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Must Read: Pregnant Virgin – Episode 54

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Episode 54


(Grand finale)


By: Faith Lucky



Zoey’s Pov:


My eyes widened in shock.





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I gulped nervously and looked at him. What’s he talking about? What does he mean by “beg me?”



“Come on, Zoey” he whispered into my ears and bit my earlobe.



“Wh…What’re you talking about? Why do you want me to beg you?” I stuttered.



“I want you to beg me to f**k you” he cooed and pressed the tip of his c*”k against my entrance and I groaned.



Oh, God! Damn It! What’s this guy doing to me?



“Zosar! Come on. Have you gone sane? What do you think you’re doing?? You’re the one in need of this, right? So, if you don’t want to anymore, you can f**k off” I blurted, hoping itd actually make him do it..

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“We both need it, Zoey. If you don’t beg, I won’t do it” he stated lowly and took my left nipple into his mouth.



Oh, my God!



“Zosar…” I moaned and clutched him tight as it gave me a tingling sensation.



He teased my honeypot with his d**k again and I felt like screaming out loud.



“F**k you, Zosar! Please!” I cried out and he smiled.



“Say it properly” he smirked and pushed the tip of his d**k a little deeper into me and bringing it out immediately.



Holy crap!



“Just f”*k me, damn it! Please, please. I’m begging now” I said restlessly and he chuckled.



“I thought I was the only one who knew how to beg? Now, you know the truth” he smirked and finally pushed the d**k into me and I yelped.








I moaned deeply as I felt him tear me up.



He penetrated into me and held onto the sheets for support before thrusting roughly.



Damn it! He said he was going to be gentle.






“Come on, come on…





I moaned with my eyes closed, despite the fact I was feeling a little hurt.



We continued that way and after a while, he made me sit on top of him and ride him and our rhythmical moans filled the room. *




Zoey’s Pov:


I stayed in the dinning with mum as she helped me dress the table for lunch.



We kept talking about different things to keep us from being bored and my face beamed with smiles when she suddenly talked about Zosar.



“You really like him, don’t you?” She asked while turning in water from the jug.



“Of course, mum. A lot” I replied, blushing.



“That’s good, dear. After all, he seems a nice person. So, what’re your plans? Both of you?” She asked.

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“Well…he said we’ll be getting married within the month. So, we’re still working on it” I replied and she nodded.



We rounded up the work on the dining and I decided to get them so we could all eat.



I walked out to the facade of the house and there i met them – father and son – playing like kids.



Well, Axel’s was acceptable because he was still a kid. But, Zosar…





I leaned against the wall and a smile lingered on my lips as I watched them.



Zosar was running after Axel and finally, he caught him and carried him on his shoulders.



“Yeah…I got you!!!” He said and they laughed fell into the bare sand.






“Hey, that’s enough! Both of you!” I announced as I moved closer to them and they stopped playing and looked at me.



“Huh? Who’s she? Do you know this woman?” Zosar asked Axel and I scoffed.



“Seriously, you don’t know me?” I asked as I stood in front of him.



“Yeah – I only know you in bed when I’m screwing you” he whispered into my ears and I gasped and hit him on the chest.



“You’re crazy! And for this, I promise you – one month without s*x ” i whispered back into his ears.



“Hmph. Even if you chain me, its never gonna happen” he said and I


smirked and replied with a”


“We’ll see about that”.



“Mum, dad, why are you two whispering?” Axel asked and we both turned to look at him.



“Oh, son! We’re just having an important discussion and I was trying to let your mother know how beautiful she is down there” Zosar replied and I widened my eyes and stopped myself from flinching.



“Down where?” The kid asked innocently.



“Down her heart” he replied again.


“Your mother’s a very beautiful lady with a pure heart. And that’s what I like about her”.


He threw his hand around my shoulder and just for the sake of the kid, I allowed him.


“Okay. So, enough of the fun. It’s time to eat” I said with a light smile and stretched out my hand to Axel, but Zosar beat me to it and took his hand instead.



“Seriously?” I rolled my eyes at him and he smirked.



We turned around and was about heading in when suddenly, we saw some stranger cars driving into the compound.






We stood and watched in amusement as the big classic cars drove in and parked in front of the house.



“Are you expecting some visitors?” Zosar asked and I shook my head negatively.



Who could they be?



Immediately, guards jumped out from two of the cars and ran to the one in the middle, opening it.



Huh?? Isn’t this…?



The first person stepped out and…Oh, my God!!!



It was the King!!!



Zosae’s father!!!






The second person came out as well and just like I’d have suspected, it was the Queen.



Holy Molly! What’s happening??


What’re they doing Here??



“Dad, who are they?” Axel asked Zosar who was still holding him.



“Um…son, could you go in and meet grandma?” I touched him and said and he nodded and rushed into the house.



Then, I took my eyes back to Zosar’s parents.



“What’re you doing here?” He was the first to ask.



“I need an explanation. What do you want? And how did you find me?”



“Is that the first thing you can say to your parents whom you haven’t seen in days?” The king asked.



“Yeah – because they pushed me away” Zosar replied huskily, without any feeling of guilt.



The Queen came up and stood beside her husband.



“I can see you were able to find your family” the king continued.


“And I must say I’m happy for you.



“Well, I actually want to apologize for everything. Not just to you, but to her as well” he paused and took his eyes to me and it made me shiver.



“I want to apologize for everything I made both of you go through. Let’s just say…I was blinded with the powers and responsibilities of Royalties.



“But please, I need you two to come home with us”.



“That’s never happening” Zosar scoffed.


“Because of your evil treatments towards her, she’s vowed never to return to that palace and unfortunately, I’m staying with her” .



“Zosar” the Queen exclaimed and the king sighed.



“Please, son, Zoey. I left my kingdom and came all the way down here just to seek your forgiveness. If there’s something you want me to do to prove how sorry I am, let me know and I’ll do it. Please” he said pathetically and It amused me to know the King was actually apologizing.



That whole thing was coming as a shock and left me speechless.



Immediately, the Queen came to me.




“Zoey” she called tenderly and held my hand.




“I’m begging you with the name of whatever you believe in. Have mercy and come home with my son, please. I can’t afford to lose him.



“You…you’re a mother, right? Then you should understand the pains of losing a child – your only child at that.



“Please, I swear with my life, you’ll never get hurt in the palace. Everything is fine now. Please, I beg you”.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen




I stared at her, gob smacked and surprisingly, she tried going on her knees, but thank goodness I was quick enough to hold her.



“No, please don’t” I said quickly and she bent her head and wept.



“I just want us to be together. Come home with us, please” she wept and I exhaled deeply before speaking out.



“Um…you’re both welcome to my home. I…think for now, you should join us for lunch. You came at the right time” I said, looking at the king.



“Zoey…” Zosar tried calling.



“Don’t worry, its fine. We’ll have lunch for now and discuss the issue later on” I cut in with a smile and the queen hugged me.






“Thank you, Zoey. Thank you” she said tearfully and all I did was smile as we unlocked from the hug.


“Let’s go in, please. The dining’s been set” I stated and we all walked into


the house as I took the lead.






And as we sat on the round table eating blissfully, I got to realize – this was


a perfect family.






Days later, we all set out on our way to Egypt where we left to live as royalties for the rest of our lives.



I remain Zoey Scott and this is my diary.



The diary of a Pregnant Virigin…





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Thê Èñd







Finally! I’m so gonna miss this story



So, how was it, guys?



Who’s your favorite character?



What’s your best episode?



What part made you cry/sad?


What part made you laugh?


And what part made you…



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