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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 7

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#Season_2 Chapter 7 ⃣(Finale)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov


I couldn’t believe what my eyes are showing me.


Harsha has horns just like the way Indra has, but how? How did he become a demon?


I know he was betraying me but I never thought he was a demon and hearing their surprised gasps from Krishna and her mother shows that they didn’t know.


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“I can see your surprised looks.” Indra said with a wide smile spreading on his ugly face. “I told you they won’t expect this twist.” He told Harsha who was smirking and staring at me.


“You are a demon but how?” I asked Harsha, staring back at him. “Were you born as one and how were you able to make Krishna and her mother not know you are a demon?” I demanded.


“I turned him into a demon years ago and I am a different kind of demon unlike my dead brother.” Indra answered for him, making me shift my gaze to meet his ugly eyes. “I hide his scent so that you low demons won’t know his true scent or know his true form, that is to show that I am a powerful demon.” He added with a boasting tune.



“I can’t believe Harsha is a demon just like us mother.” Krishna spoke after she had overcome her shock. “You hide it so well Harsha that I, none my mother knows. So does that mean your father, Anant Desai, is also a demon like you?” She asked him.


“His uncle is not a demon like him.” Indra responded. “I did not turn him to one but he went along with our plan.” He added.


And that annoyed me. Why can’t Harsha speak for himself?


“Let him speak for himself high demon or is he always dumb in his demon state?” I said in anger towards Indra who just smirked at me, returning my gaze to look at my love. I smiled at him which surprised him a bit. “So why are you doing this to me? What did I do to you Harsha?” I asked him.


“Don’t you know what you did to me Zoya?” He asked me.

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“No, if I did I would have apologised to you since.” I said. “And besides I have never met you before in my entire life before I met you in Bangalore.” I told him.


Harsha Pov



Everything I had told Zoya about myself were all lies. The only truth in them was I was a doctor.


Krishna did kill my partner in crime who I had lied was my girlfriend. I wasn’t six when some thugs came and killed my family. I had lied.


“You have met me before Zoya.” I told her angrily.


How can she say she hasn’t met me before?


“How? I don’t easily forget faces to forget yours Harsha.” Zoya told me. “So how did I meet you?” She asked me.


“Remember those families you had killed eight years ago? My father, my mother and my elder brother? I watched you burn them to death in the city of Bombay and



right before my eyes you burn them to death. I was sent to go out and buy something for them that evening and when I returned, you took them away to Raja Rajasthan camp and there you killed them in front of all the people gathering around you. I was one of those people who had gathered. I could still hear their cries. You burned me Zoya, you burned me so badly that my scars still seek for revenge. You burned me when you burned them.” I told her.


“I have killed so many people in the past before I realized that it was wrong for me to kill the innocent. I am sorry Harsha for killing your family. I am truly sorry.” She apologized.


“Your sorry wouldn’t bring them back to life Zoya, would it? No. That night I went to Raveena Kaali fortress to plead with him so I could join his warriors and when I became his favorite, I would tell him about you and then he would kill you. But that night I ran into Indra and then my plan changed. He changed my name to Harsha.” I said to her and continued. “I told him what had brought me into the fortress and we made a plan, but first I will have to go to school and that’s when Anant Desai came in.” I told her. Anant Desai wasn’t my uncle, I did not know him from anywhere. Indra was the one who had introduced me to him and made him take me as his son. Anant Desai’s loyalty lies with Indra even though he works for Raveena Kaali.


So it was all a plan for Anant Desai to introduce me to Raveena Kaali and his family so that to get Krishna to fall for me and then Zoya. So that both sisters would fight over me and kill themselves.


Seeing Zoya alive burns me.


“I am so sorry Harsha.”


“Like I said before, your sorry won’t bring them back to life.” I told her and smiled. “Do you think it was a coincidence you met me at that hotel that night?” I asked her smiling widely when I saw her confused look. “No, I know you will be coming to Bangalore that night so I paid the taxi driver who took you to the hotel I was after he told you about me which perks your sudden interest.” I told her. “And my plan number two worked. You fall for me. I hated you the second time I met you. I hated that you still breath Zoya.”



Zoya Pov



I could hear the hatred in his voice when he said that last line. It made me cringe inwardly. I did a horrible thing back then before I changed. I had killed a lot of family in the past so I can not remember their faces or remember his family.


This was like my past came knocking at my door.


Can’t he just forgive and forget and let’s move away from the past.


“You don’t know how it gladlys my heart when I saw how you killed your father with your own hands.” He said. “I could have killed your mother but she was already dead. Your mother was damn lucky.” He added.


I won’t get angry.


“Harsha, truly I am sorry. I have no father now or mother, they are all dead. We are now standing on the same lane. Just forgive me and forget about your revenge and let’s go away from all these, please.” I pleaded.


“Too late for that. I won’t leave here until you are dead Zoya.” Harsha said with hatred in his voice.


“I am sorry if I hurt you Harsha, but killing me won’t bring them back to life.” I said to him then proceeded to tell him about his child growing in me. “If you kill me now, you are not only killing me, you are killing two lives, me and your child that I am carrying.” I told him which made him widen his eyes in shock.


“You are pregnant for me?” He asked me in surprise.


“She is lying, don’t believe her.” Indra spoke.


“You think I am lying? I was already pregnant before you were taken away by Krishna that night, but I came here to search for you and my friend. You are speaking of revenge, what of me? You betray me, you betrayed my love but I let it go. I know you were sending those voice notes to Indra. Telling him about your



progress of how you are succeeding in making I and Krishna fight over you. I know everything, Harsha. I could have killed you then but I let you go so that I would find out your actual reason for your revenge. And now that I know, please I am sorry and forgive me and forget and let’s put everything that happened behind us and move on with our lives.” I told him, staring at him. “I still love you, my love for you hasn’t changed. Weeks ago I told you we are now lovers, that hasn’t changed Harsha. I love you so please sweetheart let go of your revenge.”


“Don’t believe her words Harsha. It won’t be so easy Zoya. His hatred that he has for you has eaten deep into him.” Indra said.


The horn of a moving car, black Benz, towards us brought our attention to it.


The car stopped in our middle and Khaleel and Ajay stepped out of the car.


Seeing Ajay made me remember Harsha.


“Ajay.” Harsha called out his name with shock.


“Rohan.” Ajay called out in surprise when he turned to see who had called his name. He faced me and pointed at Harsha or Rohan. “Ma’am, he is the one I have been telling you about. The one I have been searching for. He is my younger brother.”

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