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Must Read: Pregnant Virgin – Episode 2

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Episode 2


By: Faith Lucky


Zoey’s Pov:


Mandy and I boarded a cab and headed for the venue of the party which was taking place in a classic event center.


“Thank goodness we’re not too late. Thank your stars, Zoey” Mandy said as we stepped into what looked like a club to me.


Geez! A loud pop-up music was being played and almost everyone seemed to be dancing.


“Wohoo!” Mandy threw her hands in the air and screamed.


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“Mandy” I slapped her arm.




We walked pass the numerous dancing people till we got to a table which was empty.


“Where could Donna be?” I asked as Mandy took a glass of wine from the table and started gulping it down.


“Well…she’s the celebrant. What do you expect?” She asked and took in more wine.


Gosh! This place is damn too noisy. This is actually my first time attending such a party, so you wouldn’t really blame me. If not for the fact that the celebrant’s a close friend, I’d never had agreed to come.


“Come on, Zoey; let’s dance” Mandy said as she started moving her body crazily.


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“You know me, Mandy; I don’t dance” I rolled my eyes and poured myself a drink.


She laughed and continued dancing crazily and shortly, two guys showed up.


“Hey pretty” one of them tapped her and as soon as she turned to look at him, she beamed and jumped on him.


“Hey handsome!” She giggled and they kissed.


What? Who the hell is he?




“I’ve been looking all over you. I thought you weren’t coming” he said.


“Yeah – I was about calling you, anyway” she said and pecked his lips and he dropped her on her feet.


“So…why don’t we go have fun?” He asked and she chuckled and turned to me.


“See you later, Zoey. I’m sure Leo will keep you company” she winked at me and left before I could say a word.


What? Is she for real??


“Mandy…” I tried calling her back but she got lost in the crowd with him.


Geez! She didn’t tell me she had a new boyfriend.


“Hi” the second guy cooed.


And why did he stay back?


“Hi” I muttered and sipped from my glass.


I noticed him lick his pink lips, then leaned on the table.


“So, I’m…Leo. And what could your pretty name be?” He asked and I scoffed.

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“Sorry, but I’d love to keep that personal” I said bluntly.


“Hold on; I think I remember! Its Zoey, right?” He asked in excitement and I rolled my eyes.


Mandy!! See what she caused.


“Hmm. So, it is Zoey. Nice name” he complimented with a nod but I didn’t say a word,instead, I just drank from my glass.


“Uh…you also a friend to the celebrant?” He asked.




“O…kay. Would you mind joining me for a dance?” He asked and I chuckled.


“Sorry, I don’t dance” I replied.


“Awwn. Why? Such a pretty lady not dancing?


“Anyways, I…”


And that was how he went on bringing up other discussions. Although, he seemed a talkative, but I must admit, he really kept me away from boredom.


I ended up laughing along the line.


After a while, his phone rang and he excused himself to receive the call.


I checked the time – woah! I needed to get ready to leave before mum crucifies me at home.


But where’s Mandy? I needed to let her know I was leaving.


I was about taking up my bag when the Leo guy returned.



“Uh…that was my friend. He said Mandy wants me to bring you over to the place where she’s staying” he said, showing the phone to me.


Oh! Perfect. At least, I could let her know I’m leaving.


“Where’s she?” I asked him.


“This way” he replied and started walking away and I followed him behind.


I seriously don’t know why I had to come to this boring party. I mean, the only thing they do is drink, dance and romance all manner of sh*t and that’s really annoying.


I trailed behind Leo as he kept walking and passed the noisy rowdy place


Thank goodness.


We entered a passage and continued walking.


“Where exactly is she?” I asked from behind as we started coming across so many closed doors.


“She’s…here!” He chuckled and stopped in front of a closed door.


At last.


He opened the door and went in and I did same.


But…there was nobody In the room.


“Where’s she?” I turned a and asked him and immediately, he locked the door, slipping the key into his pocket.




And what’s going on?


He smiled and started coming towards me.



“Wh..What’s going on? What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, hoping this was a joke.


“Chill, okay? I mean no harm. I just…wanna get tight with you” he said and pushed me to the floor.










What do you think?







(Pregnant for a prince)

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