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Paula’s POV continues



I never in a million years thought that i was going to be doing this. I had always thought that everything would go exactly how i wanted it to go.


But life had different thoughts and plans in mind for me.


Never in a million did I thought that i would be sitting with Pablo and two of lawyers, discussing our divorce.



“You guys never made a prenuptial agreement?” Evan, Pablo’s new lawyer asked them.

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He shuffled through his papers and glanced at Pablo.


“We didn’t really see the need to back then. Clearly, I was wrong.” Pablo said coldly, staring at me. He intertwined his hands and placed them on the table.


I held back the tears and just shook my head. “We-I thought that we didn’t need to since I was so confident that we were going to be together.”


Amy, grabbed my hand and sent a reassuring smile.


I shot her a grateful one back.


“So how do you wish to divide up the shares?” Evan glanced at Pablo and then at me. “Not to mention the custody for your child.”


I looked at Pablo. “I’m going to take full custody of her.” I said softly, not taking my eyes off of him.


When I saw no emotion in his eyes, I felt my heart breaking even more.

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I had thought that it was impossible for my heart to break so much but clearly, this was only just the beginning.


“Is that okay Pablo?” Amy asked coldly.


“I want nothing to do with that bastard child.” His words sent daggers into my heart and the emotionless expression on his face made me want to burst out into tears.


I stood up and glared at him through my tears. “How dare you call her bastard! You didn’t even look at her when she was born nor were you at my side. What kind of a father are you?” I shouted out, feeling tears of anger rushing down my face.


“That’s just it. I’m not a father.” Pablo replied coldly.



“How could you?” I whispered.


“Anna.” Amy said softly, tugging my hand.


I wiped away my tears and sat down again. I looked away from Pablo, not wanting to see him see the pain behind my eyes.


“She’s yours and you know it Pablo. The fact that you called her bastard, that hurts me so much. You’re her father.” I said softly.


“She is not mine. You and I both know it.” He said chuckling darkly.


“She gets nothing Evan. I want everything I own and everything I gave her during our marriage back. She doesn’t deserve any of it.”


“You insolent pig,” Amy said calmly, standing up abruptly. Fire burned in her eyes despite her attempts at remaining calm. “Anna has been nothing but faithful to you. This is how you repay her?”


“Ms. Rockxon, please calm down.” Evan said coolly. “Don’t act so rash.”


“I am calm.” she hissed out.


“Amy, please.” I said softly. “Sit down.”


She scoffed and sat back down again. “Anna deserves some if not all of his fortune.


“Enough.” I said softly. And looked up from my lap and glanced at all three people in the room. “I want nothing from him. He can have everything back. It doesn’t matter anymore.”


“Anna-” Amy started.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below


I interrupted her. “No. I want absolutely nothing.”


“Very well.” Amy sighed. “Are we done here then?”



Everyone nodded their heads. Amy looked at me. “Anna.”


“I’m done.” I whispered softly,


standing up.


My hands instinctively, went to my wrist where the bracelet that Pablo had gotten me for my birthday lay. It had been a few months before we started dating.


I froze as the memory of that day came to my mind.














The tears brimmed my eyes again I stared at the gold bracelet.


Memories after memories of them crossed my mind.


The time where we had our first date, our first kiss, our wedding day, the day I found out I was pregnant. The memories all came rushing back to me and i could do nothing to stop it.


My thoughts were consumed by him and by the memories that we shared.


Every part of me belonged to him.


My heart, my mind, my soul. It was all his to take. And he did take it but he gave it back to me, emptied.


He stole everything from me. My feelings, my thoughts, my passion. How could he just give everything away like this?



Did he ever stop to think about how this is all affecting me? The supposed love of his life? Did he think twice before telling me about our divorce? Was this truly what he wanted?


I felt tears rolling again and i quickly took off the bracelet. I could feel Pablo’s stare on me as i did it.


I held it in my hands and stared down at it before looking up at him.


I saw him looking down at the bracelet before looking up at me.


I walked over to the other side of the table and grabbed his hand. “Here.” I whispered.


I placed the bracelet down on his palm and closed it up. “Here’s the first thing you ever gave me.” I said, trying to remain strong.


I smiled at him and took off my ring.


I placed it on the table, never once taking my eyes off him. “I hope this is what you really want.” I whispered.


I hesitated for a second.


But then I reached up and kissed his cheek gently. “Goodbye Pablo. I hope you have a nice life.” I whispered.


I turned around and started walking out of the door where Amy was waiting for me on the other side. I sent a small smile at Evan.


He returned one half-heartedly.


I looked back at Amy. “Let’s go,” I whispered.



Pablo’s POV


I looked down at the bracelet in my hands.



The bracelet that she had given back to me. It felt cold to touch so i put it on the table.


The room felt like it was shaking underneath my feet so i sat down on the chair.


Everything was spinning around and changing. I didn’t know how to stop it.


