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I looked at the Megan guy who was sleeping peacefully on granny’s bed for awhile before taking his guitar and went out.

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I was leaving when I returned to look at him again. I don’t feel like leaving him all alone.


But I have to go. But what if he leaves before I return?


I went to his side and kissed his eyes and cheeks.


“That’s my reward for saving your ass. Make sure you don’t bump into things anymore huh? Pretty boy.


First you bumped into me then the water. In the future, make sure you don’t bump into anything again okay? I can’t promise to save you all the time.



Now I’ve got to go. I’ve always dreamt of using a guitar and I found yours am going to dry it in the sun then I will play a little. Just a little I promise.


But hey! I won’t leave you here all alone. I’m going to call a friend of mine to stay here with you that is if you don’t wake before we make it here.” I told him even though he wasn’t listening.


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I left the guitar and ran to Betsy’s house.


“Hi Aunt.” I greeted her mum.


She was a petite woman with a bronze hair and a cute smile.


“Hi Pearl. How are you?”


“I’m fine aunt Kate.”


“Alright. Betsy is in her room.”


“Thanks auntie.” I said and rushed inside.


I slumped into her bed the moment I stepped in.


“Hey, get your butt outta my bed.” She appeared from nowhere and tried to get me off the bed.


“There’s no need for that Betsy.” I said and got up on my own. “Anyway, if I’d wanted to sleep on this bed with my dirty feet, I bet you won’t dare stop me dear friend.”


“And I know you didn’t come to sleep so tell me why You’ve come here.” She crossed her hands over her chest.


“I need a favor.”


She raised a brow,”Tell me.”


“I want you to Babysit Megan for a while because..”


“Wait! Which Megan?” She cut me off.


“Megan Dante. The one in our school today.”


She started laughing.




“Pearl are you drunk?”


“No am mad.”


“That’s even better, only the mad think and talk the way you’re doing now.”


“Look Betsy, am serious. He’s in a critical condition.”


She noticed my seriousness and stopped laughing.


“What do you mean Pearl? That he’s in a critical condition?”


“Yes Betsy. He fell into the pool at the waterfall a while ago.i got to him on time and saved him and he’s in my house now and I want you to be with him while I have a look at his guitar.”


“You don’t mean it Pearl. C’mon let’s go quickly. I can’t wait to see and touch him.” She said and wore her slippers.


“You won’t touch him got it?”


“Why not? Don’t tell him you broke your vow to remain single till 35 by falling in love with him.”


“Do you even know what you’re saying? That boy is my junior. I’m older than him and I can’t date him never. Not even in my stupid fantasiscal dreams.”



“Alright alright! Can we go now?” She asked and picked her purse. “First how do you see my outfit.” She faced her mirror.


My eyes drifted to her outfit. She was wearing a blue bumbshort with a white singlet top. Her hair was left flowing on her back.


“You look beautiful.” I answered truthfully”


“Awww.” She said happily.


“Except that your bottocks are too small.” I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but you have low credit there. They’re too tiny.” I teased.


She glared at me.”Let’s go.”


“Sure. Let’s go.” I said, chuckled and we got out.


“I’ll be back mum.”


“Don’t be late.” She shouted behind us but we were already gone.


“I hope this is not one of your silly pranks Pearl?”


“Let’s go first, and if it’s a prank you’ll know.” I replied.


I hope Megan would still be unconscious else, I don’t know what Betsy will do if he leaves.


We got to my house and I quickly opened it praying silently with my eyes closed.


“Oh my gawd! It’s really him. It’s him.!”


I opened my eyes and saw Betsy already over him.


Thank God he’s still here.


I rushed to Betsy and used my hand to cover her mouth.



“We’ll be in trouble if he wakes now, so keep quiet.” I said and pulled her out with my hand covering her mouth.


“How will we be in trouble? You saved him right? Or you abducted him and knocked him into unconsciousness?.”


“Think Betsy. He’s a public figure and we’re keeping him here we might get arrested if we’re found out.” I replied.


