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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 3

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#Season_2 Chapter 3 (Finale)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov


“I am still waiting.” I said again just in case Lady Deepa has forgotten what I ask of her.


Clearing her throat.


“My husband has a brother.” She began finally. Krishna sat down on the sofa beside me as her mother remained standing. “Their father wanted my husband to take over the fortress after him instead of his other son. But Indra wouldn’t want it, and it caused a big rift between both brothers. Their father died and Indra left and hasn’t been seen since then.” Lady Deepa concluded her story staring at me and her daughter.


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Could this unknown Indra be the one who has that email? Could he be my unknown opponent I have been searching for?



So many questions run in my mind which I have no answer to.


“Was Indra happy when his father gave the fortress to Raveena?” I asked.


“He wasn’t, he tried to kill their father, but the demon god couldn’t be killed that easily. Out of anger when he discovered every plan of his had failed, he left and didn’t return to the fortress again, that was the last time any of us saw him.” Lady Deepa answered.


“I think Indra is behind the disappearance of Harsha and Krish.” I said looking briefly at Lady Deepa and then at Krishna.


“I was also thinking in that line too Zoya.” Krishna said and continued. “I have this feeling he is somewhere close around this fortress.” She added.


“I don’t think so, if he is, then your father would have sensed him and I and your father both know Indra as an impatient someone, he wouldn’t be that patient all these years.” Lady Deepa said, staring at her daughter.

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“And yet I was able to get past you high talented demons without being noticed. Don’t always underestimate people, Lady Deepa, don’t be surprised, he might have known about how I killed my father by now.” I told Lady Deepa. “Or perhaps watching us as we speak, he once lived in the fortress so he knows the hidden place in this fortress never forget that Lady Deepa.” I added.


“She is right mum, Indra must have known by now.” Krishna supported me. “But since we don’t know his whereabouts, where are we going to begin searching for him in the whole of India?” She asked us.


“That is what I am working on.” I answered her and that prompted her and her mother to look at me.


“What do you mean?” Krishna asked.





Authoress Pov


Indra smiled when he saw how his demons quickly devour the old priest.


If the old priest had known today would be his final days on earth, he wouldn’t have come.


But the blood of a priest will strengthen his demons, whether they are old or young. That was why he had befriended the old priest who didn’t care about his appearance.


It is not everyday one gets to see a person with horns on their forehead.


In a twinkle of an eye, only the bloody bones of the priest remained, his flesh was gone including his head.


What a sad end for the old priest.


Indra thought to himself before he addressed his demons who were licking their lips and staring at him.


“You have eaten and tasted the blood of a priest so go and rest, tomorrow we shall visit the fortress where we should all have been living and not in here.” Indra told his demons. “Tomorrow is the day I shall be the new owner of the fortress which belongs to me from the beginning, so go and rest. thanks” He added.


“Thank you master.” They all said in unison and one after the other they started changing back to their statue.


Once they had turned back to statues, a male figure was seen coming towards Indra, the make figure had taken the same stairs the old priest had taken a few minutes ago. On his shoulders was an unconscious male. Two more male walked behind him.


“You are back, quicker than I thought.” Indra said watching the three males approaching him.


They drop the unconscious male to the ground.


“No one saw you, right?”


“No one.” A familiar male voice replied.


“Good, I want to surprise her and everyone tomorrow when we go to the fortress.” Indra said. “Tie up the body and his mouth and keep him hidden, we shall use him against her in case my plan didn’t go well.” He added.


Two of the males nodded their heads and one carried the unconscious body and they started to walk towards another part where a door is.


Indra and the one with the familiar voice remained.


“Don’t worry, you shall have your revenge.” Indra told him.





Zoya Pov



“Do you have your phone with you?” I ask Krishna answered ignoring her question.


“Yes.” She responded and gave me her phone which she brought out from one of her Jean pockets. She had unlocked her phone before she gave it to me.


I quickly dialed the familiar number of Arjun since I had destroyed my phone when coming here.


Luckily for me I have memorized his number.


He picked it up at the fourth ring.


“Yes, who is this?”


“Arjun, it’s me, Zoya.” I responded.



“Oh, ma’am, I have been expecting your call. Did everything go well in the fortress?” He asked me.


“Yes, everything went well. I have killed Raveena Kaali, he is no longer alive.” I responded. “Anyway that is not why I called you. Were you able to trace the owner of the messages sent to that email?” I asked him.


“Yes ma’am, that was why I have been expecting your call, I tried to call you on your phone but it wasn’t going through.” He told me.


“I destroyed my phone when coming to the fortress.”


“Okay, I was able to track the email and know where it had been sent to. I was able to trace the hideout of the man.” He told me.




“Good, I want you to come to the fortress tomorrow and one more thing, put more of my goons with my grandmother, let them safely guide her at all cost.” I told him.


“Yes ma’am.” He said.


“Good bye.” I said and ended the call and deleted his phone number from her phone before giving it back to Krishna.


“What did he say?” Krishna asked.


“We have a lead.” I replied.




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