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EPISODE 1 ⃣6 ⃣









The weather was sunny when we made it to Palau. Our car came to a halt just a few walk to the jewel store.


I opened the door to get out when dad pulled me back in.


“What now dad?” I sat back and made myself comfortable.

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“Look over there” he said looking ahead.


I followed his eyes and I saw some two men enter the shop.


“Now look here also.” He said and brought out his phone. He did some few things and instantly I saw the two men who just entered and the jewel dealer.


“Wow dad! You’re a genius.”


“Did you seriously think that we would be doing this ourselves?”


“Why can’t we do it ourselves?”

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“Are you serious? Don’t you know the consequences of that? Anyway shut up. I need to listen to the conversation.”


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I obliged and focused on the new phone as I tried to set it.


“Great!” Dad exclaimed. “See we just got the address.”


I looked up from my phone to the tablet he was holding. I could see that the investigation was over.


“Wow, do you think we should inform Aunt Paula about it?”


“I think so. We’ll check into a hotel for tonight and by tomorrow, they’ll be here.”


“Oh dad. I can’t explain how happy I am. I can’t wait to see our Mariana. She will be so cute.”


“I just hope it’s a success.” Dad answered moodily and told the driver to drive as he made some few calls.


I focused on my phone also as I chatted some friends and browsed for some trending clothes.


“Have you thought of the college you’ll like to go?” Dad asked out of the blue.


“Not yet. But am not sure I will be going this year.”


“Why is that so?”


“My sister will be coming home with us and I would like to spend some great time with her. I can’t go to school and leave her alone. Can i ?”


“Alright. It’s your wish.”


I shrugged and browsed more.


“Can’t we just go now dad? The anxiety is really killing me!” I whined.



He ignored me and started making calls. This is what I hate about him. Mum never ignores me like this.


I placed my headphone on and listened to music while we drive to the hotel.








After waiting for morning to come, it finally did and we were on our way to the given location.


I noticed a black car in front of us.


Our car suddenly came to a halt at the same junction my car parked some days ago. I looked forward but the car was out of sight. Where did it pass now?


“Why are we stopping here dad?”


“Take.” He threw a hoody at me.”There’s a change of plan.”


“A change of plan?” I asked as he put his own on.


I wonder what this man is up to now.









I smirked at the disappearing image of silly Betsy.


“So far so good.” I whispered with a wide smile before running home. I’m so happy. After so many attempts to get this necklace, it was easier than I thought.


“Mum. Mum. Mummyyyyy!” I yelled when she wasn’t answering.


“What is it this time Aria?” She appeared from her room.



“Give me water to drink mum. My throat got dry from screaming your name.” I said and followed her to the kitchen where she was going to get the water.


I jumped and sat on the island and crossed my legs.


“Here you’re.” She stretched a glass of water to me.


I looked at the glass thoughtfully as an idea popped.


“Why don’t we pop champagne instead. As it is, I came along with good news.” I beamed.


“How good is the news for it to be celebrated?” Mum asked and put the water down.


“Just look at this mum.” I smirked and brought the diamond necklace from my dress.


Mum’s eye widened and she gaped. She came forward and touched it in full admiration.


“Like what you see?”


She nodded. “This is beautiful.”


“It is, mum. Guess where I got it from.”


Her eyes widened again before settled to their normal size. Of course she knew about everything.


“Was this the necklace you were talking about? Is this the same necklace Tobias gave to that silly girl?”


“Of course mum. It’s the same necklace.”


“But how did you get a hold on it?” Mum questioned.



“Simple. I just made use of her naivety and folly. She’s too kind for her own good so it caused her more than she could imagine.” I explained.


“What did you do Aria? I thought I told you to let the the poor girl be.” Mum yelled.


“Mother ,mother ,mother. Why do you behave childish sometimes, anyway have you done what I told you?” I Said with a bored expression.


“It’s done and they’ll be here any moment from now on. By the way, why didn’t she come along with you?” Mum asked with eyes still on the necklace.


It’s obvious that my greediness was generational by the look on mum’s cute face.


“What will be her use if I bring her home anyway? I wanted her to come live with us so that I won’t have problem persuading her to give me the necklace. But now that I have it, what’s the use of her stay? I’ve got what I wanted. So now I just have to sit and watch the drama unfold. It will be a lot of fun!” I said confidently and walked back into the living room.


