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Must Read: Pregnant Virgin – Episode 16

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Episode 16


By: Faith Lucky


Zoey’s Pov:


I continued screaming in pains as the guards rushed me to where ever it was they were taking me. The pains were unbearable and I felt like running mad.


“Help me! Please!” I cried, despite the fact they were already helping me.


I had been lucky enough to attract them with my screams.



Oh my God! What’s happening to me? I felt terrible pains on my waist. They were driving me insane.

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“What happened to her?” I heard mixed voices in my head, but at that moment, my vision was already becoming blur and I felt so weak already.


“Take her to the healer! Fast!!”


And I passed out.






Naunet’s Pov:


I felt so nervous. Did the medicines work? What if something goes wrong? Or what if the baby’s too stubborn to come out?


Oh, please! I really need to get this done and over with. I need to make mother proud for once. I really hope it works.

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I was on my way to see her when someone gripped me from behind in such a way that frightened me.


I couldn’t see who it was as he held me from behind and made me lean against the wall.


And that was when I could see his face.


“Asim?” I called, surprised.


What’s he doing in the palace?


“Hey love” he chuckled and kissed me.




I quickly unlocked form the kiss and pushed him away.



“Hey! What’s wrong with you? What if we get seen by someone?” I asked huskily and he took my hand and led me to a more secluded area.


“What are you doing here, Asim?” I asked when we were safe.


“I came to see you, Naunet. I’ve missed you” he replied and kissed me again.


I wanted to push him away, but decided to allow him enjoy the moment.


He reached for my boobs and gave them a little squeeze and that was when I had to stop him.


“Asim; Asim; come on. We have to stop this. Someone might see us” I cautioned him.


“But why, Naunet? I’ve missed you so much. I can’t remember the last time we made love” he grouse.


“Come on, Asim! We made love about a week ago”.


“Yes – and that’s like a year to me”. He replied and tried kissing me again, but I stopped him.


“Fine! Fine! I’ll try to come over tonight, okay?” I said, hoping he’d just stop.


I really didn’t want anyone to see us.


“Tonight?” He asked and I nodded.


“Okay, love. I’ll be waiting” he kissed my neck and finally scuttled off.








Zosar’s Pov:


The healer had persuaded me to stay outside while she attended to Zoey, but I wouldn’t listen and insisted on staying in the room with her.



I couldn’t even sit but just continued pacing around the room. I needed answers; I needed her to say something.


What the hell happened to her? Why was she feeling so much pains? What could possibly be the cause? Could there be some sort of complications in the pregnancy or what?


The healer kept doing whatever it was she was doing and soon, she was done.


“How’s she?” I asked as soon as she stood up.


Zoey was still fast asleep.


“You don’t have to worry about her, my prince. She’s safe and out of danger for now” she replied, making me take in a deep breath.


“The baby’s heavily guarded – probably because of his mother. She must’ve used some kind of special powers to protect him. So, that’s the goodnews. He’s safe” she further explained, making me more relieved.


“But…what happened to her?” I asked curiously.


“Is there some kind of complications?”




“With the look of things, she was poisoned” she said and my brows arched in shock.


“What?” I flinched.


“She was..what?”


“Yes, my prince. I strongly believe so. She was poisoned. I’ve examined the meal she was eating and it came out positive. She was poisoned”.


My eyes dilated in surprise. Zoey was poisoned? They tried to kill my child?


Is this a joke or what?


I fisted my hand and stormed out of the room, headed for the kitchen.



All I felt was rage. Who could it be? Who could think of harming my child? My first child? For what reason??


I walked angrily and got to the kitchen and the maids all looked scared to the teeth seeing me there.


“My prince…”


“Where’s your chief?” I cut them off huskily and immediately, the chief cook walked in.


“My prince…” She called in bewilderment, her eyes roaming around.


“Is…Is there a…”


“Who was the maid in charge of serving dinner to Zoey?” I asked impatiently as I drew closer to her and her eyes gleamed with fear.




“Who’s it? Answer me!!” I yelled at her and she shook.


“It was…”








Seems something dangerous is about to happen…








(Pregnant for a prince)

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