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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 8

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#Season_2 Chapter 8 ⃣(Finale and Epilogue)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



To say I am surprised was understatement, Ajay had told me about his brother who went missing the night I came for his family.


I didn’t kill Ajay and his parents, I had to bring them over to Raja Rajasthan camp for him to see them and when he asked me to burn them. I had them exchanged with some corrupt set of people and placed a cloth over their faces to keep their identity hidden and burn them to death in front of those people that had gathered. Then I had know my right from left.


So Rohan was Harsha all along, no wonder Ajay looks like Harsha. Anyway I allowed the brothers to talk.

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© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.


“You are alive?” Harsha asked, still not believing his eyes. He left Indra side and walked over to meet his brother, touching him to be sure he wasn’t seeing a ghost.


“Yes Rohan, I am alive and not dead. She saved me.” Ajay said pointing at me.


“What about our parents? Are they dead?” He asked his brother.


“No, they are not dead brothers. She saved us all.” Ajay replied.


“But how, I saw her burning the three of you, so how come you are standing here?”


“You were mistaken, she never burned us, those you saw were different people entirely and not us. She only did that to make Raja Rajasthan believe she killed us. If she killed us, why am I standing in front of you, alive and breathing?”


“This doesn’t change anything Harsha, maybe they are lying.” Indra said, provoking me with his words. “She must have known about your background and decided to impose someone as your brother.

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“Lying? She is not lying, devil and I am not an imposter.” Ajay told Indra. “Rohan, if I am an imposter how would I know your name is Rohan? If I am an imposter, will I know you got injured on your right foot which was bleeding badly in school and I had to carry you on my back to the school nurse. Will an imposter know about it? I am not an imposter, don’t believe what this ugly devil is telling you.”



“Harsha, listen to what your brother says, I can’t bring someone else to impose as him.” I walked up to meet them, lifting my hand to touch his shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t remove it, and he didn’t. His horns were gone from his forehead. “I still love you okay?”


Harsha didn’t say a word. He was just staring at his brother then at me.


“Ajay, I thought you, mum and dad were dead, gone from this world. I never knew you three are still alive and well.” Harsha said crying and both of them hugged themselves.


I turn to give my full attention to Indra who was shocked by what he was just witnessing.


“I have you to thank Indra for bringing both brothers together even though I am part of it. I took care of Ajay and you took care of his brother, I brought Ajay here and you brought Harsha here, don’t you see this was destined?”


“Destined you say? Destined by who?” Indra asked in anger.


“By the Creator himself. Just tell me where you kept Krish and bring your head peaceful so that I can cut it off for peace to reign.” I told him making him more angrier than before.


Good, I love seeing this ugly side of his.


“You think I can be defeated that easily? You think Zoya?”


“If I can kill your brother who is my father like a chicken, then who are you not to die by my sword like a ram.” I replied to him with a smile.


“Harsha, come back here and let’s finish this.” Indra roared in anger.


“No.” Harsha said, making me and Ajay smile widely and Indra opened his mouth with shock.


“What did you just say?”


“I said no. I won’t join you to fight her anymore for two new reasons. One is that my brother is alive, and my parents are alive too. They are not dead as I had thought and the second one. Zoya is carrying my child. Do you want me to kill her and my unborn child?” He asked, turning around to face Indra, a shocked ugly face. “No Indra, that won’t happen.” He added and held my hands in his shocking Indra with his act.


I smiled, finally Harsha has seen reason. We won’t have to fight each other.


“Harsha, come back to my side, you don’t know what you are saying. This is the plan work of Zoya, she is deceiving you with her pregnancy.” He told him.


“She is not, I was the one who personally called the doctor who came and attended to her after she was left unconscious. Even after hearing that she was pregnant, she still wanted to enter this fortress and saved Harsha. I didn’t even know Harsha was my missing brother.” Ajay spoke for me.


“Too bad then, everyone will die in my hands today.” Indra boasted.


“You’ve forgotten that I also have demon guards in this fortress who are waiting for my orders to attack you and your demons, plus my demons are larger in numbers than yours.” I said and Indra laughed as if what I said was a joke.


“Even though your demons are large in numbers, Zoya, his demon’s are powerful.”


Harsha said to me in a low voice. “Your side will lose, trust me.”


Then a plan came to me.


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.


“Let’s fight here and now one on one Indra, if I lose, you can kill me and take the fortress.” I said and got interrupted by Harsha.


“What? No!”