“So what do we do now?”


“I’m going to have a look at his guitar and I will be back soon to report his condition to the police or take him to a hospital if possible.”


“Alright. So you want me here until you’re done using his guitar?”


“Not really but..”


“It’s okay Pearl. I’ll handle everything.”


“Alright thanks but don’t be naughty. Don’t do anything stupid either.” I said and took the guitar from where I placed it.


She nodded and went in.


“Don’t harrass him too Betsy.”


“What do you mean by harrass?” She came out and asked.


“I mean don’t kiss or smooch him.”


“Alright. I’m just wondering why you’re being so protective over him.”


“Am not. I’m just saying.” I said and left.


I got to the garden and sat under a shade.



I started moving my hands on the strings unprofessionally.












I was busy trying Pearl’s method when my phone started ringing.


It was Betsy calling so I quickly picked up.


“Hey Bet.”


“You won’t believe this Aria.”


“What won’t I believe.?”


“I sent you something, so check your WhatsApp.” “Alright. Gonna check now.” I said and hanged up.


“Oh my God! Is that Megan?” I asked rhetorically when I saw a picture of Betsy sitting beside a sleeping Megan in Pearl’s house.


“No this can’t be true.” I said and called Betsy back.


“Why are you trying to fool me with a photoshopped picture?” “It’s not Aria. Just come to Pearl’s house and you’ll see him. “Am on my way.” I ended the call and got out.


My mum was not at home so I locked the main gate.


I lost my dad a year ago and it’s just mum and I.



Betsy and Pearl are my closest friends but I can’t help being jealous of Pearl sometimes. She’s different from us in so many ways. And though am somehow rich than her, I wish to be her.


She’s mysterious and intelligent with an extremely innocent beauty. She had an amazing figure, amazing long legs and the perfect stature.


She was the kind of girl that girls loved to hate and I won’t lie that am not one of them. But for her features though.

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She had that movie star look, not overly tall and willowy, but more like an action star.


Her muscle definition was perfect and she walked with the confidence of someone a decade older. She wasn’t just flawless in her bone structure, her skin was like silk over glass and she radiated an intelligent beauty.


Even though, I feel i have a pretty face, I don’t like the shape of the my body that’s why I try to do a lot of exercises to look fit. But Pearl needn’t do any of this because she’s already heavily endowed.


My heart skipped a bit when I neared Pearl’s house.


I opened the heart shaped door and entered.


And oh mehn, on the bed was the pretty boy.


Oh my God! This is awesome. He looked handsome than I’ve seen on the screen.


I got to him, ignoring Betsy and touched his face. Gosh I can’t believe this. I traced my hand on his face to his lips.


His straight eyebrows were neatly shaped, his curly hair fell sexily on his one eye. His eyelashes were so long and curvy with a very pointed nose. His lips was full and red, I just felt like kissing them.


How can a human be this beautiful?



I heard a snap and looked up.


“Stop drooling shamelessly Aria.”


“What can I do? He’s too handsome.”


“But he’s under age.”


“Hell yeah! But I don’t care.” I shrugged and sat beside him.


“You’re despicable.”


“And so are you!” I retaliated.


“Why don’t we make use of this beauty right here. We can’t stare at him all day can we?”


“What are you insinuating Aria?”


I took her hand and we walked out of the room.


“What am trying to say is simple. Just take your phone, go to our school’s hot gossip page and announce that Megan is with us and if you want to see him you gonna pay a ransom.” I said when we were out of earshot.


“Have you lost it completely? Do you even know the level of the stupidity you’re spewing?”


“Nothing will happen Betsy, stop being a scaredy cat and be brave for once. Look nothing will happen to us because we saved him.”


“Say something else because am still not convinced. I can’t risk it! He’s too rich and famous for us to joke with. What if those students leak the information on social media?”



“Then we gonna be in a very big trouble and I don’t want that too. That’s why I’ve decided that we message them personally and warned them not leak the information.”


“You ain’t gonna give up will you?” She asked.


