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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 1

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#Season_2 Chapter 1 (Finale)



Zoya Pov



I could still feel their shocked stares (Krishna and Lady Deepa) on me as the drummers continued playing their drums.


“Stop!!!” Krishna yelled out and the drummers stopped at her command. “What do you gain by killing our father? So this was your plan when you had called me earlier today, to kill him, right?” She asked me.


Turning my head towards her direction, “Yes. How could you sleep so peacefully in your bed knowing the lives your so called father is taking and little underage girls he is sleeping with? Are you not a woman Krishna? Don’t you have any human sympathy in you towards those slaves even though you are not a human.” I told her before I shifted my gaze and landed it on Lady Deepa. “And as for you, I am still deciding what to do with you.” I added.


“Let tomorrow come, at the Hell’s Pit, I will defeat you. If you think by killing our father you have won, no dear sister, you haven’t won yet.” Krishna said.


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“I did not say I am the winner yet Krishna, but as the new Raveena Kaali, there will be no more Hell’s Pit fight from now henceforth.” I told her. “Or are there any demons here who are ready to oppose me?”


None of the demons guarding the cave spoke a word.


“You and your mother are not dead yet so if I were you, don’t count me as the winner yet my dear sister.” I told her with a smile. “All of these demons.” I said pointing around us, pointing at the demons. “Worked for Raveena Kaali, our late father, and as I am the one who had killed him, they now work for me.”


“This is not the end of this fight Zoya or whatever your name is.” Lady Deepa spoke to me for the first time before she faced her daughter. “Let’s get out from here.”


“Not so fast, mother and her beloved daughter.” I said standing up from my sit and blocked their way. “Where is Harsha and Krish?” I asked them.



“Where are they supposed to be? They are in the dungeon.” Krishna responded sarcastically to me but I brushed that off.


“Which part of the dungeon are you talking about because it was that same dungeon that I and the other sacrifice came out from and I did not see Harsha or Krish anywhere, so what part of the dungeon are you talking about Krishna?” I asked her.


“Well the one you were in was the one we normally kept the slaves in for their punishment but the one I had kept Harsha and Krish is a different dungeon, my personal dungeon.” Krishna responded.

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“Well this sacrifice went well, you can all go back to your duty posts my demons, and as for the priest and co, you can go back to your temple or wherever you are coming from.” I told the demons and the priest.


All the demons bowed their heads in respect towards me and left for their duty posts, and all the priests bowed and left the cave.


“Lead the way to your dungeon Krishna.” I said and Krishna led the way with her mother following behind her and me behind them.


We walked until we got to a room, bringing out a key from her bra ignoring my raised eyebrow as she slotted the key into the keyhole and turned. Opening the door.


“This is where I kept Harsha and Krish.” Krishna said as she and her mother entered the room before I followed them.


But we met a empty room. No sign of Harsha or Krish.





Authoress Pov


Somewhere (An Unknown Place):



The old priest who had told his younger priest to go back to the temple without him made his way towards a hidden underground which wasn’t that far from the fortress.


He touched a stone which was covered with leaves and a door opened in front of him, on the ground. Once he enters the secret doorway, it closes behind him.


It wasn’t dark as large candles lit up the steps and the passageway.


He walked further until he came to an open place. In the open place were demon statues with horns.


“Indra! I have brought you good news for you.” The old priest shouted.


Out of the wall, Indra came out. The old priest saw him and rushed to meet him, bowing his head in respect to the god.


“Ravaana, your brother is dead.” He told Indra.


“I know that already.” Indra said touching one out of his two horns on his forehead. “I have someone who is working for me in that fortress.” He added when he saw the shock look on the old priest’s face.


“I thought you hadn’t known great Indra.”


“My brother thinks because we come from different mothers and father prefers his mother to mine he has the right to rule the fortress, he was wrong. I will be the one to rule the fortress” Indra said and clapped his hands three times, the stone statues demons started to gain life, the sand started falling down. “My footsteps shall be known once I step into the fortress.” He added, laughing his familiar evil laugh.


But the fact that another person’s footsteps had fallen there, this Indra didn’t know.






Lovers (My Hooligan)



Where Could They Be?

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