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. ~~~PEARL’S POV ~~




I dropped my hands from my mouth and breathed in relief when I was convinced that it’s was a human who just spoke and not some ghost.


“Who are you?” I questioned.”And what did you mean when you said you are bad and look scary?”


“Your granny.” She stated, turning to me as my eyes met with her face.


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The lines on her face etched the story of a once happy life. The deep creases in her cheeks told of a woman who gave away smiles like they were wishes.


Yet a more sorrowful face I had never seen. Her pain was evident in the crease of her lovely brow and the down-curve of her full lips.


But her eyes, her eyes showed her soul. They were a deep pool of restless gold, an ocean of hopeless grief. As I looked into her eyes I felt what she might be going through.


My granny? How’s that possible?


I stood in the middle of the room and wiped my wet palms on the gown.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“You can sit so we can talk about everything.”



My eyes swept her once more. She didn’t look harmful so I walked towards her and sat on the single couch.

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She didn’t sit or look at me instead, she faced her large window again.


“I’ve never seen you before, don’t you ever come out of here?” I stared at her petite form which was cladded in a white silky pyjamas.


“I don’t have to. I prefer being indoor.” She said monotonously.


“Then how sure are that I am your granddaughter if you hadn’t seen me before?”


“I just know it, I can’t be wrong. Besides you looked so much like my son, who wouldn’t recognize that?”


“Well, here’s a news for you, your granddaughter is actually downstairs. Am just a friend of hers and about the resemblance, I think it’s was just a coincidence.”


“Oh really? Then what was your reason for leaving the party so abruptly with confusion written all over your face?”

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“It’s because I was…” I turned to look at her “how did you know that I left the party?”


“Answer my question first dear.”


“Alright. I left because I was feeling strange. I started Imagining what was displayed on the screen. I got confused so I had to leave.” I explained.


“You were not imagining.” She walked from the window and sat beside me.”You were remembering your childhood. The girl on the screen is really you.”


“No. It’s a lie. If that girl is me, then that only means that am the lost daughter which can’t be possible” I stood and walked to her window.


The view was nice. The cool night air kissed my face as my hair swayed.



“By the way, you seem to know much about this family. What’s the secret?” I asked with my eyes up at the starry sky.


“I was the villain in the drama that was performed, it’s natural for me know everything.”


For real? Were you the Florencia?” “Yes.”


“Mr Pablo’s mum or Paula’s mum?” “I was Pablo’s mum.”


“Why are using”was”? It’s not like you’re dead.” I looked over my shoulder at her.


“Listen, I know you did some bad things from what I saw and it’s okay for Pablo and Anna to be angry at you but that’s just that.


They don’t have any right to disown you whatsoever or hate you. You’re still his mum and you’re his mother, nothing changes that.


What happened has already been more than a decade old and that’s enough time for their anger to subside and to let’s things go and am sure they’ve done that, it’s left for you to Forgive yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” I stopped and breathed.


“That was quite a lecture.” She commented, nodding her head.


“Was it?”


“Yes, you’re kind-hearted, just like your mum. You both have a big heart.”


“My mum?” I mouthed. I don’t think I’ve met her before apart from the woman am imagining.


I decided to change the topic.



“I don’t understand. Why are you here instead of being at the party?”


“I prefer to watch everything from here.” She took a remote and switch on the huge digital screen.


What was happening downstairs showed on the screen.


That means she’s been observing what was happening.


“I still feel guilty for what I did to the extent that, I can’t bare to step in front of my family. I will only bring bad memories.”


“I thought you were forgiven that’s why mum, dad and I decided to visit right?”


I hope am not hallucinating. Where did I get all this thought from?


“See, you remembered. Didn’t I tell you that you’re Mariana?” She got up and walked to me.


“Now tell me, were you able to get to her? I mean your granny. You were insisting to see her despite your parents protests remember?”


I turned to look at her face silently in thought then my eyes closed in their own accord.


“No. We didn’t get to see her because… because I started crying with mum after it’s began to rain heavily then there was a loud noise.” I opened my eyes.”That’s all I could remember.”


“Gracious Lord!” She exclaimed and wrapped an arm around me out of the blue. Will you forgive me darling? I’ve wronged you so much. Please forgive me.”


I pushed her away gently and moved from the window.


“Don’t be silly old lady. Now will you tell me if what I told you now was the truth or just my imagination. Did what I just said really happened?”



“Everything you said was on point Mariana, they’re true.”


“Mariana? But my name is Pearl.” I brought my hands to my chest and it’s felt like something was missing.” “My necklaces. Where’s my two necklaces?” I faced her again.


“Pearl is not your real name and that’s why it’s going to change from today onwards. Go right now. Go and claim what’s rightfully yours, together with the necklace as well.”


I stood right at the same spot as memory after memory of my past hit me. My mum, my dad. My family. I’ve been with them all this while and yet I couldn’t remember anything about them. Damn it! Toby was right all along. This is my family so why did he change his mind all of a sudden? Maybe he had his reasons.


