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Pablo’s POV continues



“Anything you want my handsome husband” she whispered staring deeply into my eyes and feeling a bit shy.


“Then I shall my beautiful wife” I smiled down at her.


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I kissed her as we made our way into the bedroom, we got inside, kicked the door shut and kiss each other passionately tugging on each other’s attire , I turned her around zipping her gown down kissing her neck to her earlobe as she moans, eyes close while biting her lower lip.


In just a pant and bra, I traced my hand on her body, her back still turned to me firmly, pressed against my still clothed skin , she moans when I unhooked her bra and I kneaded her soft pink breast as she moans my name.


With one hand playing with her breast, the other went into her panties stroking her wet hot clit , putting a finger inside of her. Her mouth opened as she moans out my name , my lips teased her skin making her shudder like the cool soft breeze.


Turning to face me, she pulled me by the tie and brought my head down and kissed me hard and passionately, as she trys to unbutton my shirt fast , I helped her out as she began unbolting my belt .


” Aggressive that much, wifey?”


whispered and chuckled and she dropped her hands shyly. “No. I didn’t mean to. Continue please” I pleaded


“I love you just like this”. I said and grabbed her hand and pressed it against my hard shaft.



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I kissed her hard as she aggressively got rid of my clothes.


I lifted her over to the bed after our clothes has come off successfully.


I grabbed her legs and swing them over my shoulder and my head went between her legs tasting her feeding on her ,sucking and licking her dry, her breathing was out of the world as she grip the shits tight, taking everything I gave.


I kissed her back and placed my hot shaft at her entrance looking deep into her eyes,teasing her as she groans in frustration wanting me inside her already .


Holding her hands above her head, I whispered against her lips.


“Welcome to my world Mrs Dominguez” and with that I entered without warning making her let out heavy gasp but was swallowed as my lips collided with hers again turning her moans into muffles. Gosh she’s so so tight and beautiful.


Giving her my all as i drove deeper into her paradise, she ran her hands over my magnificent abs as I thrust in and out , I leaned down making our lips brush a bit as I keep my thrust gentle.


“Yes … Pablo” she wrapped her arms around my neck holding me closer as I drove into her sweet heat, kissing her down to her chest took her nipple into my mouth feeding on it few minutes, switching position she rid him as our moans circulated the room .


“Fuck” I let out as I emptied myself inside her , sweat pulling from my forehead as it drops on Paula’s chest , we tried to calm our breath as I was still inside her.


“You’re perfect”I whispered smiling down at her, ” I just can’t get enough of you “I said and she smiled back shyly.


I brought my head down and kissed her passionately and rolled off her and lie at my side .


“How about we freshen up ?” She asked.



Giving her a kiss , I carried her over to the bathroom, placed her on the wall as water ran over us.


“This is the best day of my life ” she said, after we had our bath with another round in the bathroom now we both lay in bed ,Her head on my chest , legs tangled under the sheet’s as I played with her hair .


“Me too, you’re finally Mrs Anna Paula Dominguez…my wife I’ve waited so long for this day “I said and she looked up at me with a smile .


“Am most happy to be your wife and you my husband, I thought we’d never cross this path ” she said, suddenly feeling sad .


“Hey !why do you think so?”I asked lifting her jaw to look into her eyes .


“I was so scared when the accident happened. I thought I was never gonna see you again. And everything mum said couldn’t leave my mind I really felt scared ” she tries to hold back her shaking voice , sitting up I pulled her closer to me.


“There is no need to think of this baby , we are now together bonded for ever and nothing can ever tear us about do you understand that ?” I whispered looking into her eyes and she nodded .


“Now today is a happy day, we just got married and I don’t want you thinking too much and stressing yourself about the past , what you should think of now is us, our future and our baby ” I said and placed my hand over her stomach.


She stared at me in amusement.” I’m not pregnant”.


“I just did. I know you will surely get pregnant before we go back home. And if you don’t, I will keep doing it” I said


making a big smile appear on her face.


“Now that’s the smile I want to see , you look so beautiful” .


“You’ve said that a million times since today Pablo. ” She said and smiled.


“I can’t help it, I married a beautiful woman what can I do ?” I asked and she blushed.


“So tell me, where would you love to go tomorrow?”I asked tugging her hair behind her ear .


“The beach” she said, laying back into my arms as I wrapped them around her and we fell asleep.


The next day,she dressed beautifully as we head for the beach,changing to her beach wear once they arrived ,having fun here and there as we play around taking pictures of ourselves.


We went other places, like ice skating, museum, rollercoaster , swimming site seeing, going for parties and expensive shopping ,and went on shipping , playing poker and snooker with other ball games and end up making passionate love every single night till we don’t move a finger anymore.





Tell me, I suck at it right? Gosh



Hope I didn’t spoil you much?




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