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Sequence 17




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Shalom, still na.ked, turned on his side and looked at her as the lantern burned gently. She leaned against the door and looked at his huge bulk. He saw that she was wearing a sort of short pink lacy dress like a nightie, and he could see her figure outlined through it.


“You look like a baby with boobies and big boodankadunk!” Shalom said with a giggle. “Where’s that man whose head I booted?” “Atwiaa?” she asked almost absent-mindedly.


Shalom giggled.


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“Is that his name? Atwiaa?”


She nodded and moved off the door and walked to the bed and sat down on its edge tenderly.


“Yes, Atwiaa,” Calima said gently. “He…he is a brave man, and can go into the forest of the people and…bring food for us. He was a sort of a saviour until you came along. He has expressed interest in marrying me for many years now.” “Oh,” Shalom said with raised eyebrows. “He loves you? You also love him?” “I don’t love him,” Calima said quickly. “He’s violent and beats women. I only tolerated him because he brought food to my father. Left to me alone, I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago. He thinks he has a claim on me but he doesn’t.” Shalom turned on his back and laced his hands behind his head. His absolute na.kedness was revealed now and Calima looked down at the juncture of his thighs and began to breathe quickly.


“But why did he hit me?” he asked curiously. “Why did he ask me to keep away from you?”


“I don’t want to talk about Atwiaa, please,” she said in a low voice. “But he thinks I find you attractive.”


“Is he crazy?” Shalom asked with shock and roared with laughter.


Calima looked at him with startled and suddenly hurt eyes, and pain flitted across her beautiful face.


“Crazy?” she whispered. “You think me finding you attractive is crazy?” “But you’re a little girl!” Shalom cried.


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“I’m not a little girl!” she shouted right back, hurt. “I’m twenty-six years old and not a virgin! I’m a complete woman, Shalom, and can give birth if I choose to marry!”


“But you can’t marry a big man like me!” Shalom said and giggled. “You need to marry a small man like your people!”


“And who told you that?” she shot right back with glinting eyes. “I can take you, Shalom!”


“Apuuu!” Shalom shouted. “You and your tiny vajayjay that probably looks like my thumb! How can you put my big peeweewee inside you?”


“My…thing is not tiny! It is normal like any woman’s!” Calima whispered, her voice extremely pained. “You’re hurting me, Shalom! Just because I’m a…a little woman doesn’t mean I’m underdeveloped!”


“But look at your short waist, just how short you are!” he said with a giggle. “Your vajayjay is too shallow! If I put it into you my peeweewee will break because it can’t get enough space! Maybe it will even create a hole in your back!”


“That’s not the direction it goes!” Calima cried, agitated. “Are you making fun of me? You’re such a brilliant clever man but in those things you speak like a child! Your pe.nis goes up in the direction of my stomach! It doesn’t go straight toward my back to create any hole!”


“But how can I even do it?” he asked with a giggle. “You’re so short that I can’t even get it inside!”


She sighed miserably and shook her head.


“What do you mean by that?” she asked, her voice hurt.


He giggled and bounced off the bed.


“Stand up, Calima, and let me show you something.”


She got off the bed and faced him. Her face was directly opposite his waist, and she could see his appendages dangling.


Without warning Shalom lifted his pe.nis and put it on top of her head, startling her. “Waa look!” he said with a giggle. “My peeweewee is on top of your head. How on earth am I going to be able to get it into your vajayjay when yours is so low on the ground below me? Do you want me to dig a hole in the floor and stand in it so that my peeweewee will be at par with your vajayjay?”


She stepped back fast and his rod bounced off her head. Her eyes searched his face frantically, searching for signs that he was making fun of her, but indeed he seemed genuinely convinced by his assertion.



“Goodness me, Shalom!” she whispered with wonder. “Who did this to you? So, so, clever and yet so, so innocent and dumb in the ways of…other things. Lie down on the bed and let me show you something.”Read more interesting and erotic stories from


Giggling, Shalom flopped on the mattress on his back.


Calima walked to the wardrobe and opened it, and presently came back with a small green bottle.


“What’s that, Calima?” he asked suspiciously.


“You need to smear some of this on your body,” she said in a tight voice. “It keeps


the mosquitoes away. There are a lot of mosquitoes here and they give very bad


malaria. Let me smear some on you.”


“Alright!” Shalom said promptly.


Calima set the bottle on the ground and then moved toward the chair behind the table. Quickly, she pulled up her dress and took it off. She had three chains of beads around her waist and a piece of white cloth had been passed between her legs and fixed into place by the beads.


