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Sequence 1




©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




The handsome young man opened his eyes slowly, and then he gasped at what he saw, and went absolutely rigid on the bed. First, he saw that he was na.ked.


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And then he saw that there was a na.ked woman on the bed with him, and that she was lying across his legs and her lips were hovering over his hard lance which was held firmly in her hand and her tongue was gently flicking the tip, and then she licked the head slowly and gently.


“Hey, you fool!” he shouted with some level of confusion and fear.


He could not see her face but when he spoke, she lifted her head and smiled at him, and he saw that she was beautiful, although she had a lot of pimples on her face. “Hi, handsome,” she whispered. “You woke up eventually. I knew you would when you began to get hard.”

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She flicked her tongue and lapped at his thing again slowly and sexily.


“Hey!” the young man said again, this time sounding desperate as he tried to move his buttocks back. “What are you doing? Why are you licking my peeweewee?” She looked up at him, and this time there was a modicum of surprise on her face. “I’m blowing you, man!” she said with a scowl. “Don’t you like to be blown?” “Stop that!” the young man said indignantly. “Blowing my peeweewee? Is it a balloon? Of all the silliest things to say! You should be ashamed of yourself, madam!”


She looked at him for a moment, obviously quite surprised, but she kept running her hand along the hardness of his shaft, and then she pouted.


“Oh, well, if you don’t like it that’s okay,” she said finally. “Most guys love it. I know I like a good seeing to.”


“Stop pulling it!” the young man said with evident discomfort. “Just stop pulling my pe.nis, lady. What’s the matter with you? Do you want it to come off?” “What?” she almost screamed. “Come off? Are you shitting me?”


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The young man tried to sit up, but she pushed him down hard and quickly straddled him. She leaned forward to guide him into her, and then she settled on top of him with a satisfied grunt.


“Heeeey!” the handsome young man on the bed shouted now, startling the girl all over again.


“What’s the matter with you?” she shouted back as she glared at him with her face suffused with passion. “What’s wrong? Are you crazy?”


“No, I’m not crazy, but obviously you are!” he said, his expression stricken with desperation.


“I’m crazy?” she asked with an indifferent sigh as she began to ride him, twerking her waist with obvious enjoyment. “Why am I crazy, handsome? I’m enjoying you so much, darling. Are you enjoying me?”


“No, you fool!” the confused young man shouted. “You just put your vajayjay on my peeweewee, you crazy woman!”


“What the!” the girl shouted and stopped moving, her wide eyes staring at him with absolute confusion. “What’s the matter with you? I’m screwing you, buddy! I sat on your bloody dick and it is bloody inside my bloody pussy! What’s all that shit talk about? Don’t you like it?”


“I don’t know!” the young man screamed. “You’re making me feel so shalaweelee ! My body is


shalaweeleeeee ! But why have you put your vajayjay on my peeweewee?”



“Shut the up already!” she screamed and began to ride him again, putting up a very hard and fast rhythm now, her eyes almost shut.


“Hey, you fool!” he shouted.


She did not mind him, just went on doing her winding, riding motion, circling her waist with obvious enjoyment.


“Hey, who are you?” the man continued, alarmed. “Why have you taken off my clothes and taken off your clothes and put my hard peeweewee into your wet, stinking vajayjay?”


“Shut up, you bastard!” she screamed with sudden fury, opened her eyes, and slapped him across the face.


He shut up, but tears welled up in his eyes and his face screwed up with hurt feelings, and then he began to weep silently, knuckling his eyes repeatedly to stop his tears as she went on riding away, oblivious of his tears.


“Ooooosh!” she said suddenly, throwing back her head and gripping his chest hard. “Oooooosh, it is happening! Hasn’t happened for a long time for me, long, long time! Ooooosh, ooooooosh, oooooooooosh!”


The boy stopped crying suddenly as he felt something fierce moving within him, gripping his belly and ripping through the whole of his body so that he became very stiff as she continued to thrash wildly on top of him in her wild orgasmic explosion.


“Shit, shit, shit, It is happening!” she moaned hard, her fingers now gripping his shoulders as she threw her head to one side with her eyes closed tightly, moving with frenzied abandon now.


“Something is happening to me!” the young man gasped. “Hey, woman! My body is going glumligi! Hey, why is my body going glumligi, woman?”


“Oooosh, ooooosh, oooooosh!” she began yelling fiercely as she exploded in multi orgasms, falling fully on him and clamping her fevered lips to his.


He grimaced and tried to turn his face away but she gripped his chin, turned him to face her, and clamped her lips on his tightly, prying his lips open as she kissed him fiercely in the throes of her passion.


The young man bucked under her suddenly, holding her tightly as he also hit the peak, and together, with a series of crazy moans and groans, they hit the crest of the wave, and descended together.


Moments later, as she lay panting on top of him, he tapped her shoulders almost timidly.


“Mmmmm?” she mumbled drowsily.



“I think you made me peepee into your vajayjay,” he said timidly. “I’m sorry. Please, don’t smack me again.”


“Jeeeesus!” she whispered and slowly slid off him, and then she supported herself with a hand against her cheek and looked at him with warm eyes. “Peed into me? Why are you so childish? Who are you?”


He looked at her blankly, and that was when she saw the wetness on his face for the first time. She snorted and touched his cheek.


“Are you kidding me?” she asked with amazement. “You were crying? Really crying?”


“You smacked my face!” he said with a childish wail. “What did you do that for?” The girl got up and sat on the bed, looking at him with sudden apprehension. “What’s your name?” she asked carefully.


