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Must Read: Mariana Episode 5

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Episode Five



I pulled on a jeans trouser with a singlet top and a jacket. I picked up an Adidas cap and tucked my hair neatly inside and slipped it on. It fits perfectly.


I slipped into a wedge boots. I looked myself in the mirror. I look like a wild teenager.


I exited my apartment and took a cab to Amy’s place.


Within ten minutes, I was at her front door. I didn’t bother knocking I know she is inside.



I pushed the door open and instantly my eyes came in contact with Amy and a guy in a heated make out session.


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I cringed. They were in the couch and Amy was above him, straddling him.


Should I go? Or I should just wait outside for them?


Strange. Amy never told me he has a new boyfriend.

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Instead of leaving, I cleared my throat.


“Get a room, horny bees”


Amy got up immediately. Her face red from the embarrassment.


“Perhaps, you should have knocked”. She replied hiding her red cheeks from me.


“Well, next time remember to lock the door, sweetheart”. I teased.


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I can see she’s already dressed. And the guy was still keeping his head down. Why won’t he look at me?


“Care to introduce?” I said raising an eyebrow towards the guy.


“Well,…” She stuttered.


“Jude” he replied




“Yes” he replied smirking.


Amy got up, ” We are good now, Anna. He explained everything. It was all a conspiracy.”


“But Amy, you saw everything for yourself how could you forget so soon?”



“He said he is sorry and I believe him. He still loves me and I also do. Is that not so,Jude?” She asked him.


“Absolutely babe” he stood up straightening his shirt.


“You could’ve told me at least. Are we not friends anymore?”


“Sorry bess but I wanted to tell you tonight at the party. Anyway, I’m glad you made it. Now let’s go party” she said pulling my arms towards the door with Jude tailing behind.


I snatched my hands away from her grasp. Her face dropped suddenly. Surprise evident in her oval face.


“What were you thinking? That I will follow you like an obedient puppy after listening to that flimsy excuse? No! I won’t. Not with him. Never!”


“Hey! What’s wrong with you?” She asked innocently.


“What’s wrong with me? Whoa. Ask yourself that because I don’t really know what has come over you. I thought I was coming over to have a girl night with you. I thought it was going to be just you and I but what I’m seeing now is uncalled for.”


She continued to stare at me unable to believe that I could say those things.


I came closer to her and in a calm voice, I spoke,” Look I’m a friend more like a sister to you so I can never wish you bad. This guy here is fooling you. He has no” good intentions. He is an asshole who doesn’t respect a woman….”


“Enough of this!”


I jumped in fright at the voice.


I turned around. It was Jude of course.


He came to stand in front of me.



“I’ve had enough of your insults and your false accusations Anna. I admit I harassed you that day but it was under the influence of Alcohol. And I apologized so why are you bringing those things up again?”


He said innocently.


“Yes Anna. He apologized so why are you bringing the past into the future?” She also asked rooting for Jude.


My eyes widened. Jude looked at me mockingly.


Amy thinks I’m the bad dude?


She wouldn’t understand anyway. Is about time she know the real Jude. All this time I have hid the actual truth from her but not anymore.


I blinked back the tears that threatened to fall when the memories of that day came fresh in my mind.


Somehow she noticed and said,” Look Anna I’m sorry for shouting at you. And I’m also sorry for what happened to you that day. But he was drunk. It wasn’t intentional and i…I believe what he said”


I stared at her in Amazement.


“Mmmm….I don’t blame you. Because if you were to be the victim you will


understand me better. ” I think you’ve forgotten what actually happened. how will you forget if I haven’t told you? Now listen to me Amy, you can decide whatever you want after that….”


“The party has started long ago let go already and forget whatever you heard about him.” She said holding my arms once again. I stepped back.


“No I won’t. And for the party, scratch that. I’ve lost appetite I’m no longer going.


For your information, I’m not saying all this because I heard it somewhere.


I didn’t hear from somewhere that, Jude asked me out while he was still with you,



that he came to my work place and house countless times pleading for me to accept his proposal,


that I’ve been seeing him with numerous ladies and when I found out and was about to tell you, he threatened to rape me if I do.


I still went ahead and told you anyway, but you didn’t believe and that day,at the party he tried to rape me because I told you that he has been cheating.


He went on and pull a force act telling everyone that it was because of the drink he took. And that someone deliberately spiked it.


I didn’t tell you all of this because i thought he will change but of course he didn’t.


Now do you still believe him?” I asked panting heavily.


“And do you have any evidence to prove what you just rattled?” She asked.


I looked at her speechlessly and brought out my phone and all the threatening text messages. She read it and her eyes widened.


I took the phone and went ahead and showed her the CCTV footage of what actually happened. Her legs gave way under her as she slumped down on the hard floor. And I saw my dear phone crushing on the floor.


She stared into nothing.


“Amy, I’m sorry. What have I done now. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to..”


“No. You don’t have to explain anything”, she cut me off.


“How could you? You kept quiet all this while, without breathing a word to me?” The tears she was holding back cascaded down her cheeks like a waterfall.


I bend to her level to comfort her.


She raised her hand suddenly, signalling me to not come closer.


I glared at Jude who was coming closer to her. I wonder what lies he was going to say now.



“Babe don’t believe whatever she is saying. For all you know she is jealous of us that’s why….”


What happened the next second shocked me. I haven’t seen Amy this angry before.















Against all the odds



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