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Paula’s POV



“Will you be alright? I can help you with the parking.” Amy asked when we got Pablo’s mansion.


“No. I will manage and i have nothing else to take apart from my daughter. I will be back!” I replied and got out of the car.


This was a house I considered to be my home. I never thought I will be leaving in this manner.


Tears stung my eyes at each step i took.


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I opened the door and walked in quietly not wanting anyone to see me.


I walked the flight of stairs and into our bedroom. Opening the door, I felt my heart constricting with pain as Pablo’s familiar smell filled my nostrils.


I let out a small sob before walking over to our bed.


I laid down on Pablo’s side of the bed and grabbed his pillow tightly. Inhaling his smell, I relished in it, knowing that possibly, this is the last time I will ever to be in the comfort of him.


Tears continued soaking his pillow and I buried my head into it, sobbing softly.


A ring from my phone jerked me awake. It must be Amy!


I stood and with a lingering glanced at the bedroom I walked out to my baby’s room.


Her nanny was rocking her softly.


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“Hi ma’am, are you alright? You look pale.”


“I’m fine. Let me have her and you can go I will take it from here”. I tried to make my voice sound normal.



I started walking out of the room with Mari in my arms.


Her check was stained with tears. My baby has been crying. I stared at her face quietly.


Even though Pablo wanted a baby girl that will look just like me, there’s still a striking resemblance between the two. A mini Pablo in a feminine form. I’ve always wondered how Pablo will look like if he was to be a girl.


And here I am having her in my arms.


She had Pablo’s long eyelashes and bushy but well stratified eyebrows.


His olive skin and a small love shaped pink lips and his brown hazel eyes. Those eyes that had me falling thousand times anytime I look in them.


“Hope you didn’t plan on leaving like this?”


I startled and looked at the direction the voice was coming from.




I whispered and walked up to her. She was sitting in the parlor with legs crossed.


I was furious at her when she wasn’t around yesterday at the hospital but when my eyes settled on her now my anger subsided and I forgeted everything that happened.


I’m not going to judge her because she couldn’t make it to the hospital without listening to her first. Pablo made that mistake am not going to repeat it.


I placed Mari down gently on the couch and crushed my body into hers.


“Where have you been mum? I missed you so much.”


“How have you been Paula?”



I pulled back,” I’ve not been good mum.” I said and narrated everything to her amidst tears.


“Why were you not here mum? If you were to be here things wouldn’t have escalated. You would’ve talked some sense into Pablo. Then this wouldn’t have happened at all. I don’t even know where I went wrong. I don’t know what I did to pay such a heavy price for” I wiped my tears and smiled,” You’re here now. I believe you will make everything right once again…”


“Stop dreaming Anna” she drawled and stood.


I looked up at her from where I sat.




She just rolled her eyes and flipped her hair back.


“How do you expect me to make things right when I’m the mastermind behind everything.” She said lackadaisically.


My eyes widened ten times the size of Texas. (Exaggeration lol)



No this can’t be true. Mum changed. She was happy with our marriage. No this can’t be true. I got up and walked up to her.


“You’re joking right? I know you’re lying.” I said placing both hands on her shoulder.


She let out a dry laugh and casted a look of this disgust at my hands on her shoulder.


She raised her hands and brushed my hands off her shoulder as a gasp escaped from my mouth.


“Wise up Paula. You’re now a mother don’t let what you see deceive you. I was only putting on an act all this while and you foolishly fell for it. What did you think? That I will forget everything suddenly? Do you know how it felt like to



have your own son turn against you just because of some lowlife bitch? I have tolerated you enough and not again. Pick up your little devil and leave from here and don’t ever come back!”


For a moment, I stood transfixed at the same position and stared at her with mouth opened.


What is happening?


Why is everything against me?


What have I done wrong?


“Before that, let me gist you about what you did. No! What I did.” She added and smirked.


She continued,” Do you know what I did?” She asked tauntingly.


I just continued to stare at her speechlessly.


“Trust me, I didn’t do much. All I did was to Cook a delicious dinner and I added a little spice. You enjoyed it right? I know you did?”


I tried to remember what she was talking about but I couldn’t remember a thing apart from me eating the food.


“Don’t try to remember it because you can’t recall a thing. I drugged you all with Sleeping aids (Nonbenzodiazepine sedative-hypnotics) and it worked. When you guys woke up you couldn’t recall what happened the previous night. And when you were asleep, I stripped you half nak3d, took a couple of pictures with a man on top of you and made it look real. And No. I didn’t let them sleep with you I’m not that heartless. I just made it real and photoshopped it. Take a look”, she walked to her bag and pulled out some photos and threw them at me.


My hands shook as I bend to take them. This pics looked so real. I was in our bed and the man was on top of me with just a towel around his waist.



