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Sequence 10




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Adobea left for work that Monday morning, albeit reluctantly.


Separating from Shalom had now become a source of emotional pain for her, and this was quite surprising to her because she had vowed, after Reuben, not to complicate her life again.


But what was happening to her now was far more beautiful, poignant and precious than she had ever felt with Reuben. At least it brought the bounce back to her steps and the sparkle in her heart was reflected by the lights in her eyes. Her heart was alive once more in a more beautiful way!


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Kofi Gyan also took his designs to Accra to meet the developers.


Agya Asare, as promised, went to the police station with Shalom to officially make a ‘missing person’ report on Shalom.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


They had a hectic time getting to the police station because there was thick human and vehicular traffic.


There were a lot of cars at the police station and a multitude of people, primarily pressmen and women. Television cameras whirred and many people were being interviewed.



There was a great crowd outside with a majority of them wearing red clothes. Those who were not wearing red had red armbands or bandanas. They were holding placards and chanting angrily.


“What is happening?” Shalom asked when they got out of the taxi finally.


“I believe it is about the kidnapping case,” Opanyin Asare said sadly.


Shalom scowled darkly.

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“What kidnapping case?” he asked.


“Oh, some people hijacked a school bus about a month ago and kidnapped close to thirty young boys and girls,” Opanyin explained. “The kidnappers asked for a ransom and have received various ransoms from some parents for the return of their children. Four payments have been made already secretly by parents, but the kidnappers are now asking for a lot of money from the government too. Two of the children have died already, and their bodies were left in front of the General Hospital.”


“Oh, that is so bad, so very bad, oh no!” Shalom said, and suddenly he was agitated as his body began to shake. “You mean those little children have been kept from their families for a month? Oh, Lord, that is so bad! And he let two children die? That kidnapper is a big fool! That kidnapper is a dog!”


He was so agitated that Opanyin Asare regretted telling him about the kidnapping case.


“We have to use the back entrance, Shalom,” he said tersely. “The main entrance is too choked.”


He took Shalom through the back route and entered the main officers’ parking lot, and then they walked toward the back entrance of the police station.


A very sleek black Mercedes Benz sedan preceded by two police motorcycle riders entered the yard and moved toward them, and turned into a parking spot near them. “Oh, this must be the Commander!” Opanyin Asare said excitedly. “Let me say hello to her.”


He held Shalom’s arm as they moved near the car. The two motorcycle riders had parked, and they also got down and smiled at Opanyin Asare.


“Hey, dayuuum, Chief Inspector Asare is walking again!” one of them said in an excited voice.


The driver of the Benz got out and opened the back door of the car, and an elegant woman in police uniform got out. Her uniform had a lot of rank braids and medals. “Heeeeeerhhhhh! Abakade!” Shalom screamed so loudly that all the police people froze instantly and looked at him with dismay. “Shalawele!”


Opanyin Asare turned suddenly and looked at Shalom with sudden alarm.



“Herh Shalom, herh Shalom!” he cried anxiously. “Please, please, please, don’t start your things, I beg you!”


But the young handsome man had pushed past Opanyin Asare and was staring at the police commander with huge gaping eyes, going around her to gaze at her extremely huge back asset.


“Yehowa!” Shalom shouted. “Heeeerh! Look at your boodankadunk! It is the biggest ones I have ever seen, suuuuuwine! Awurade Nyankopon this can cause road accident! Can I see them? Can I see them?”


The shocked police commander looked at Opanyin Asare.


The other police officers were so shocked that for a moment no one could speak. Desperately, Opanyin Asare raised a forefinger and drew circles around his temple to indicate that Shalom was not of sound mind, and he did this behind Shalom so that the young man could not see this rather disturbing gesture.


He then stepped forward and held Shalom’s arm.


“Commander Derbie Gyeshie, I’m so sorry, please forgive my friend!” he said desperately. “He’s the reason why we’re here. He can’t remember his name or where he comes from, and I brought him to file a missing person report for him!” The beautiful police commander nodded with understanding and looked at the handsome young man who was still staring at her massive hips and derriere. “You’re looking well, Nico,” she said with a smile. “Retirement is good for you. You’re even walking again!”


