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Sequence 14




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




find his shoes, but his hands went into the clay sludge up to his elbows, and he could not find the shoes. He searched harder, and still could not find it.


When he finally stood up, all the people were gone, and he was all alone on that wide stretch of clayey road surrounded by thick cocoa trees.


Tears came to Shalom’s eyes.


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“Oh, Adobea, I’m lost, I’m lost, Adobea, my love! Where are you?”


So, like a child lost, he decided to go in search of Adobea, his sweet love. And, like a child would reason, he decided not to follow the group towards Hwea-Ding-Dong and took the road in the opposite direction. He moved through the sticky clay until he came to a little firmer ground, and then he happened to glance to his right and saw two odd people on a path to his left sitting on the ground.


They were two men, but they were extremely short with stunted limbs and huge heads, their foreheads quite bulging.


And immediately Shalom forgot his predicament and turned toward them with a goofy smile on his face.


“Heerh kapuepues!” he said and began to walk down the path towards them. “Can I ask you a question?”


They had spread plantain leaves on the floor and cut up three cocoa pods to remove the beans. They had put the ripe beans on the plantain leaves and were sucking on them. When they looked up and saw him approaching, however, they got to their feet and began to flee rapidly through the cocoa trees.


“Hey, kapuepues!” Shalom screamed and began to chase them. “Wait, kapuepues! I want to speak to you! I want to see your pe.nises!”


The two dwarfed men ran quickly through the trees, and Shalom gave them a hot chase, not noticing where he was going, simply intent on catching up with them. “Hey, you kapuepues can run papa with your short bowlegged legs!” he screamed as he ran. “Stop la! Show me your peeweewee! I just want to see how they look like!”


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He began to catch up with them.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


The path was mostly littered with dried cocoa leaves so it was easy to run on his bare feet.


“Go away!” they screamed as they fled in fear. “Leave us alone!”


“Wait!” Shalom screamed. “Do you have hwea balls? I want to see how your hwea balls and your pe.nis looks like!”



And so, they kept on running through the trees…and deeper and deeper the gentle Shalom moved into the forests of Hwea-Ding-Dong.


It began to rain suddenly as Shalom raced after the two little men hard, and he began to laugh with glee when the cold rain seeped into his clothing and the sleet washed over his face.


He loved the rain and it was evident on his handsome face as he ran, oblivious of the tree leaves that slapped his face as he chased the men. He was getting tired, and so was one of them as he began to lag behind.


“Attumbu, jo me!” the one lagging behind screamed shrilly. “Benasime!” Shalom giggled although he did not understand what the man was saying. He lunged suddenly and wrapped his arms around the man. They crashed to the ground hard and began to slide around as the man struggled fiercely. “Simete!” the midget screamed over and over with terror.


“Oh, stop it, stop struggling!” Shalom cried. “I just want to see your peeweewee whether it is gbafuu or chingilingi!”


And then, quite suddenly, they began to descend rapidly down an incline, falling head over heels and out of control. Both Shalom and the man screamed with fear as they tumbled head over heels until they finally crashed into a muddy pool at the bottom of the mountain.


Shalom lay still for a moment, winded and tired and staring up at the cloudy sky as the rain pelted his face. He was aware of the little man getting to his feet but he did not pay any heed for a while, and then he finally turned on his side and struggled to his feet.


And then he froze.


The smile vanished from his face as he became absolutely still and stared at the


most startling sight he had ever beheld.


Facing him was a crowd of men and women.


There were about fifty men and women standing stoically opposite him, and they were all midgets! They just stood and stared at him with very cold expressions. Shalom saw to his horror that he had stumbled into a village of sorts with all the inhabitants being midgets. He saw that their huts were made from crumbling clay and some slabs of wood, but they did not look strong. Indeed, most of the houses were crumbling.


They were dressed sparsely. Most of the males just had small strips of cloth around their waists. Most of women had cloths around their middle. They looked furious and poor, and they regarded him with a mixture of fury, unease and fear. Shalom bent and held his knees as he began to laugh uproariously.



“Herh, country of kapuepues!” he cried as he laughed. “Where did you all come from? I can’t believe you’re so many!”


Suddenly, most of them raised their hands, and that was when Shalom noticed for the first time that almost all of them were holding pieces of rocks and stones in their hands!


“Hey!” he cried suddenly in alarm and turned to flee as fear gripped his heart.


A huge stone landed on the back of his head, and he fell down hard with a grunt of pain. He curled himself tightly into the foetal position with his hands holding and protecting his head as terror suddenly gripped him. He expected more stones to land on him but none came again.


Suddenly, he heard a sweet female voice speaking in English.


“Who are you?” the voice asked softly. “And what do you want with us?” Shalom removed his hands slowly and ventured a look at the speaker.


It was another of them, a female, but she had a young and beautiful face, and standing beside her was an elderly man who was bald-headed but had massive growth of grey hair.


Shalom smiled broadly as he sat up and looked at her.


“Herh, you’re beautiful, although you’re ka…”


“Don’t say it,” she said in English, and her voice was cold. “It is not a good thing to call us by that name. We didn’t ask to be like this, mister, but we’re not ashamed of our looks. We’re just gentle little people, and that should suffice for you.” Shalom looked shamefaced immediately.