He scowled as he looked up at her as if he was trying to recollect, and then his face crumbled with sudden horror.


“I…I d-don’t kn-know my na-na-name!” he stammered with sudden panic. “What’s my name? Why am I in your room?”


“How old are you?” she asked with her head canted to one side and a slight puzzled frown on her face.


“Eight years old,” he said promptly.


“Yehowa!” the girl exclaimed and jumped off the bed, her breasts jiggling as she peered at him. “You’re shitting me, right?”


“Bad word!” the young man said, wagging a stern forefinger at her. “Very bad word…shit is a very bad and vulgar word!”


“Huh?” she grunted, and then suddenly she went to the high-backed chair and began picking up clothes. She slipped into panties, skirt and blouse, and then she picked up a pair of blue jeans, boxers, blue sneakers and a white cotton hooded sweatshirt and brought it to the bed.


“Please, dress up,” she said, and there was a little bit of fear on her face now. “Are they mine?” the handsome young man asked as he regarded the clothes suspiciously, and she nodded without speaking.


“So why did you take them off?” he asked, sounding cross. “You just wanted to lick my peeweewee and put your vajayjay on it badly, didn’t you?”


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“Listen, it seems I made a very bad mistake,” she said tightly. “Look, do you know where you live? Do you remember any brothers, sisters, parents?”


He pursed his lips and stared blankly at her, and then he shook his head hard.



“Nope, I don’t remember anything!” he said with conviction. “But I’m here with you, on this bed, so you must be a friend, or you must know my parents!” “Look, I don’t know you, okay?” she said, trying hard to keep the panic from her voice. “I’m a prostitute, alright?”


He scowled.


“What’s a prostitute?” he asked calmly. “Is it some kind of job?” “Yes, some kind of job, yeah.”


“What does prostitutes do?” he asked. “You lick peeweewees? Why must you lick peeweewee for a job? It is a very bad job!”


Her eyes glared at him fiercely, and she tried to speak, then she took a deep breath and crossed her arms under her breasts.


“Please, dress up, would you?” she said tightly.


Humming to himself, he slipped on his socks, boxers, jeans, sneakers and sweatshirt in that order, and then he stood in front of her and grinned.


“I’m hungry,” he said. “Can I get some chicken and rice? You can add a beef burger and an Oreo.”


She stared at him open-mouthed, and then she giggled and took his hand.


“Please, come with me,” she said.


He walked with her.


She opened the door and they emerged from the room. It was a sort of rectangular house with many rooms. Some scantily dressed women were sitting in front of their doors. As they passed, the young man kept turning his head and staring at some of them.


“Are they all prostitutes who lick peeweewees?” he asked curiously.


The girl laughed softly, and then she shook her head without replying. They walked for a long time, and she took him through alleys and corners until they emerged on a busy street.


It was night, and he stared at the cars as if he was seeing vehicles for the very first time. He was perspiring slightly, and suddenly he stopped and tugged his arm from hers.


“I’m tired, and I’m hungry,” he said crossly. “I’m not going any farther with you.” The girl pointed to an eatery across the street.


“There, let’s go,” she said. “I’ll buy some rice and chicken for you.” “Shalaweeelee !” he cried excitedly, and again she looked at him curiously. Eventually, they crossed the street and sat down at the food joint.


She sat from him and waited until they brought the steaming food and served him. She looked at him, amazed by his childlike behaviour as he picked up a chicken



thigh and bit into its spicy juicy chunk with relish. The girl sighed and leaned forward.


“Listen, dear,” she said gently. “Early this evening a strange man approached me and paid me three times what I usually charge for a full night. He wanted me to be with his virgin brother for the night. I agreed, because the money was good. He told me his brother was drunk and asleep, and so I helped him carry you into my bed. And then he left. I found you incredibly handsome, and so I took off your clothes and made love to you.”


“No, you liar, you didn’t!” he said indignantly. “You took off my clothes, ate my peeweewee and then sat on it with your vajayjay, rolling your ugly buttocks and going oooooosh, oooooosh, oooooosh until I peed into your vajayjay and my body became like glumligi. That’s what happened, so stop lying!”


There were two boys eating two tables away, and they stared at the young man and burst into laughter.


The girl looked away, quite embarrassed now.


She sighed and nodded.


“Well, whatever!” she said quickly. “Obviously, you have challenges, developmental challenges. I really don’t understand why your brother did what he did. But I must go now, please. I don’t want any trouble. You see that building over there?”


She was pointing to a police station not very far away from the eatery.


He nodded.


“When you finish eating, go there, okay? Tell them you have forgotten your name and the way to your house. They will help you find your brother and family again, okay?”


“Alright, alright,” he said and picked up the spoon.


He ate heartily. The prostitute stared at him for a while, and then she stood up and quickly left. She walked halfway to her place when it suddenly struck her that she should have left him some money.


The young man was in his mid-twenties, she guessed, not more than twenty-five or six, and it was obvious that he was retarded, in a sweet kind of way.


He was an adult man trapped in the body of an eight-year-old. She should have been brave to send him to the police station, even, before he got impulsive and followed the crazy urges that children were known for.


The prostitute quickly retraced her steps to the eatery, but the handsome retarded man who had given her such a wonderful orgasm, her first in a long time, was gone.



She rushed to the police station and asked them, claiming she asked her brother to wait for her at the station, but the cops on duty told her no one like that had showed up.


She left the station with a worried look on her face, wondering what had happened to him, and what trouble he could get into.


Her heart, uncharacteristically, was filled with guilt.








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