But I continued. “But if I kill you, then your demons are mine.”



Indra smirked.


“I accept.”


I smirked right back at him and turn and went back to meet Krishna.


“I need a good sword.” I told her knowing fully well that every sword in this fortress can kill a demon, though not the likes of Ravaaan Kaali, that was why I had used the substance in the bottle to kill my father.


I and Krishna entered the castle and she took me to the room which belongs to my father, going to the wardrobe and opening it, she brought out a sharp sword which wasn’t in a shealth.


“This belongs to our father.” She told me as she gave me the sword. I thanked her and sat down on the ground, pulling off one of my sneakers and bringing out the little bottle, opening it, I poured out the entire content on the sword which the sword quickly absorbed.


“What was that?” Krishna asked me.


“Something I can use to kill Indra.” I replied to her. “Let’s go.” I said and waited until she was walking in front of me before I followed her out.


We came out of the castle together.


“Are you ready Zoya?” Indra asked me.


“Yes I am.” I answered by swinging my sword. “Where is your sword?” I asked him.


He smiled and lifted up his hand to his teeth and removed his tooth. The place he had removed it grew back.


The tooth in his hands, grew long and formed into an axe.



“Are you sure you can beat him with your condition?” Krishna asked me in concern.


“Yes, his head will soon roll off from his body.” I answered.


“Why don’t we exchange, I fight in your place.” Harsh said. “I don’t want anything to happen to you or our unborn child.” He told me.


I smile at him. “Nothing will happen to us, you’ve forgotten I have demon blood running through my veins too.” I reminded him. And besides I have a plan how to get Indra.


“You are all standing as a witness to this fight, if I kill her in the next one minute everything in this fortress belongs to me.” Indra said. “Move back my demons.” He told his demons who all moved to stand at a corner. © Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.


I walked towards Indra smiling widely.



Authoress Pov


Zoya slowly advances towards Indra.


Indra who didn’t waste any time throw his axe towards Zoya who dodged the incoming axe that fell to the ground.


Zoya continued to smile.


“Behind you Zoya!” Harsha shouted.


Zoya dodged in time and prevented the axe from cutting her arm as it flew back to Indra’s hand.


Indra laughed and threw his axe at her again but this time ran to meet her.


Zoya blocked his blows that he aimed at her stomach and at the same time blocked the axe from cutting into her. It was a tough battle between the two.



“Can’t we do something, I can’t stand still and watch Zoya fighting without doing anything.” Harsha told his brother.


“You don’t have to worry about her brother, I believe in her. If any one of them is going down, it will be Indra.” Ajay told him.


They watched the fierce fight as Zoya tried her best to block her opponent’s blows.


Zoya fell down to the ground and aim her sword straight towards his scrotum.


Pushing the sword deeper into his body.


Indra halted in shock and surprise as he realized what happened. He could feel his death approaching.


His axe fell to the ground and he raised his two large thumbs towards Zoya.


“Good finish.” He said and fell down to the ground, dead.


Since it was a demon sword she had used a demon sword on him, he turned into ashes.


Zoya’s knees gave way and she fell down to the ground, watching as Indra’s body turned into ash.


Harsha was by her side quickly checking to see if there are any wounds on her and thankfully, there wasn’t. He hugged Zoya like his life depended on it.


“Where is Krish? Is he hurt?” Zoya asked him, leaning against his chest.


“In Indra hideout, I will take you to him. He wasn’t hurt, just knocked off to keep him unconscious.”


Zoya nodded her head.


“I am sorry Zoya, for everything. I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.”



“Hey, you don’t need to beg me Harsha. I am just glad I made the right decision to save your family back then.” Zoya told him. “I love you sweetheart.”


“I love you too my wild cat.” Harsha said and they kissed.


Indra demons now belongs to her.




It has been two weeks since the fight between Indra and Zoya.


Two weeks since Harsha has met his sudden alive parents, they almost cried out their eyes.


The news of Ravaaan Kaali’s death reached every Don’s ears and the respect for Zoya grew.


Anant Desai killed himself when Zoya sent words to him through Arjun that Indra is dead.


Zoya had sent some of her demons to the underground house to get Krish. It happened that two of her demons were the one who had tempered Krishna’s room and had taken Krish with Harsha to the underground house.


Zoya allowed Krishna to kill the demons, setting them as an example to the rest of the demons.


Krishna and Ajay started to get along with each other.


