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Must Read: Mariana Season 2 Episode 1

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EPISODE 0 ⃣1 ⃣


3months later.





“Turn around driver.” My daughter shouted.


“What is it Mari?” Paula asked.

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“I left the locket necklace you gave me and the one dad gave to me on my birthday.” She replied touching her neck.



“We ain’t gonna spend a decade there Mari, we’re only going to visit Grandma so there’s no need” Paula said restlessly.


I don’t know why but Paula is not happy about this visit, if it’s not for the constant whining of Mariana, we wouldn’t be going.


“Please mummy.”


“I thought I already said no.” She replied sternly.






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“Can you please let us go back?” She asked with puppy eyes.


I know what am about to do will upset Paula but what can i do? I can’t say no to my princess.


“Sure, drive us back home Phillip.” I told the driver and looked at Paula apologetically.


She rolled her eyes at me angrily and looked away.


“Thanks daddy.”


You’re welcome my princess.” I replied still looking at Paula.


She’s still moody and I don’t know why.


When we got back home, Mariana rushed in alone and brought the two lockets.


The one Paula said I bought for her and the one I gave her on her birthday.


“Dad it’s your turn!” Mariana said after her mom puts the necklace on for her.


“Alright turn around for daddy.” She turned and I put her locket on.


“Wow!” She said and touched it.


“Seriously Mari,I don’t know why you want to wear all the necklace today.” My wife complained.


“I just felt like having them on.” She replied quietly.


“Alright can we go now?” Paula asked sulkinly and the car took off.


I looked at Mariana who was engrossed in her little laptop between us and her mother who was also typing furiously on her phone.


I felt left out so I also brought out my laptop and decided to finish some of my works.


It’s been almost two years now since I reunited with my wife and daughter and everything is cool, we’re happy and I felt complete. All I have to do now is to spoil them rotten.


I was only living when they were out of my life but now they’re the reason why am living.


Soon, we arrived at the airport and our luggages were brought out and sent inside my jet.


I held Mariana’s hand as we climbed the airstair.


Paula sat further from us with her legs on the seat and a laptop on her lap.


She seems busy but she’s not, she’s just trying to prevent her nervousness and anxiety that’s why she’s busying herself.


Soon the plane took off.

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“You know daddy, I can’t wait to see grandma. I just want to see how your mother is. I know my mom will be prettier than her.” She chanted.


I smiled at her.


Soon she fell asleep on my chest so I positioned her well and walk to where Paula was sitting.


“Hey AB” I whispered in her ears, startling her then i raised her legs up, sat and placed them on my lap.


“What was that?” She asked with eyes still on the laptop.




“I mean the meaning of AB?”


“Angry bird!” I stated and run my hands on her smooth slender legs.


“Hey stop that and I’m not an angry bird.” She protested and continued looking on her laptop.


“Look at me wifey!”


“Why should I?” She asked.


“Because you’re my wife.”


“Oh really? Can that alone be enough?”


“No!” I replied.


“Then stop already.”


“Am yet to start my cute bunny.” I said and ran my hands skillfully on her bare legs.



She tried resisting by closing her legs tightly making it impossible for my hands to go there.


I left her legs and sneaked my hand under her dress. My hand reached for her thongs then she opened up instantly. Her laptop fell to the ground.


“Are you crazy Pablo?”


“Look at me Paula.”


“Alright. Fine fine.” She said and looked at me.


I smiled contentedly and pulled her into my lap and locked my lips with hers.


“So tell me why you’ve been so down?” I asked her after the kiss.


“I’m just feeling uneasiness about this whole trip.”


“Don’t worry my dear wife. I’m here for you and our daughter and I won’t let anything happen while am around and able.” I assured her.


“You’re right Pablo but I just don’t know why am feeling this way.” She said softly.


“Don’t you trust me anymore?” I asked.


“Yes I do. I trust you more than myself.”


“Then you shouldn’t worry! I got you.”


Then suddenly we heard a loud thunder then it started drizzling on the plane mirror.


Why the sudden change of weather now?


Paula snuggled closer to me in fright.


I held her closely.



There was more lightening and thunderstorms.




“Don’t worry Paula everything is gonna be fine…” I didn’t finish before it started raining heavily.


The plane started moving in an irregular direction.


The pilot announced that we should hold on tightly and fasten our seat belts.


Mariana woke and started crying.


“Don’t get nervous Paula. It’s going to be okay. The storm will be over soon.” I said and brought my two most important people closer to me.


The truth is am also getting nervous.


I tried to remain strong.


God please protect us, protect our family please. We just got back together nothing should happen that will tear us apart again.


“Daddy what’s going on?”


“Nothing is going to happen my baby.” I said and kissed her forehead. I then fasten her seat belt and Paula’s.


“I love you Paula, I love you Mariana.” I said loudly and embraced them.


“Don’t say that my love. Don’t Pablo.” Paula said tearfully.


That was all!


The plane took another dangerous spin and with a loud thunderstruck, there was a loud BOOM!



I didn’t hear more just a loud cry of Paula and Mariana.




This was the heart break I was preventing you guys from but you wouldn’t let me.


You keep asking; “Won’t you post Mariana?










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