“Just think of it, we can make a fortune out of this, then Pearl can afford Toby’s medication as well as those needy children. Pearl will be very pleased don’t you think?”


“You’re right Aria. In so doing, we will be taking a huge burden off her shoulders.” She said and smiled.


Finally, she agreed. I really need the money for myself and using Pearl’s needs is just an excuse. And if I hadn’t say that, there’s no way Betsy would’ve agreed.


“But do you know we can still make money if we report this to the police and narrate how we saved him? His parents will be so glad and even give us scholarship. Then Pearl will be a heroine.”


Oh not again! I thought she agreed. She’s right but Pearl will be the only one to get the praises and what about us? What about me? I will stay in this countryside and rot. I can’t let that happen.


That’s why I need to convince Betsy.


“Don’t be a fool Betsy. Those rich people don’t care about commoners. You will be surprised that they won’t even say a simple thank you instead they’ll file a case against us for attempted murder on their son.” I hope I sound convincing enough.


“You’re right Betsy. Tell me what to do.”




“I’ll be with him inside and make sure those students doesn’t lay their dirty fingers on him while you take the money from them at the door.”


“Alright but don’t let them take pictures” She agreed.


“I won’t.”


I texted most of my contacts most were our mates and told them to text other students and soon almost the whole Daisy High and other surrounding schools has filled Pearl’s house.


Betsy was smart and collected the right amount while I took extra money if you want to touch him.


I just pray he doesn’t wake up right in our crime.


After about one hundred people coming to see him, I heard a noise outside that panicked me.


Are we really in trouble?


The few people with me left after seeing him and I got out.


I rolled my eyes vigorously at the old man who has successfully sucked most of our clients.


Why must he appear now? This old hag.


My eyes widened when I heard Megan groan from inside.


I turned and peeked at him from where I stood at the door.


He’s awake!


Goodness, what do I do now?


I looked outside and took a deep breath in relief when I saw that the old man has successfully shooed the crowd away and had started scolding Betsy.


He came at the right time and I’m glad he came after all.



Now it’s time to play the good girl and convinced Megan that I was the one who saved him.


I pray that silly Pearl doesn’t come now.


I flinched when I felt a hand on my shoulder.


“Megan?” I turned.


“Are you alright Meg? Am glad you finally woke up. I was so worried about you.” “Water.” He muttered.


I rushed to fetch a water in Pearl’s gourd but when I brought it, he threw it away.


“I want a distilled water silly girl. And give me my shirt.” He said weakly.


Such a spoilt brat.


I looked around for his shirt and saw it hanging on a little drawer. I picked it and tried to help him wear it but he pushed me away.


“Am not weak nor am I sick got it?” He yelled and got out.


“You should be kind to the people who saved you Megan.” I said behind him.


He stopped on his tracks.


“Kind? Oh really miss silly?”


I nodded rather foolishly.


“Was that the reason why you decided to sell me because you saved me?” He yelled and I jumped in fright.


“I did saved you but I didn’t try to make money from it.” I defended myself.


“I see, then what are this people doing here?”


I looked around and truly, there was some people still lurking around.


“Am just as shocked as you’re Meg. I don’t know what they’re doing here.”


“Oh cut the crap you dubious conniving girl! ” He barked and rushed into the room and brought my purse and my phone out.


“What is this?” He showed me the money that was overflowing in my purse.


“And this?” He showed me my chats on the phone.


I was speechless!


Why the did I left my phone unlocked?


“Why? can’t you talk anymore? Has the cat cut your tongue?” He asked.


“ did save you..”


“Oh shut up young woman.” He walked to me and faced me squarely.


“For your information, I know my saviour very well and all that’s left to be done is to make sure you’re put behind bars and that saviour of mine won’t be spared either for stealing my guitar.!”


How did he know?


Am really in deep trouble! What if the media take my face into the news?


I will be ruined. Or maybe am already ruined.










Kasala don burst….






Shame on all those who thought our sweet Mariana/ Pearl was the mastermind!









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