“Ahh, you’ve made me ashamed,” he said softly. “I’m sorry. I’ll not call you people kapue…oh, craps! But how did you know how to speak English so well? You’re beautiful and your head is not big like them. Why is their heads so big?” “You’re a moron!” the girl said angrily. “Who’re you, and why were you chasing our brothers?”


“I don’t know who I am,” he said quickly, hurt by her words. “I lost my memory. I’ve chosen Shalom as my name, and I think I’m eight years old.”


Her eyes went wide with shock and confusion.


“You’re eight years old?” she asked with profound shock, and then she turned to the grey-haired man and spoke rapidly in the strange dialect. Most of the gathered people laughed, but the elderly midget did not.


“So why were you chasing my brothers?” the girl asked. “What did you want with them?”


Shalom shrugged.



“I behaved badly earlier today and my Adobea left me,” he said sadly. “I love Adobea, but I hurt her when Bajoe put my peeweewee into her orifices and Adobea saw us. And so I jumped into a trotro, and then I got into the big truck coming to Kotipowdo, Etwe-Ase and Hwea-Ding-Dong.” She scowled at that.


“You just got into the truck because of the names of the towns?” Shalom laughed uproariously for a moment, nodding vehemently.


“Oh, yes, yes,” he said. “I wanted to see if the men of Kotipowdo have bumps on their pe.nises, you know. But the truck got stuck on the road, and I got down planning to walk back to the city to find Adobea, and then I saw the two men, the ones you call your brothers. They were eating cocoa beans. You know, I’ve always wondered how the pe.nises of little men look like, so I asked them to show theirs to me, and they bolted. So I chased them.”


“To see the sizes of their pe.nises?” she asked, stunned, and when Shalom nodded she broke into a laugh. She laughed softly and shook her head, and again he marvelled at her beauty.


Indeed, she was not big-headed and stumpy as the others. She was just little woman with short limbs, but somehow she seemed to form a proportion of fine balance. And her elfin face was extremely beautiful. He noticed that she was wearing a skirt and blouse, and the rain had plastered her clothes to her body.


She spoke softly to the elderly man by her side, and he nodded severally. He spoke sharply, and all the people dropped the stones they were holding. He then spoke rapidly, stepped forward, and put a hand on Shalom’s forehead, made a strange gesture, and then nodded at the girl.


“Chief Ogum of the Little Glorious Town welcomes you,” the girl said quickly. “My name is Calima, the daughter of the Chief. You’re welcome to stay the night here with us. The Chief has asked me to tell you…something about our time here. If you go out there and they know you have been here, nobody will allow you to sit in the bus again.”


“Oh, but why?” Shalom asked, aghast.


“Because they believe we’re cursed, and anybody that comes near us will die.” “Yei!” Shalom shouted and jumped to his feet. “Am I going to die?”


“No, shut up!” Calima said indignantly. “Of course not. They did it for their selfish reasons. Please, come with me, Shalom. There’s something we need to discuss.” Shalom followed them into the settlement.


“So, how did you learn to speak English so well?” he asked Calima.



“My father always believed in education,” she said, and there was a tinge of pride in her voice now. “He educated me and my brother before we were chased out of Hwea-Ding-Dong and all the other towns. You see, my father came from a royal line, and he was supposed to be the chief of the town, but some greedy elders and chief makers collaborated with the local chief priest. They lied that the gods are angry with the little people in the towns, and that is why there are so many hardships in the towns. Every death in the towns were blamed on us, you know.” “But that is stupid!” Shalom said, aghast. “How can you little people be blamed for deaths and misfortunes?”


“Sadly, that’s what happened,” Calima said. “You see, these three towns have always produced little people. The first inhabitants here were midgets, you know, who were hounded and came to settle here. But, as time went on, they gave birth to normal-sized people. And now, a man called Ogyam wanted to be chief of the town so they spread that horrible falsehood and we were chased here. This land is cursed, so they say. Life for us is very difficult. When a couple here give birth to normal-sized babies, the chief and his warriors come here and forcibly take them away. But when the babies are little people like us, they leave them.” “Oh, that’s so horrible!” Shalom exclaimed.


“Yes, and that is why there is a lot of sadness in this town,” Calima said in a broken voice. “We live in hard times. The land here is mostly waterlogged so we can’t do much farming. We’re banned from taking the buses. We’re shunned and hated. There’s food scarcity here, Shalom, and our people are always hungry.” “Oh, cripes!” Shalom explained with horror. “Is that why those two men were eating cocoa beans like that?”


“Licking them, yes, because they were hungry,” Calima said. “If they had been seen they would have been beaten severely. And that is why they fled from you.” “They can run papa, herh!” Shalom said with a giggle. “With their bowlegged legs they go like aeroplanes… ziiiiiiiiiinnn!”


Calima smiled up at Shalom then, obviously intrigued by his constantly shifting moods; one moment he would sound like a matured adult, and in another second, he would behave like a child.


He looked around at the collapsing houses of these people with sad eyes. They were indeed living a most horrible life.


“You will spend the night at the palace with us, Shalom,” Calima said. “There’s a spare room. Later, we’ll figure out how to help you get back to the city.”






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