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“Look at my girl, looking so good and…” she stopped and turned me around and examined me, “fat” she added.


“What? Fat? You’re all the same”. I said and moved away from her.


I can’t believe Amy is also saying am fat.


“Who also said it?” She asked.


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“Is there anybody else?”


She placed her palms on her lips as she giggled.


I couldn’t help but glare at her.


It’s been a week since we came back from our honeymoon. Everyone came to welcome us including Pablo’s mum who was acting overly nice. Xander and Jude came as well.



Pablo didn’t lemme resume work. He changed my wardrobe and didn’t let me pick a thing from my apartment.


And here I’m at Amy’s place after convincing Pablo so much that I will be fine by myself. He later said that he will pick me up and that, I shouldn’t move an inch from her place.


He’s been behaving strangely these days, treating me as if I’m some fragile object which might break easily if care is not taken.


“Is this how you treat a friend who’s been gone for a pretty long time? Pablo’s right, I shouldn’t have come after all.” I complained as tears began to prick my eyes.

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Fuck, why have I been crying easily these days? I was never like this. Is this some kind of ritual married women go through?


She just stared at me dumbly.


“Oh hello?” I snapped my fingers in front of her face.


“Anna, are you okay?” She asked.


I looked at myself.


“You’re all crazy”. I said and picked my back from the couch and walked to the door.


I got out and bumped into someone.


I looked up.


“Hey Danny”. I waved him awkwardly and stepped away from him.


“Hi.” He responded timidly.


“What are you doing here?” I asked.



“Erm… well…..I came..” he stopped and looked at Amy. “Yeah Amy”. He added


and smiled.


I peeked at Amy from the corner of my eye. Her head was bowed slightly as she blushed.


I smirked,” Oh.. okay. I understand” I said and walked away.


“Anna, wait. I didn’t mean to upset you. Wait.” I heard her call from behind as she run behind me.


Pablo said I should wait for him to pick me up but I can’t wait now.


I got to where my car was and entered.


I looked at Amy and she was running towards me.


I got out of the car and run towards her and hugged her.


She was surprised.


“Why are you surprised? I only hugged you.” I said and giggled.


“Anna but you…”


I cut her off,” Come on, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what you asked me. I’m going to find out what is wrong with me. You have a guest also, come on go. Don’t keep him waiting Bye”. I rushed and went back into the car.


“Where are you going ?” She shouted behind me.


But it was too late. I was already out of his gate.



Amy’s POV


What’s wrong with Anna? She wasn’t like this when she left.



One moment she’s angry, and crying. the next moment she’s all happy and giggling.


She’s also fat.


I hope is not what I’m thinking. I thought and smiled.


Then I felt familiar strong arms wrapped around me. Feels so good but…


“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked and wriggled from his hold.


“How dare you touch me!”


He let go and stared at me sadly with those eyes.


I looked away from him.


I only agreed to be his friend so why is he trying to get close to me all the time.


I won’t deny that I like him. But I’ve heard a lot about how he liked women and he has also said that himself when we were at Anna’s wedding.


I won’t allow myself to be heartbroken by yet another man. No. never.


“I’m sorry.” He said, walked away from me and got into his car, he glanced at me with hurtful eyes as he drove away.


Only ‘sorry’? Why didn’t he say something to convince me?


“What have I done now?” I thought and walked sluggishly back inside.



Daniels POV



After she shouted at me in that manner, I felt ashamed and didn’t know what to say or do so I said the only thing that came into my mind. Even though there were so many unsaid words.


“I’m sorry”. I whispered sadly and left reluctantly.


I don’t know why I tend to lose control anytime am around her.


And look what I’ve just done.


And who I’m I to even touch her? Just some pathetic Prosecutor.


But she’s different. She’s not moved by my handsomness. Nor is she intimidated by my aura. Many ladies will die to be in my bed but she doesn’t give a And I admire her for that.


I don’t even remember the last time someone raised their voice on me.


Never. Nobody dares to. Especially not a lady.


I was glad when she accepted to be my friend a month ago and I was okay with it. I enjoyed being her friend because she was fun to be with.


But why does it feel as if I’m not okay with the friendship anymore.


Why does it feel as if I want more.


What is wrong with me?


Just then, I saw Lena’s call.


Oh my… I haven’t seen her or been to the club ever since I saved Amy at the club and when Amy became my friend. How did I forget her so soon?


“Wow! Amy, what have you turn me into? a boring freak huh?” I thought as I placed one hand on the steering wheel, and took my phone with the other and put the call on speaker.


“Hi, Lenna”


“Tell me Dan, have you found a new pussy?” She spat bluntly.


What do I tell her now?


“I’ve been busy with work lately. I will see you when I’m less busy”.


I waited for a reply as I concentrated on the road.


None came.


I looked at the screen and it was off.


I think she hanged up.


I drove straight home with what happened still lurking in my mind.


I went straight to the bathroom to have a cold shower the moment I got home.


Just between the shower, the bell started ringing.


I ignored it and continued with my business.


But it kept ringing.


“Where are those fu.cking maids” I muttered as I got out with a towel around my waist.


My eyes widened the moment I opened the door.


What is she doing here?


Anna’s POV


I was completely surprised and unprepared. How can I get pregnant so soon?


I seemed lost at first but when I was driving home after visiting the doctor, I felt extremely blessed and elated.


“Hi, mum.” I greeted when I got to our mansion.


She was sitting in the living room with a book in her hands. A novel, I guess. So funny. At this age she still read novels. She must be a book worm.



She nodded in acknowledgement and focused on her book again.


I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed my favorite ice cream and went to the balcony. I didn’t bother sitting on a chair.


I ate the whole container while sobbing.


“Are you okay, madam?” An elderly housekeeper in the house asked me.