He was kissing me on the cheek and my eyes were shut with my mouth opened slightly making it look as if I was m0aning.


And the other guy was sleeping beside me with a tired look. Xander?


Why will he do this to me?


And if Florencia hadn’t told me that they didn’t sleep with me, I would’ve believed it. This looked so real! Anybody who sees did will think it… oh my God.


I picked another one and it was Jude against me. Then my mind drifted back to when I went to Amy’s place.


Does that mean Jude and Xander have been working with Pablo’s mum all along?


“That’s okay don’t look at it too much.” She said and snatched them from me.


She continued.


” I waited patiently for eight months then


I sent them to Pablo the moment I heard you were in labor. And Pablo did the rest for me. In fact he made my work a lot easier by divorcing you. And who won’t react when they see something like this? So my plan worked. It worked finally after so many attempts. Are you not happy for me? Come on don’t be a meanie. My victory deserves to be celebrated. ” She clasped her hands together and blew raspberry.


Pablo am so sorry for giving in to your demands. Now nothing will stop me. I’m going to call Pablo now and tell him everything.


“I hope you’re not planning to tell Pablo about me?” She asked as if she was reading my mind.


I scoffed angrily.


“If that’s what you want to do, then don’t. It’s not gonna help.” She said.


“Why do you think so? Are you scared of the possible outcome of your treacherous deeds?” I speewed.

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“No! Not at all. Am more concerned about you.”


“Concerned about me? How? Last time I checked you didn’t give a damn!”


“Awww Paula. You haven’t changed a bit. You’re just the same annoying and naive little girl I knew sometime back. Do you think if trust were to exist between you and Pablo this would’ve happened? The truth is, your husband never trusted you one tiny bit. Seriously, do you need to do all this for him to believe that you’re innocent and and come back to you? Exposing what I did won’t help. You have to earn each other’s trust first. Anyway, you can still tell him. Come on, go ahead”. She said and sat down again with legs crossed.


Somehow, she’s right! It hurts so much that Pablo never trusted me. Why would he do this to me when i never gave him a reason to doubt me. He accused me of infidelity without thinking twice. It’s hurts so much.


But I will still tell him anyway. He has has to know what his so called mother really is.


And it doesn’t mean that after that, I will run back into his arms.


“It doesn’t matter. He will have to hear about this.” I replied.


“Oh really? You’re suddenly acting so bravely. Do you really want to do this? Do you know what the consequences of your stupid actions might yield? I guess you don’t know…”


Then my baby started crying. She stopped talking and walked to her.


“Ohh look who we have here!” She exclaimed dramatically and took her.


I rushed forward to take her before she could lay a finger on my daughter but I was late.


“How dare you come close to my daughter!” I said through gritted teeth.



“Easy my dear. I haven’t done anything to her but here you are panicking already. What if I decide to take her from you?”


My heart sank and beat erratically. I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happens to my child. I would do everything to protect her no matter the circ*mstances. I might have failed as a wife but I won’t fail as a mother. No! never.


“Give me back my daughter, Mrs Florencia Dominguez.”


“Oops! Is it not ‘mum’ anymore? You’re suddenly being formal with me? So pathetic! Anyway, I’m happy because that ‘mum’ you’ve been calling me really irritates me like hell. And as for this little thing in my arms now, I just want you to know how it feels like to be ignored and be away from your child. And I would do just that if you try to create a rift between Pablo and I again. You’re a mother now so you will understand better…” She said and threw her in the air and caught her.


“My baby… please stop it! Don’t do that she is not strong yet.” I plead as she continued to throw a crying Mari in the air.


“Tell me, Anna Paula do you still want to instigate Pablo against me?”


“No. I won’t! Please give her to me!”I said without thinking.


My child comes first in everything.


“Not so fast Anna.”


“Please stop it. She’s crying so much. Please! What else do you want me to do? Please just stop it!”


“No I won’t.”


“Stop it please. I’m begging you !” I screamed my lungs out as my tears came non-stop.


“Promise me you won’t tell a single soul.”



“I promise to never say a word to Pablo nor anyone. Besides, I don’t want to be the reason for any misunderstanding that might happen between Pablo and you.i will never do that!”


“Okay! okay!. Here you go.” She said and gave her to me.


I took her hastily and hugged her close to my chest. I will never let anything to happen to my daughter.


“You can leave now but don’t ever try to outsmart me because I’ve got my eyes on you!” She said and started walking away.


“Wait!” I stopped her.


“What again?” She asked and turned.


“I just want to know why you hated me so much to the extent that you will go out of your way just to see me suffer. I just want to know why you derive so much pleasure in seeing me ruined.” I asked through hiccups.


She chuckled and came to stand in front of me.


“You want to know?”


nodded. TBC…..









Season One Finale


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