“Shalawele, Calima!” Shalom cried and laughed. “Is that a dross? How can that be panties?”


She quickly pulled the cloth away from between her legs and turned to face him. “We make our own clothes, Shalom,” she said without shame. “We’re poor and don’t have much money. That cloth is called a danta or toma. We use that as panties.”


She was na.ked now and her hands cupped her full breasts as she looked at him. “Yehowa, Calima!” he said with bulging eyes. “Your boodankadunks are big papa…heeeeeeeerrrrrh! Your thighs and legs are short and powerful! Ei, your boobies are even bigger than Adobea’s o. Kweeerrrhh!”


“You’re such a fool, Shalom!” she whispered as she came toward the bed. She stopped near, lifted a leg and put it on the bed. “Now see if my…if I’m as tiny as your thumb!”


Shalom wiggled forward and arched his head to peer between her thighs.


“Ei, Calima, you have shaved the vajayjay sakoooora kose!” he said. “Ewooooo! It is big and long o! It is not tiny like I thought!”


And he promptly lifted his hand and touched her.


“Adweeeeeeeeaaaa, it is wet like snail shit!” he said with a giggle. “Ok, you’re right, it is not tiny.”


She put her leg down and reached for the green bottle again. She uncapped it and poured a little of its contents into her hands, and then proceeded to rub it across his



chest and shoulders. It smelt nice and felt comfortable so he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sweet sensation of her soft little hands massaging the liquid into him. And soon she came to his stomach, thighs and presently she began to rub her hands slowly and sensuously over his dangling lance.


“Herh, Calima!” Shalom said and giggled. “Will mosquitoes bite my bulamataata too? You’re making my body go glumligi! Stop putting mosquito spray on it.” Calima’s mouth was opened as she sighed greatly, and her voice was almost lost when she spoke.


“They bite everywhere, Shalom,” she whispered. “Oh my, oh my…oh my!” She rubbed him gently, and then he began to get hard.


“Erm, Calima, you better stop,” he said with sudden alarm and opened his eyes. “You’re making my body go glumligi! Meanwhile, your vajayjay is too low for me to put it in!”


She promptly stood up, got on the bed and fell on top of him. Breathing hard, she put her lips on his and kissed him slowly and sensuously. Shalom, startled, put his arms around her and held her exquisite waist.


She was panting hard as she slid down his body, spread her legs across his thighs, held his pleasing rod and gently rubbed it against her nether lips.


“Herh, Calima, you’re bad papa!” Shalom shouted and sat up hard.


His movement jostled her off his body and with a cry of pain she fell off the bed and crashed rather ungainly down on the floor where she lay on her back, dazed and glaring up at him.


He put his head on the side of the bed and looked down at her.


“You almost put my bulamataata into your


kolojant, Calima! Oh, so that is how it can be done…hehehehehe! Oh, okay, I know now! I understand. We don’t have to be equal in height. You can just sit on it.”


Lying on her back, she flung an arm across her face and began to weep softly, her heart broken by his rejection. Shalom was upset immediately. He got down from the bed and knelt beside her.


“Calima, Calima!” he said desperately and pulled her arm away. “Why are you crying?”


“I’m unattractive to you, Shalom!” she whispered tragically. “You find me gross and undesirable because of my size! That’s the way I was created, Shalom! Don’t do this to me!”



“Oh, no, no, nooo, Calima, no!” he said, his voice pained. “Look at my bula lancelord and how it is still hard and throbbing! I find you so attractive and I want to hump you kpa, kpa, kpa, kpaloooo! But I’m afraid, Calima, really!” “Afraid of what, Shalom?” she asked desperately as she sat up.


“Afraid of losing Adobea forever!” Shalom said miserably. “I love her! She was hurt when Bajoe put my lancelord in her mouth, anus and vajayjay. If you also do that it will hurt Adobea very much and she would really, really leave me! I don’t want to lose her. And I don’t want to hurt Adobea, please!”


“But she’s not here, Shalom, please!” Calima said desperately and began to weep again. “Just this once, Shalom! Take my sadness away!”


“I don’t want you to be sad, Calima,” he said miserably. “But…I don’t want to ever hurt Adobea again too. That is very important to me…I love Adobea! I can’t hurt Adobea!”


She leaned forward and kissed him slowly and gently as her tears fell down her cheeks.


“She’s not here, Shalom,” she whispered. “Adobea will not find out! Just a few minutes, please. I want to do this with you!”