“Do you have artificial legs, sir?” one of the police riders asked.


“Oh, no, real legs, walking again,” Opanyin Asare said.


“Oh, congratulations!” the police officer said. “That’s great!”


“Is it cushion foam?” Shalom asked suddenly and pressed the protruding buttocks of the police commander.


“Oh, stop your nonsense!” the commander cried with a laugh and pushed the young man back. “It is my buttocks!”


“Heeerh, gbafuuuu boodankadunk!” Shalom cried with excitement. “Can I see it? Can I see it?”


“No, you can’t, young man!” the commander said with a shake of her head.


“Why not?” Shalom asked, hurt.


“Because I’m reserving it for my husband, that’s why!”


Opanyin Asare forcibly drew Shalom back, and his expression was filled with remorse.


“I’m so sorry, Commander,” he said with utter desperation.


Commander Gyeshie smiled.



“Oh, that’s alright,” she said. “At least he’s honest, unlike most of you. I like him…he’s very cute. I have to leave now, Nico. That damn kidnapper is calling in an hour’s time and I have to be there. Hope you’ll pass by the office before you leave. We miss you around.”


“Why are you calling him Nico?” Shalom asked with raised eyebrows.


“Don’t tell him, please don’t tell him!” Opanyin Asare began, but one of the motor riders had also started speaking.


“That’s the short form of his name Nicodemus,” he said.


Shalom turned and guffawed with laughter as he stared at Opanyin Asare. “You’re called Nicodemus?” he screamed. “Nicodemus? Your name is Nicodemus?”


“Oh, shut up!” Opanyin Asare said as he drew the young man toward the back entrance, and all of them laughed, including the Commander. The police station was bursting with a flurry of activities.


The police personnel were happy to see Opanyin Asare, and there were a lot of hugs and cheerful camaraderie, and by the time they finally made their way to the appropriate section, thirty minutes were gone.


Opanyin filled the appropriate forms and the police photographer came to take a portrait, full and side-profile pictures of Shalom and then the information was entered into the systems. Opanyin Asare was granted temporary custodial care of the missing man, and then they were free to go.


“I have to go and say goodbye to the Commander, Shalom, okay?” Opanyin told the young man.


“Yes, Nicodemus!” Shalom replied.


“Don’t call me Nicodemus, you idiot!” Opanyin cried, irritated.


“Yes, Nicodemus!” Shalom replied with a giggle.


Opanyin grabbed him fiercely by the upper arms.


“I swear to God if you call me Nicodemus again I’ll slap you from here to makola!”


“Nicodemus was a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin, do you know that?” Shalom asked him. “Indeed, he was mentioned in three places in the book of John, in the Bible.”


“Shut the hell up!” Opanyin said furiously.


“Nicodemus first visited Jesus one night to discuss Christ’s teachings in John chapter three verses one to twenty-one. Nicodemus, Nicodemus, Nicodemus was a Pharisee! Your parents named you after a fu.cking Pharisee!”



He began to laugh, and Opanyin shook his head and dropped his hands, and then he sighed heavily with resignation. Shalom stopped laughing and put a hand on the man’s shoulder.


“Aww, don’t be so sad, Nicodemus,” he said in a patronizing voice. “That man was a good man, you know. When the Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus it was Nicodemus who reminded his colleagues in the Sanhedrin that a man deserves to be heard first before judgment. And when Jesus was crucified, it was Nicodemus who provided the spices and the embalming agents for Christ’s body. He even helped Joseph of Arithmathea to prepare Jesus’ body for burial.”


“Really?” Opanyin asked, stunned. “Nicodemus…he did that? All that?” “Yes, Nicodemus!”


He and Opanyin laughed again, and then the older man patted him on the shoulder. “Wow,” he said softly. “I spent my whole life hating that name and not knowing that man did something good. Thanks, Shalom.”


“You welcome, Demus,” Shalom replied and the older man looked at him with sudden anger again.


“Now don’t start that Demus boshit!” he said angrily. “Now come with me, and please, no more fooling when you see the Commander, do you hear?”


Shalom nodded, and then they climbed the stairs to the third floor where the senior offices were. They walked along the corridor where there were some senior police officers present. They turned a corner and came to the Commander’s door.