Krish hasn’t woken up yet within the two weeks that passed. Arjun had taken Krish together with Khaleel back to their hideout. Arjun had quickly called the doctor who treated Zoya to come and check Krish. The demon who had hit him on his head, hit him hard and that has caused inner bleeding to his brain. © Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.


The doctor was able to stop the bleeding and Krish has been receiving treatment.



Once Zoya made sure every slave was gone and were well settled. She called Lady Deepa and her daughter.


“I and Harsha will be leaving for Gorai village tomorrow. I am giving you the fortress and everything that belongs to it including indra’s demons. Let’s not create another Ravaaan Kaali and Indra story within ourselves again.” Zoya told Krishna. “So I am giving you the fortress but do not bring any human slaves to work in here again and also, stop doing human trafficking again, if you do so, that will be the only thing that would cause enimity between us, okay?”


“Thank you Zoya, I won’t do any of that.” Krishna said. “You are a good sister and I am glad I didn’t kill you when we were a little kid.”


“Zoya, I have hated you before you were born and my hatred for you was still there as you grew up. Killing my husband, I wanted my revenge but giving the whole fortress and everything to my daughter without taking a dime shows how good you are at heart. I am sorry I killed your mother, I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.” Lady Deepa apologized, all her grudges and revenge she held against Zoya were gone the minute she said she was giving everything to her daughter.

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“I have forgiven you since. Let the past remain in the past mother, from today, you no longer have one daughter but two.” Zoya told her which prompted Lady Deepa to smile widely.


They hug themselves for the very first time and afterwards Zoya and Krishna hugged.




The next morning Ajay drove his brother and Zoya to their hideout to see Krish.


“He isn’t awake yet ma’am.” The doctor said.


“Are you sure he is going to be alright?” Zoya asked him.


“Sure ma’am, but it will take time for him to regain his consciousness.”



“Okay, please take care of him.” Zoya said as she and Harsha left her hideout to Gorai village.


Her grandmother welcomed them warmly and Zoya told her they will be staying there until she gives birth.


“That will be no problem Zoya.”


“Grandmother, release that woman and her children, the person that sent her to you has changed, let her have her freedom.” Zoya told her.


“I will do that right away.” Her grandmother said, smiling.


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.




A month later…


Zoya visited the Sage who had given her the bottle and thanked him with lots of gifts. He blessed her and she went home.




Khaleel video called Zoya, he has been keeping her updated about his brother’s health status.


“How is Krish? Is he awake yet?” Zoya asked him. She was outside her room staring at the children playing in the large compound.


“Yes he is.” Khaleel responded with his sign language and Zoya breathed in relief.


She has been waiting for this news for more than a month now.


“How is he?”


“He is fine, but he doesn’t remember anything.”



“Oh, that’s bad.”


“Really bad, but the doctor said with time he may remember who he is.”


“That is good to hear.”


“Hope Rohan is treating you well?”


“Yes he is.”


“What about my nephew or niece?”


“He or she is fine.” Zoya responded patting her slightly baby bump. “Okay, talk to you later, I will keep you informed about his progress.” “Thank you.” Zoya said and he ended the call.


“So who was that?” Harsha asked gently, placing his hands on her waist.


“Khaleel, he called to tell me Krish is awake.” Zoya answers and Harsha hands tighten around her slightly.


“I will kill Krish if he steps closer at you.” Harsha threatened.


“You won’t do that. Krish is my friend and besides he lost his memory.”


“Will you get angry if I tell you I am so happy about this good news?”


Zoya laughed.


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.



Zoya Pov


I laughed so hard that Harsha joined me laughing. I love seeing him jealous.


“I love the way you laugh, my wild cat.” He told me and I smiled.


“I love your handsome face sweetheart.”


“So I have been thinking lately.” He said pulling me to his strong body and resting his chin on my shoulder, both of us staring at the little children playing.


“About what?” I asked.


“About our love. I have been thinking why don’t we seal our love through marriage. I have talked to my parents and they have given me their blessings. Ajay too.” He said.


“Are you asking me to marry you?” I asked him and tilted my to look at his face.




“I thought normal guys will go on one knee with roses littering around and propose to their girlfriends?” I said.


“You are not that type of girl Zoya. You wouldn’t like it.” He told me and he was right. “Am I getting a yes?” He asked me.


“Yes. I love you my sweetheart.”


“And I love you more my hooligan.”


And then we kissed.


Thank you mother for bringing me to this world.


The End


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

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