I loosened up my tie and sighed.


I looked at the bracelet again and grabbed it.


Walking out of the room, I ran down the stairs as fast as i could. When I reached the receptionist’s desk, I quickly threw the question at her.


“Did Anna and Amy leave yet?”


“Yes sir. They turned right about twenty seconds ago.” She said, biting down on her bottom lip. “You might want to hurry if you want to catch up to them.”


“Thank you…” I trailed off.


“Julia Sir.” She said with a soft smile.


I nodded my head and thanked her again. I ran out the door and turned to the right.


I saw Anna standing by herself and walked up to her.


I grabbed her hand roughly and placed the bracelet in her palm, giving her a glare.


“I gave you this before we got married. I don’t want it. You keep it.” I said coldly, trying my best to keep my voice cold and distant.


Her eyes looked down at the bracelet and I saw a tear slipping out of her eyes. “Don’t cry.” I huffed. “Nothing you do can make me change my mind.” I turned my head towards the other side of the street, not wanting to look at her face.



I heard a scoff coming out from her. Curious as to why she made that sound, I turned to her and gave her a calculating look. “What?”


A dry laugh came out of her lips.


“You think I’m crying to get you to be mine again?” she shook her head and i saw tears continuing to fall down her face.


Yet her voice remained strong.


“I’m crying because I don’t want any reminders of you anymore. My baby is enough for me Pablo.


I gave this necklace back to you for a reason.”


“The baby is not mine. She shouldn’t remind you of me.” I hissed out, shoving my hands inside my pant pockets. “Stop making it seem like she is.”


“You know what? Go to hell.” She shouted. She threw the bracelet on the ground and turned her body. “I never ever want to see you again.”


“That’s something that we could agree on. I don’t know why I was even interested


in you in the first place. You were a b*tch back then and you’re one now. That’s


probably why your dad didn’t hesitate to cheat on you and your mother.” I blurted


out, instantly regretting what i said.


This is not true. Why did I say it?.


I saw her whole body stiffening. The soft sobs that came out of her caused my heart to break into a million of pieces.


No matter what she did. No matter how many times she wronged me, i still loves her.


There was no one else that i can love as much as i loved her.


“I hate you.” She whispered.



She then turned around and gave me her most hated look. “Once you realize your mistake, it would be too late Pablo. Have a good life.” She shouted before running away from me.


“I want to hate you, but I can’t.” I whispered. “You were the only woman I have ever loved and the only woman that I will love. You’re my first and my last.” I whispered.


I knelt down and pick up the bracelet. “I love you Ashley.” I whispered, pocketing the necklace into my pants. I started walking back to office.


Each step i took caused my heart to break even further. I felt my eyes becoming glossy and held back my tears as best as i could.


When I got to the building again, I walked towards the elevator and clicked the button for my office.


Although the ride only lasted ten seconds, to me it felt more like ten years. When it opened, i walked into my office and sat down on the couch.


“You son of a bitch?” I heard Daniel barged inside the office and hoisted me up by my collar roughly.


Before I could process what was happening, he started throwing punch after punch at me.


What the heck?


The punches were becoming unbearable yet I couldn’t stop him. Somehow I felt I’m at fault.


So I let him.


He stopped and glared at me.”Am much as I want to kill you now, I can’t” he hissed shaking his arm.



“I loved her Daniel and I still do. My life is nothing without Anna.” I said dejectedly


and put my arm over my head and sighed deeply. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to continue life without her. I can’t be the same without her.”


“Don’t fu.cking tell me this rubbish now!”


“Why did you divorce her then? Why cause not only one heart to break but two?” Daniel’s voice held disappointment and a little bit of scorn.


I know that Daniel didn’t fully support the divorce. He had tried on countless occasion to convince me to reconsider but it never worked.


Somehow Daniel firmly believed that i was wrong but that was only because he didn’t fully know the reason why.


“You want to know the reason why I divorced Anna? Why I think the baby isn’t mine?” I turned to look at him.


He furrowed his eyebrow.


“Why? And whatever reason that it is, it still doesn’t give you the right to divorce or insult her. Do you know how she suffered yesterday before giving forth the baby without you by her side?


And did you stop a moment to think what she might be going through now? She just went through a whole lot of pain and all you could do was divorce her?


What kind of a husband are you. What love are you talking about now? I’m so much disappointed in you. I feel ashamed to call you a friend now. Tell me, what did you tell your mom that she also couldn’t show up?”


“Answer me Pablo!” He yelled when I didn’t say a word.


But mum? I didn’t tell her anything.


I brought out the envelope I received when I was rushing out of my office to see Paula at the hospital and threw it in front of him.


“What is that?” He asked.


“See it for yourself”.


I watched him quietly as he picked it up. His eyes widened a bit before they became normal.


His face contorted into confusion,”is that?”


“Anna Paula” I spatted her name.


“I can’t believe this.”




























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