Two police chief inspectors were standing outside chatting, and they welcomed Opanyin Asare who told them he came to say goodbye to the police commander. “Oh, she was waiting for the kidnapper’s call with some top men from headquarters,” one of the officers said. “The Member of Parliament is in there too.”Read more interesting and erotic stories from


“Oh, ok,” Opanyin Asare said. “I’ll just wave to her and leave. Wait here for a second, Shalom.”


Opanyin Asare knocked on the door once and opened it.


The commander’s office was huge and air-conditioned.


The was a huge mahogany desk and some chairs, but to one side was a living-area which had stuffed chairs around a central table. The telephone had been rigged on the table and connected to other IT gadgets being manned by three specialists near the window.


Obviously, the kidnapper had called, and was speaking on the phone. Sitting on the stuffed chairs were very top police officials from the police headquarters, about three of them. There were also plainclothes officials from



police CID and two reps from the BNI. Sitting beside the police commander was the Member of Parliament, Mr. Josh Aboagye.


They glanced briefly at the door when Opanyin entered. He waved at Commander Derbie Gyeshie, and she nodded.


“You’re so stupid, commander!” came the rasping voice of the kidnapper on the phone. “You think we care about the lives of these kids? Two are already dead! We want one fifty million dollars! Those damn politicians are sitting there stealing more than that, and you don’t want to make the money available for the children?” “You will have your money, sir!” the commander said in an unsteady voice. “We are getting it ready!”


“You’re a fool!” hissed the kidnapper. “You will receive one dead child within twelve hours if you don’t fu.cking make the money ready in ten hours!” “You’re the fool, koshiaa!” came the furious voice of Shalom as he shot past a stunned Opanyin and entered the room, coming quickly towards the table. “Aboabiba!”


“Oh, my God!” Opanyin shouted and moved forward.


“Who is this fool?” the MP shouted angrily. “Get him out of here!” “Who insulted me?” the kidnapper hissed.


Two police officers had entered the office and they grabbed Shalom’s arms, but he struggled furiously.


“Get him out of here!” shouted the commander furiously.


“I want to speak to him!” hissed the kidnapper angrily.


“No, he’s nobody, sir!” said commander. “He’s a retarded man!”


“Don’t you dare anger me!” said the kidnapper furiously. “Put him on the phone now or I swear I’ll behead one child right now and send her head to you!” There was a stunned silence, and then the commander tried again.


“Listen, sir,” she said unsteadily. “He’s just a retarded boy who barged in!” Suddenly, the scream of a little girl filled the phone.


“Put that fool on the phone or I kill this little girl now!”


“Put him on the phone, put him on the phone!” cried the MP with terror.


“Oh, God, no!” Opanyin cried with fear.


The two men stopped heckling Shalom and pushed him forward. Looking defiant, Shalom moved forward and grabbed the MP by the arm. “Get up and let me speak to that fool!” he said furiously and dragged Mr. Josh Aboagye up, and then he sat down.


“Oh, you think I’m a fool, huh?” the kidnapper screeched furiously over the phone.


“Yes, you’re a fool, you fat stupid onye gbemi man!” Shalom screamed.


“Shalom!” Opanyin Asare shouted. “Are you mad?”


“You called me fat?” the kidnapper whispered in a shaking voice, and for the first time there was a note of uncertainty in his voice. “Did you call me fat?”


“Yes, you fat etwe donko!” Shalom shouted furiously. “Treating little children like this, onye gbemi sooooor! I’ll kill you when I get my hands on you!”


There was a pause.


“Kwasia bankye!” the kidnapper said with a giggle. “You’re indeed a mad man. I believe that now. For your information I’m not fat. Now get off the phone and let me speak to the commander!”


“You’re fat, fat, fat chicken!” Shalom shouted. “The way you wheeze before you speak and the note of pneumotic static in the back of your voice tells me you’re obese and not well. The rasping in your voice tells me you’re probably getting over an asthmatic attack. Yes, you’re fat, fat fatso and an asthmatic patient as well, Mr. Fucking foolish kidnapper!”


“Blood of Jesus! Yehowa!” the kidnapper said sharply and cut the call.













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