“But are you sure it is okay if she does not find out?” he asked miserably. “I mean…that cannot be right, can it?”


“But I matter too, Shalom, don’t I?” she asked softly as she touched his cheek and nibbled at his ears. “Do you want me to be miserable and depressed because you rejected me? It will kill me, Shalom, it certainly will!”


He looked miserable and his lips shook, but as her tears intensified he nodded once and she promptly fell on the floor and spread her legs.


“Come to me, Shalom!”


Sighing greatly, he knelt above her and united their bodies.


“Ohhhhhh, bo afaaaaao!” she groaned.


“Herh, it is indeed grown up hole of atopa!” Shalom said with wonder and began to move in rhythm. “I always thought it would be like mosquito kolojant!” “Bo afaaaao, bo afaaaaaao!” Calima groaned.


“Herh, herh, Calima, what’s that afaaaao, afaaaaao things?” Shalom asked.


Calima suddenly screeched and struggled beneath Shalom.


“No, no, no!” she cried and stood up with her hands massaging her buttocks. “What is it?” Shalom asked in alarm. “Did my bula lancelord tear a hole open behind your spine?”


“No, no!” Calima shouted. “A kakape bit me! A kakape bit my buttocks!”



“Herh, Calima, my bula lancelord does not have teeth to bite!” Shalom said angrily.


“No, no, I mean…an ant, a vicious ant called kakape! There are a lot here and they’re on the floor! One of them bit me bad!” “Oh, sorry!” Shalom said in a gentler note.


Still scratching her buttocks, she pushed him on the bed and straddled him.


“Oh, Calima!” he groaned in anguish. “Are you doing it again? Thought you said once will be okay!”


“I need to reach the sunshine, Shalom, I need to reach the sunshine!”


She came down on him and increased the pressure until he was fitted well, and then she began to move that waist and huge boodankadunk like pistons!


“Bo afaaaao, bo afaaaoo, bo afaaaaoooooooo!” she moaned and screamed. And just then the most awfully loud fart blasted out of her plumb buttocks! “Puuuuuuuuu-kplafuut!”


“Herh, Calima, be careful, be very careful!” Shalom cried in alarm. “It is the elephant yam! If you don’t take time you’ll puupuu on me!”


Calima barely heard him as she moved that waist por, por, por, por, por! And the flatulence followed suit with same rhythm: pui, pui, pui, pui, pui! “Herh, Calima, Calima, stop it, stop it!” Shalom cried, sounding really desperate now. “That’s too much flatulence, and it stinks…it stinks, Calima, fuuuunnn! Stop and go and puupuu and come back before you do it on my stomach!”


She put her hands on his stomach and reared up on him with her face turned to the side and suffused with passion and continued riding savagely. Por, por, por, por, por, por!


And continued farting louder:


Puiiiii, peeewwww, puiiii, peeewwww!


“Stop it, Calima!” Shalom now shouted angrily. “What is that? I can’t breathe! The yam is hitting your stomach and you’ll poop on me, I swear!”


He held her shoulders and tried to throw her off his body to the floor but she screeched maniacally and knocked his hands away.


“I won’t shiiiiiiit!” she screamed loudly.


“Shaloooooooom, I won’t shiiiiiiiiit! It is the yam o, the yam o, the yam o…aaaaaaaaahhhh, the sunshiiiiiiiine, sunshiiiiiiiine, sunshiiiiiiiine!”


And then she hit the sunshine, drawing him along so that their orgasms were mutual and unbelievably powerful…and so was her final giant, wet fart…





“Ohhhhhh, Awurade Nyankopon, you shit on me, Calima!” Shalom groaned in the throes of his pleasure!


“I didn’t shit, I didn’t shit!” Calima murmured as she fell down on his belly. “Ohhhhhh, Shalom, that was paradise sunshine! Ahhhhhh!”


Shalom toppled her on the bed and held his nose as he looked down on his body desperately to see if she had smeared him with some sort of excrement, but she was right…she had not done it. He giggled and turned to look at her and then began to massage her back gently.


“Did you see the sunshine?” he asked gently. “I didn’t see the sun o! My eyes were closed and I enjoyed the glumligi but where was the sunshine? Maybe your flatuu hid the sun. Herh, Calima, your flatuu is bad papa! You need some medicine.” “You’re a fool, Shalom,” Calima murmured weakly with a sweet smile on her face. “But I do love you so.”Read more interesting and erotic stories from


And then she began to snore gently with that sweet smile etched deeply on her face..


She was deeply asleep!








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