you doing?” he asked her.


“Go away!” the young man said to the man with a scowl. “She just freed my ballsy from my zipper!”


“Oh, okay,” the man said and continued on his way.


“Thank you, Adobea, for freeing my ballsy!” he said with smile and a nod of his head. “I better go to that police station place. Byebye!”


He began to move away with a running skipping bounce, just like a happy little boy. Adobea took a deep breath and then stuck her lower lip between her teeth. “Don’t do it, Adobea, please don’t do it!” she said to herself sternly.


She turned to walk away, and then she stopped and turned again.


“Hey, wait!” she called.


The young man stopped and turned to her, and then he bounced back to face her.


“Did you call me?” he asked with eyebrows arched.



“Yes, yes,” she said quickly. “Look, I don’t know where the police will keep you, okay. But come back home with me. My father is a retired police officer, and he knows some good policemen. You sleep over, and tomorrow my father will help you find your brother and your family, okay?”


“Hey!” he said and took a step away from her, putting his hand across his groin. “You’re not planning to eat my peweewee too, are you?”


She smiled sweetly at him.


“No, no, I’m not, I promise,” she said.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


He breathed with relief.


“Okay then,” he said.


She began to walk, and he walked beside her. A moment later he slipped his hand into hers.


He was a big guy, tall and athletic, and his hand was bigger than hers. She felt the warmth of his hand, and a moment later she sighed and curled her fingers around his.










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