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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 9

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Chapter 9 ⃣






…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov


Half unbaked bread? Really? Do I look like one?


“But darling, I am not…” I begin to say when all the guys in suits came rushing at me at once, interrupting me.

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I punch the first one on his stomach, not hard though and kick him. He fell down, groaning in pains.


The next one came trying to sneak behind me and held my arms but I used my head to bruise his face.


He was watching how I beat up his bodyguards with angry eyes.


And so on I fought them as they attacked me until no one was left standing.


I saw him coming and embraced my body for his attack.


He punched me on my jaw and I fell down to the floor for the first time in my whole life.


It was painful and I spit out blood. He was strong, I like it.


“Nice punch my love.” I said getting up to my feet.

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“I didn’t get all of these just by sitting down moron.” He said rudely pointing at his abs.


“Let’s start all over again.” I said with a smile. “I love you.”



That enraged him and he came for me.


I dodged his kick and went behind him lifting up my legs to kiss his neck. Then dodged when he turned around to punch me.


“You could have told me you wanted a dance instead of turning around.” I said with a smirk. I love seeing him angry, his lips twisting upwards, it suits his handsome face.


He tried to punch me again but I was quick to go behind him and squeezed his ass tightly and he gasped out loud.


“Wow, nice ass you got love.” I said winking at him.


He didn’t attack me, he just stop and stared at me in utter rage.


“From now henceforth you are mine, my husband.” I told him. “And you….” I said


pointing at his bodyguards still on the floor. “His parents are now my in-laws.”


“I see you are new in this area that is why you don’t know who you are messing with. I will hunt you down.” He said with clenched teeth making him more dangerously handsome.


Oh, those lips….


“Don’t worry about hunting me down my love, I will come searching for you.” I told him. I walked away like a King.


He let out his frustration on his useless bodyguards.


I stopped another taxi which drove me to a hotel. I paid for a room, went to the bed and slept off immediately with my clothes on dreaming of his ass. I was no longer hungry.


His punch of love has fed my soul.




Early the next morning, I woke up and quickly had my bath before ringing the hotel to send me any food they have.


I wore the same clothes and headed towards Anant Desai.


I was welcomed by him and we sat down in his living room. His house was beautifully decorated and I love the designs.


“So where is your son?” I asked. I needed to see the baby I will be babysitting.


“Harsha!” He called out. “Come, please.”


And coming down from the stairs was him. I was shocked.


He was surprised when he saw me and his surprise turn to fury.


He came down and pointed at me angrily.


“She is the one who had messed up with me last night, dad.” He said.


“She?” Anant Desai said.


“Yes Dad, she.” He replied and bent low so his face was merely closer to me. “You mess up with the wrong guy.”


I threw him a kiss.


“Zee, I know you don’t know he is my son but I will sweep everything under the carpet.”


“Dad!!” Harsha yelled.


“Harsha, she is your bodyguard that will protect you until your wedding night with Krishna.” Anant Desai told him. “So forget ev-



“No wedding is taking place and if the wedding should take place, it is going to be me and your son.” I interrupted him.




“I love your son and he belongs to me Anant Desai.”


“I think you are going mad Zee.” He told me. “Don’t mess with me, I am more dangerous. He is engaged and there is nothing you can do so change your thoughts about getting married to my son because I won’t allow that to happen.” He warned.


I smiled.


“Life gives us two choices Anant Desai.” I begin. “Open your hands and take what you want or raise your hands and snatch what you want.” I told him. “You said you are going to be paying me 5 million Cores every week? I will pay you 10 million cores every day.”


I stood up and faced Harsha’s shocked face.


I pointed at him then at myself. “We…are…now…Lovers.”




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