“Granny? Oh my granny. I met you finally.” I rushed and hugged her.


She hugged me back instantly.


“Am so happy right now. I can’t wait to tell mum that am really her daughter and dad? Oh am so eager to kiss and pull his cheeks.” I said happily and separated from the hug.


I smiled with tears in my eyes and gathered my gown in my hands and raced outside but stopped when I realized that my parents are under the impression that Aria is they’re daughter.


Even the test results proved it. Aria also thinks that they’re her parents. It’s pointless to go there now and tell them. Who will believe me anyway?


“Go girl. What are you still doing here?”


“I can’t anymore granny..” I walked back to her.”Can I call you granny?”


“Don’t be silly, of course you can. Now go already.”


“Thanks but I can’t go.”



“Are you crazy?” She yelled and moved about in the room.


She rushed to the bathroom and when she was out, she was dressed in a blue dress and her hair was let down. She also had a spectacle on. She looked younger.


I wonder where she’s going.


“Come.” She grabbed my hand and took quick steps. I found difficulty in catching up with her. She’s so strong despite her age.


“What are you doing granny? Let me go now.”


“I won’t. This charade must end now. Enough of the injustice. If you ain’t gonna put an end to it yourself, then I will.”


“And who gave you that right?” I challenged stubbornly.


“Am your granny and that should be an enough reason.”


I looked around and I noticed that, she’s not taking me through the path I passed a while ago.


“Where are you taking me granny?”


“A short route.” She stated.












“We’re waiting Mr and Mrs Dominguez!” The guest chorused when they hadn’t made any move.



I smiled nervously at my mum who was just behind me and wiped the pespiration from my forehead.


After about five minutes, Pablo came to where I stood and about to take my hand when someone spoke. I don’t think I’ve heard her voice before.




“Stop it Pablo.” He led his hand down and turned.


I looked up as well and it was a woman who was standing on the stage.


“Mum.” Pablo whispered but loud enough for me to hear.


He had a mum?


“Your daughter is right here.” She said again. She was using the microphone so her voice was loud and clear.


The room quieten as everyone was eager to know what was happening including me.


I exchanged looks with mum before looking forward again.


“Mum? It’s really you. You came out at last. I’ve missed you so much.” He said and raced to the stage.


He was about to hug her when the woman moved swiftly and his body collided with someone instead who was at the woman’s back. He ended up hugging the person instead.


“And that is your daughter, my granddaughter.” She announced and I quickly wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead again.


She’s joking right?.


I waited for Pablo to withdraw from the hug so I could see the person. And when he did, Lo and behold, it’s was none other than Pearl.



“Yes, she’s the one.” The couple said in unison and instantly there was fireworks on the stage as the crowd went wild.


There was a section of jubilation as the entire family flooded the stage.


I couldn’t watch, I looked around for my mum but I couldn’t find her.


Had she taken off and left me here?”


“So ladies and gentlemen, we present to you our very own, Mariana and the owner of MD. The brand name hasn’t change and I don’t think it ever will.” The MC announced.

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The camera lights were blinding. It’s was a great bonding time for the family which signify the end to my game.


I have to leave here while they’re distracted. Am really not ready to face the wrath of this rich people.


Where’s mum? I hope she hasn’t abandoned me to face this people all alone.


I started walking slowly towards the stairs.


I need to go for my car keys and my credit card there’s loads of money on it. I can’t leave without it. If I can’t have the real thing, I’m entitled to the car and the credit card at least. I can’t lose twice. No never.


“Not too fast Miss Aria Miles.” That same intimidating voice of Daniel sounded loudly in the room.




I stopped and shivered in fear.


Mum where are you?


The lights went out instantly bringing me relief.


The music and everything went off. The guest started complain of heat.


This is the time. I will go in and take my things and escape from here before the lights come in.


Am sure mum is behind this. Am glad she did.


“We’re sorry for the inconveniences. This party will continue some other time….”


I heard the faint voice of Daniel when I was upstairs.


I opened my door and entered. I almost fainted when i saw something moved. “Mum, is that you?”


“Yes. I already have your things, so let’s get outta here.”


“My fancy clothes too?”


“Yes, I have them packed in this luggage now take and let’s go.”


“Sure.” I said and we got out soundlessly and down the stairs with our bags.


When we got down, the hall was unusually quiet and there was no sight of anyone. Where did they go?


We got to the large glass door and mum started opening it.


“Be quick mum.” I whispered. She’s taking too long.


“Let me try it.” I came forward to open when she has still not opened the door. Why isn’t the door opening?


“You thought you can escape easily after trying to kill me?”


I stopped turning the knob.


“Where are you off to when the game you’ve started hasn’t ended yet, mother and daughter?”


That’s Toby’s voice. I thought he died.


He’s alive?


















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