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Chapter Eleven



Pablo’s POV


Within a short distance from my house, I saw someone coming out from our gate on a motorcycle.


He was in black from hair to toe. Before I could make out the face, he has already speed pass me but I couldn’t miss the name written on his number plate.


If that name is true, then what will Jude be doing in my residence. From the look of things, I can deduce that he didn’t come to visit me.


Something is just not right .


I got to our mansion and the gate opened automatically.

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I got down and rushed to the door I pushed it open fiercely .


“Look who is here. My infamous son.” I averted my gaze to where the voice came from. Mum was sitting in the couch with a glass of wine in between her well manicured fingers.


What is she celebrating?


“You’re truly in love. Good for you. Now you’re one of those who knows what the feeling is. So you must be ready to lay everything down for her. Have you taken her to bed yet?”


“W-what…?” I stuttered.


“Have you slept with her?”



My lack of response answered the question.


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“Stupid boy. You should at least get to know the woman you’re involved with before you get into that.”


“What does that mean mom?”


I frantically asked mom, fear slowly taking hold of my body. Why I’m i so afraid of the words my mother would reveal?


Why did it scare me out of my wit that I might lose Paula over this?


“Do you know the Devante’s?


Is something else going on?”


“You can have a seat” she said leisurely as she sipped her wine.


Mr Miguel Devante was the kind of man you could easily fall for- not because of his physical appearance or status but his personality.


You loved him so much and so was the same with him.


You two were almost inseparable- you were that spoilt by him that you would not stop crying until he had you in his arms or gave you his attention.”


Utter silence. Pure silence in the room.


waited for mom to start her story because what she just said sounded like a made up fiction to my ears.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below


“Mom, let’s skip the fantasy and you can start with the truth.”


“Do I look like I have time for that? Did I ever read you bedtime stories to start now?”


Did she know Mr Devante since childhood?


He knew who she was all along?


I don’t remember a single thing about the man.


Paula had said his father was fond of a certain boy. Whose picture he always carry along;


now I’m starting to see why.


“I met Mr Devante shortly after my first husband abandoned your sister and I for a new life.


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I was not looking for a relationship and neither was he seeking one. It was not like I believed anything could happen between the both of us- he was far out of my league in every sense of the word.” Mum finished with a slight squeeze around the edges of her eyes.


“We were friends- not friends really, he was just really nice and respectful-something I had never really been lucky to have with the men that appeared in my life.”


So what? She had been enamoured by him because of that?


He had to be married then for goodness sake. I thought.


“That went on for five months. I was content, happy inside and out but I honestly had not thought to take it a step further until one night after our outing- which he insisted had not been a date and I had instantly agreed on- a conversation about love and life which led to a kiss and led to a bed.”


frowned. I’m not really interested in that part. mom caught the look on my face.



“Think whatever you want, it happened. I was shocked to know he thought of me as more than just a friend.” She gave out a sigh before she continued. “What happened that night did not mean we headed straight into a relationship but it turned out, neither of us was immune to the flirting we did…”


Was there any way mom could skip those parts?


just wanted to know what the deal was but she was starting to picture it though; mom had an affair with a married man . And that married man is no one else but….



Comment who the married man is …









✓ Against all odds ✓




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