“I don’t agree with you Aria. You have to let her come stay in order to erase all form of suspicion especially from nosy Betsy.” Mum walked beside me and together we sat in the couch.


“But what if her presence ruins everything for us? I really don’t wanna risk it.” I run my hands in my hair.


“Can I know your reason for all this rubbish? I’m feeling uncomfortable about the whole idea. I mean what’s our gain?” Mum raised her voice.


“What’s our gain?” I asked rhetorically. “It’s a lot mum.”


I stood up and faced our window.


I bless the day I came to visit Pearl after her release from prison. That was the day I heard an intriguing revelation.



I looked on as Toby puts on those two beautiful necklaces on her. I never had any negative intention until I visited our school’s library and searched through the old news papers.


I got to know that a rich family lost their daughter in an accident ten years ago. I did my calculations and realized that the story is similar to what Toby told Pearl.


I was not content with that, I decided to do my own research about the family. I got another amazing info that says that the family was yet to find their daughter.


I monitored Pearl’s movement since then. I got to know of how she sold the necklace.


But unfortunately for Pearl and her miserable clan, the jeweller was actually a good friend of mum and that made my work a lot easier because he came to discuss everything to mum.


And infact the moment someone close to the family sees that necklace anywhere, they’ll trace it to my house and then.. i will be mistaken as their daughter and I would be a billionaire.


It’s an opportunity and am goona make very good use of it.


“Just do what I ask mum and before you realize, we’ll be swimming in a pool of riches.”


“Your plan is kinda risky but i will help you since there’s money involved.”


“Now that’s the spirit mum.”


Then her phone began to ring. She motioned for me to leave.


I think that’s them.


I ran through the back door and made it to the only place where I knew I will find Pearl. The lake.



She always go to the lake when she wants to deal with her emotional traumas.


And when I got there she was indeed there and swimming her heart out.









Everywhere was partially dried up and on the ground, you could see objects whom the sea couldn’t carry along.


I started searching hoping to find my phone.


I went to where granny last stood but I didn’t find it there.


So I went in search of it somewhere else.


I went close to the sea and walked at the shore. I kept walking when I felt my feet on something.


I lifted my feet and there was my phone.


I quickly picked it up and examined it. I looked back and noticed that I’ve walked far than I thought.


Then i scanned the area and my eyes met with something else which is two foots away.


I walked to it and tried pulling the thing out but it refused to budge. It was stuck in the sand.


I bend lower and started collecting some of the sand around it. I kept removing the sand until I came upon a shoe.


I can’t believe all my efforts were just for an old shoe.



I was about throwing it back into the the sea but stopped when I saw the inscription on it. TD.


It was Toby’s shoe.


What was his shoe doing here? And my phone? Maybe the sea is responsible.


I sat back in the sand and opened my phone. I quickly removed my sim and the SD card before going back home.


I used all the money I got from the Megan bussiness Aria and I did for the kids refreshment we had today and Pearl enjoyed it unknowingly. I’m glad I did so. At least those kids were happy before going home. They ate to their heart content.


I’m just going to boss my brother to convince dad to get me a new phone.










After listening to the song and feeling so much better, I decided to have a swim to crown it.


I got my clothes off and jumped into the lake with only my undies.


I swam for a long time and when I thought it was enough and decided to come out, I saw Aria sitting on a grass with my clothes folded neatly on her lap.


She must’ve been waiting for me. I swam back to the shore and got out.


“Hi what’s up?” I asked and got out fully.


She looked up at me and frowned a little.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below


“Go hide behind that tree. You might give someone euphoria if they mistakenly set eyes on you.” She stood up and walked me to the tree.



“You’re just being funny. Who will even come to the lake at this time? The sun is too scorchy besides it’s not weekend and most people has gone to work. What are you doing here anyway?”


“Dress up quickly. We’re going to have launch.”


“Launch? At where?”


“Let’s go home first, you’ll know the rest from there.”


I was quite dry already due to the weather so I took my clothes and put them on.


“Alright let’s go.” I said after putting on my shoes.


When we got to her house, there was a sleek black car in their compound.


I stopped and exchanged looks with her.


She wasn’t surprised like I was so I thought maybe they had a visitor. I started walking again and she followed.


I couldn’t help but notice the glow on her face. She was smiling from time to time.


I looked around their compound strangely. It’s felt like someone was watching me.







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