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Must Read: Pregnant Virgin – Episode 43

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Episode 43



By: Faith Lucky




The King



“You animals!!! How the hell did she escape?” I yelled at the foolish guards in front of me.



“Do you really want to become this useless, huh? You want to chop off your worthless heads???”

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“We’re sorry, my King” they bowed.



“We…we still can’t explain how it happened. I was standing on my duty post and all of a sudden, I felt a strong wind that made me slump.” The first one explained.



“Same here, my King. I also felt a strong wind that kicked me into a deep sleep. Sorry for failing you, my King. But somehow, we think magic might be involved” the second one replied and I fisted my hand, trying to control my anger.



Damn it! Where the hell did that lady run to? Where???


How did she manage to escape?



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I turned to the guards immediately.



“Now, listen to me and listen very good” I said strictly


“I want this to remain a secret. No one – I mean, no one – must get to know she’s escaped.



“If as little as a fly gets to know before tomorrow morning, I won’t just kill you, but your entire family as well. Is that understood?”



“Yes,my king” they replied in unison.








Zosar must not get to know about this. The marriage must go on no matter what.



And that little girl, I just pray I find her soon.






Zoey’s Pov:


I sat on the bed and smiled as I watched the baby suck from my br**st..



His lips were so tiny and sweet and as they engulfed my nipple, it gave me a tingling sensation.



He was so beautiful.



His hair was soft and curly, his tiny eyes weren’t open yet, his nose still very tiny and his lips….wrapped around my nipple.



His tiny palms were shut and wouldn’t open yet.





It was the most beautiful thing ever! And I didn’t even realize when a tear escaped my eye.



Shortly, the door opened and I turned to see the strange lady walking in.



She said her name was Hannah.



She came in with a head warmer and wore it around my baby’s head and after which, she sat next to me.



Seriously, I don’t know how else to thank her because she’s been of great help to me.



She brought me here – saying its her home and this was where I cleaned up and bathed my baby as well.



Although, my legs still hurt.



“Have you thought of a name?” She asked, staring into the baby’s face.



I smiled.



“Axel” I said, also staring at him.


He was damn so cute and lovely that I felt like eating him up!



“Axel” she repeated with a nod.


“Nice name”.



I smiled and adjusted my b**st to prevent it from blocking his nose as he suckled.

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“Um…thank you for helping me” I finally decided to say since that was our first quiet moment together.



I looked at her but she didn’t say a word and I took my eyes back to my baby.



“Hathor was my best friend” I heard her say and I flinched as I quickly


looked at her.






“We grew up together and considered ourselves sisters.




“I remember the day she discovered she was pregnant. I was the first person she told. And although, she was excited, she was scared as well.



“She knew the prince loved her, but she wasn’t so sure if he’d accept the baby.


But the good thing was, she was determined to keep the baby whether or not the prince accepted it or not.



For weeks, she kept it a secret, feeling scared of telling the prince about it. And I was finally the one Who encouraged her to tell him and reluctantly, she did.



“To her greatest surprise, the prince’s love for her only increased. He used to be a flirt, but as soon as he heard the news, he changed and focused all his attention on her.



“They were perfect together. Too bad unfortunate circumstances befell her which led to her end. And it amuses me to know even in her death, all she could think about was saving her baby”.



She smiled and touched the baby’s nose.



“He’s very handsome. And I’m sure wherever she is, she’ll be very happy seeing her child safe and strong. So, I should be the one thanking you Zoey


for protecting my sister’s child” she concluded, leaving me gobsmacked. . Holy Christ!


So…they’re actually sisters? Best friends? No wonder she’s so bent on helping me.



Oh my God! I was completely speechless.



“The King will be looking for you” she further said.


“Its not safe for you here. I’ve made preparations and first thing in the morning, you can return to your country”.



My eyes dilated immediately.














(Pregnant for a prince)

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