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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 5

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#Season_2 Chapter 5 ⃣(Finale)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



I waited until I was sure everyone was back in their huts and were sleeping before I quickly came out of the hut, making sure not to wake those around me and went to take my bath to wash off the blood of my father from me. From tomorrow I will not be wearing these stupid slaves clothes any more.


Even though the water was chilled, I didn’t mind.


Once I was done with my bath, I wore the slave clothes and went back to the hut to restart my thinking.

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I slept off immediately my head touches the ground.




Early The Next Morning;


The sudden scream of the slaves woke me up and I quickly rushed outside to see the reason for their screams.


Only to discover they were shouting because of Krishna’s presence.


It was very early and the day wasn’t that bright.


“I am not here to hurt any of you, I only came here to see Zoya.” Krishna told them but they kept screaming out their lungs. Who knows what Krishna must have done to them to warrant such behavior from them.


When she saw me, she quickly walked to me ignoring the people who quickly paved way for her in fear.

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When they saw me, their screaming ceased.


“Seriously speaking, I wasn’t expecting such reactions from them.” Krishna said to


me once she stopped in front of me. “I know I was wicked towards them but


this….I wasn’t expecting.” She added staring at the silent faces of the slaves around




“You won’t know what you do to people until you are in their position.” I told her.


“Why are you here?” I asked her.


“Wanted to see if you are here since I checked all round the castle and didn’t see you.” She told me.


“Yes, I came back here last night.” I replied to her. “Is there any problem?” I asked her.


“Come with me to the castle to see something.” Krishna told me and started to leave the slave ground prompting me to follow her but I stopped to face the silent faces.


“Get whatever you have in those huts of yours, you will be leaving this fortress today.” I told them earning smiles from them before I quickly closed the distance between Krishna and I.






The Castle





We entered the castle and I saw Lady Deepa who was at the door waiting for us.


We followed her in and we walked towards Krishna’s room and entered it.


“Look at that.” Krishna said pointing at the TV to show some moving vehicles approaching the castle. They stopped at the first gate and the demons didn’t open the gate for them. “I don’t know who they are so we can’t allow them in.” She told me.


I recognize the vehicles. “They are from me. Tell the demons to open the three gates for my people and do close it afterwards.” I told her.


“Okay.” She said and brought out her phone and dial a number which was picked instantly. “Open all the gates and leave then open, do not close it. One should lead them to the castle right away.” She told who she called and ended the call.



Watching the TV, we saw the demons opening the gates for the vehicles to pass and a demon who was waiting for them at the last gate on a horse start to lead them towards the castle.


“Thank you Krishna.” I thanked her and she nodded her head.


We waited until the vehicles stopped in front of the castle before I, Krishna and Lady Deepa stepped out of the room and went to meet them.


The demon who leads the vehicles to the castle turns and heads back to the last gate.


Arjun came down from one of the vehicles when he saw me.


“Good morning ma’am.” He greeted me.


“Morning Arjun. Are you with it?” Asked him.


“Yes ma’am.” He answered and reopened the car he just came down from and brought out a laptop from it. He walked towards me and only stopped when he got to my side. He showed me an image and Krishna and Lady Deepa who was also staring at the screen of the laptop gasped out loud in shock.


“That is the man he has been sending those voice notes to ma’am.”


Staring at the face of a man who looked like Raveena Kaali, with his long dreadlocks and long beards, but the only difference between them is that this man has large horns like a devil.


“Are you sure this is the right man?” I asked, I don’t believe such a person exists.


“Yes ma’am, he is the one.”


“How are we going to locate this devil now?” I asked expecting no answer but was surprised when Lady Deepa spoke.



“That is Indra, my husband’s brother who left this fortress years ago.” Lady Deepa responded. “But if I may ask, what voice notes are you talking about and who is the person sending Indra those voice notes?” She asked.


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