I looked into her kind eyes and sobbed more,” Of course I’m not okay”.


“Can I help you with anything?” She asked kindly.


“No. I just want to be alone. I will come to you if I need something.”


She nodded and left hesitantly.


Soon Pablo came. He looked frightened when he saw me sitting on the floor and sobbing while I have my ice cream.


He hugged me tenderly and he was completely confused. He stayed with me until I calmed down.


“Tell me, babe. What’s wrong?” He asked.


“I’m pregnant.” I blurted out without hesitation. He was caught off guard.


“Did you say you’re having a baby?”


He questioned me astonishingly.


“No! I said I’m pregnant! You made me pregnant !” I snapped trying to hold my tears while holding the spoon.


“We will have a baby?”


Is this man in a different dimension?



“I just told you.” I groaned in irritation. Damn hormones.


The next thing he did shocked me.


He yelled in happiness and jumped in the air. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Woohooo!” “I knew it. I knew it!” He celebrated like he just won a lottery. I glared at him blankly.


“Thank you, baby!” He kissed me all over my face while I was still sitting on the floor holding the container.


“Did you plan it?” I asked him.


“Of course, I did!” He grinned.


I started to cry again but I didn’t know why. He hushed me down but I couldn’t contain my tears.


“You planned it!” I smacked his chest but he chuckled back.

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“What will I do now? I have no idea of how to take care of a child .” I continued sobbing.


“I’m here. I will never leave you, we will take care our baby together .” He kissed my temple while rubbing my back.


“What should we do now? I don’t have a job anymore. You have to get a job! What will you feed us?”


“Baby, I owned a company. And I have the money to spend for a lifetime.”


I just remembered. I cried more.


“Honey, please stop crying.”



“Look at my ice cream! It melted already. How should I eat this?” I scolded him between my hiccups.


“I’ll buy you a new super frozen one. Just please don’t cry.” I knew he was trying to soothe me but when I looked at my thoroughly-melted ice cream, I cried harder.


“You better!”


He helped me to the couch and he went out to buy more ice creams for me.



Pablo’s POV



I was extremely scared when I got to Amy’s place and she told me Paula just drove off. I almost died when she told me she didn’t tell her where she was going to.


I called mum and she told me that she just came in.


After 30minutes in the grocery store, I drove back to the house carrying 10 containers of Vanilla ice creams.


I was extremely thrilled when Paula told me she was pregnant . She just confirmed my suspicions .


I couldn’t even ask for more.


I recalled the moment when she broke down while holding the ice cream tube container in her hands.


She looked funny and cute when she cried because her ice cream had melted its form already.


When she told me I should get a job to feed them, I was greatly astounded.


I was never called a billionaire for nothing. I chuckled at the back of my mind.



I got home and found Paula soundly asleep on the couch. Her cheeks were wet from crying and I gently wiped them off. She moved and opened her eyes.


“Where is my ice cream?” She pouted.


I chuckled. “In the fridge.”


She quickly ran to the kitchen


ignoring my call.


“Honey, don’t run! You might hurt yourself.”


I caught her licking the spoon and moaning while tasting the ice cream on her mouth. I groaned.


She leaped to me happily, and I caught her on time.


“Thank you, baby!” She giggled in my arms. I grinned.


“I love you!” I told her.


“I love you too. But take me out first.”


“Where do you want to go”.


“Dinner after that we go to the cinema”. She replied.


“At your service, ma’am. Get ready I will make the preparations”.


“What is the happiness about?” Mum asked me when she saw me whistling and walking about in the living room.


I chuckled,” I’m taking Paula out for dinner”.


“And what’s so exciting about that?” She hissed.


I went to her and hugged her. She looked surprised.


“You’re going to be a grandma soon, mum”. I whispered enthusiastically.


I felt her tensed up instantly.


I pulled back,” What’s wrong mum?”


“Nothing. I’m just ha… happy for…you . That’s all”. She stuttered.


“Happy for me alone? Are you not happy that you will become a grandma?”


“Yes I’m happy.. very happy” she said and grinned.


“I can make the preparations for the dinner at home. You don’t need to go out”. She suggested.


“Some other time then, I’ve already made reservations……” I stopped when I saw


my Paula coming down from the stairs in a very beautiful yellow dress which clung on her like a second skin showing all her curves. Her flowed on her shoulders.


Mum followed my gaze as well.


I walked to her and gave her a hand. She placed her hand on it . Together, we walked to where mum stood.


She hugged Paula and whispered quietly but enough for me to hear.


“Thank you for making me a grandma”.


Paula smiled shyly.




“Its just a movie babe, no need to cry so much ,” I said. “you see I wanted us to choose a happy movie one filled with so much action , but you wanted something romantic, you are supposed to be all smiling but here you are crying, for just a mere movie ” i sneakered.



She eyed me.


We came to watch a movie after we’ve had our dinner. I wanted us to watch an action movie but she insisted and chose a romantic movie.


“You know nothing about how I feel right now, even if it’s just a movie but its what’s going on , you think we women are foolish because of our emotions?” She asked.


Here we go again.


“Oh common honey don’t be upset , I just wanted you to be happy. We just had a wonderful news and I just want us to be happy, not the other way round.


so you watching that movie kinda stole the happy moment” i said and she didn’t say anything.


“Maybe we should go back to the suite” I said suddenly.


The moment those words left my mouth, Paula’s eyes locked with mine so wide.


“Why home?the movie hasn’t end yet.” she retorted staring daggers at me daring me to do what I was saying,


I tried to play it cool with her .


“Oh am sorry baby , I thought you’re no longer in the mood, you know ” he says .


“Well I am , ……” She hissed .


“Oh shit mood swings” I murmured.


“I heard that” she eyed me and i chuckled.























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