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Daniel’s POV



“Babe, I’ve been here all night why did you keep so long?” She said running her slender fingers down my chest.


“Sorry babe. There was traffic on the way here. Now keep quiet and do what you know doing best. ” I whispered and sna.ked my hand down her short transparent dress and grabbed her ass.


She moaned sexily. And that’s one thing I like about Lenna. She knows how to drive me crazy. She’s been my favorite ever since I started coming here. She’s more like my personal mistress.


I felt her move into my lap to straddle me on the couch we were sitting on.


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I run my palms from her butts to her bare back.she started moving back and forth on my hard shaft. I grabbed her neck and kissed her deeply she rubbed her soft br***t on my chest. I brought my head down and bit her nipples through her dress I placed kisses on her cleavage she moaned and grinded more into me. I lifted my eyes to look into her face but then my eyes caught something from where we sat.


It was a lady wearing a white shirt dress with a drink in hand. My eyes trailed from her masked face to where her dress ends on her succulent thighs which shows anytime she take a step on the stairs.


My eyes followed her keenly as she went through her phone and then she slipped she tried to balance her steps but I think the drink might have had a little effect on her.


before I could understand what was really happening, she was reeling down the stairs helplessly. I dragged Lenna from my laps and sprang to my feet immediately. I looked at a puzzled Lenna and mumbled “I will be back”. She grabbed me by the shirt and crished her lips back on mine.


What is wrong with this girl. Someone’s life is at stake now.


I pulled her forcefully from my body and rushed to stairs without sparing a glance.


I heard her cursed loudly.


Why I’m I even going to her rescue? Who knows,she might be one of the sluts around here.

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I stopped about to go back to Lenna but I heard her wince out of pain.


Gosh! Dan when did you turn this heartless?


My subconscious screamed at me. I looked around and I noticed that nobody was paying attention to her.


They were all busy dancing and drinking. The loud music blasting in the speakers didn’t help matters.



I raced to her and gathered her in my arms before she could hit her head on the ground again.


I looked at her head and it was bleeding profusely. Her mask was secured safely on her round face.


My eyes widened when I looked at her face. For once I thought she looked familiar. Like the famous Amy Rockxon. But what will Amy be doing here? And all alone? She can’t be her. It’s just some random girl I guess.


I looked back into her face and oh mehn. She’s gorgeous down to earth.


My eyes met hers through the mask. Her full pink lips were open slightly and her nose was so pointed and amazingly sexy when she sniffled.


She look so weak and she was staring at me curiously. I saw her eyes shut slowly bit by bit.


No she can’t lose consciousness just yet.


“Someone should call the ambulance. She is losing consciousness” I yelled getting everyone’s attention.


I carried her to the parking lot where my car was parked. The ambulance was delaying so I carried her into my car. I went behind the steering wheel and drive her to my penthouse.


“Hello doctor Max. Please be at my penthouse right now!!” I said more like an order.


You must be wondering why I’m taking her to my penthouse instead of the hospital. Well I don’t even know why. I just felt like doing it.


Besides I’m yearning to hear her voice the moment she wakes up.


I got to the lift and contemplated whether to take her to the guest room or my room which is on the last floor.



Why do I even care? I’m helping her so she have to accept wherever I keep her. Be it my room or another.


I got inside the living room and Max was seated on the couch waiting patiently. He got up quickly the moment he saw the lady in my hands and gave me a knowing look. He’s probably surprised.


He followed me to my bedroom and I placed her gently on the bed.


“Please attend to her quickly she has already lost a lot of blood. Do whatever you can but Make sure she regain consciousness, Max.” I pleaded.


I called him Max because he is my cousin’s husband and I’ve known him for quite a long time now so basically there’s no formality between us.


“I will try my best.” He replied and brought out his first aid kit. He started cleaning the wound on her forehead but stopped,” Can I take off the mask?”


I looked at her for awhile. She has her own reasons for putting on the mask and we can’t take it off without her permission.


“I don’t think so. Just clean around there.” I instructed.


He nodded and resumed the cleaning of the wound.


after that, he bandaged her head neatly,


I will give her an injection in order to lessen the pain. If she doesn’t wake up after three hours, then we have to take her to the hospital for further treatment. But if she wakes up, after the three or four hours, make sure she eats something.” He lectured.


“Okay. Thank you” I replied as I walked him to the door”.


“Call me if you need any help” with that he left.


I took in a deep breath.

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How I’m I suppose to cook for her? I don’t even know my way around the kitchen. Besides, she need to change into a fresh dress and I can’t do that. She will definitely freak out the moment I tell her that I changed her.


What do I do? I don’t really have a permanent maid. They come in the daytime and live before nightfall.


I’m left with only one option now.


That’s getting a maid now!!!


I checked the time and it’s 10:23 pm.


I rushed for my laptop in the study.


I searched through agencies where I could find a house help just for this night.


I went through various agencies but couldn’t find the person i really wanted.


I decided to go through them again one after the other. There, I found one.


I deposited the amount they requested in to theirs account and called my driver to pick her up.


I went back to check on her. She was sleeping so peacefully. I just hope she will be peaceful as this the moment she wakes up.


I got up when I heard the bell ringing.


I opened the door and it was a young girl about twenty. She was cladded In a uniform that clangs to her features like a second skin. Her dark hair was braided neatly. She must be the maid I requested for.


“Good evening, sir” she greeted and bowed slightly.


I nodded,” You’re…?”


“Lisa. From the agency”.



“Okay. There is a lady inside who is unconscious. Make sure you clean her up and change her into the shirt I’ve placed on the bed.


After that, you will make a soup for her.” I explained as we walked to my bedroom.


“Okay, sir” she replied and opened the door to enter.


“Wait.” She stopped instantly. ” She has a mask on. Don’t remove it” I added and walked to one of the guest rooms.



Paula’s POV



Do you get that much excited anytime you see me?” He asked. “Who says I was?”


“Then why did you jumped excitedly like a teenager the moment you saw me?” He asked as we take another curve on the road.


“It’s all your fault?” I stated.


“My faults? How?”


You charmed me with…..” I drawled. I don’t really want him to know the reason. “What?” He asked in sheer curiousity.


“I don’t know”. “Come on just tell me”


“I won’t” I said stubbornly.


“Uh huh. Really?” His mesmerizing brown eyes were starting to gleam mischievously.


“Really,” I replied.


And I started to move away from him, not really knowing what could be his move but somehow reckoning that it would be something really naughty. So I got out of the car. He also got out. I started to run.


But he held me back and didn’t let me move further away from him by gripping firmly onto my waist, his fingers pressing down on my skin making my breath hitch at the contact.


“Really.” His grin became more wider and more mischievous.


“Really.” I began to laugh.


He chuckled, shaking his head. Then, the next moment, I was rolling on the floor laughing and screaming as he tickled me.


“God. Stop!! Pablo! Stooopp!!!” I laughed in between screams. “I can’t breathe!!”


My hands battling with his, I tried to push him off, all the while laughing so hard that tears sprung to my eyes, but, oh well, he was so strong so, there wasn’t much I could do.


He was now hovering above me and the deep sound of his laughter filled the entire area and it strangely made me feel so cozy and secure like it was my blanket. There was no one else around, just him, me and the car.


“Pablo. Please. Please. Please. Ple…”





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Against all odds




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