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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 8

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Chapter 8 ⃣



Meeting Him



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



“Anant Desai wants me to kill the central minister and I plan to kill him before he attends his conference tomorrow. I need to rest to wake up early so you should be going now.” I told Krish who just tightened his hold on me.


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“I want to stay here today, with you Zee.” Krish said. “You know I love you, why are you pushing me away, pushing my love away?”


I sit up right from his embrace and his hold loose up a bit. He sat up right too.


“Krish, you know the rules, we are friends, friends with benefits and one day, this thing between us will stop.” I told him and got up not minding my na.kedness. “It will stop.”


“No, it won’t, I won’t make it stop.” Krish told me, getting up to his feet as well and hug me from behind. “No one can come between us because you are mine.” He told me possessively.


“Krish…” I began but he interrupted me.


“Look around you Zee, no one would love you the way I do. We are meant to be with each other, it was fate that brought us together.” He said. “I love you.”


“But I don’t love you.” I told him and untangled his arms around me heading back to my bathroom to wash off the smell of cum from my body, I opened the door and stopped just to say. “Make sure you are gone before I am out.” And I entered it locking the door.


When I came out of my bathroom, he wasn’t in the room, my towel that fell off was on my bed, I picked it up and threw it where my dirty clothes were.


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I quickly put on my pajamas and went round the house to be sure he had left and locked the doors from the inside before going back to my room.


Sitting on my bed and taking my phone, I dialed Krish number and he picked it on the second ring.


“Sorry for the way I acted Krish.” I told him.


“It’s okay love.” He said.


“Have you reached home yet?” I asked.


“Not yet, still driving.” He answered. “And you, what are you doing now?” He ask.


“I’m about to sleep.” I answered him.


“I wish I was there with you, love.” He said.


“What about your brother?” I asked quickly to change the topic.


“He hasn’t finished his own mission, he will be back once he is through.” He replied.


“I will call him tomorrow to hear his voice.”


“Okay.” Krish said. “Zee, I want us to go on a vacation to Paris, what do you say my love?”


“Goodnight Krish.”


“Oh, good night my princess. I lov-”


He didn’t finish his statement when I ended the call.


I received the alert from the minister and at the same time from Anant Desai.


I switched off my phone and plugged it to the light before I drifted off to sleep.




Early the next morning, I was awake and was already dressed for my next mission.


It was 4am in the morning and the minister would still be asleep.


I walked the distance to the minister house, I didn’t take my car.


Once I reached his house, I climbed the fence with ease and landed without a noise, the house was quiet, everyone was still asleep.


I walk over to the front door and use a pin to unlock it then enter the house. I climbed the stairs and saw about six doors, I tip-toed towards the last door and opened it slightly, I saw the minister and his wife sleeping.



Bringing out my gun silencer, I aim at the minister head and fire.


I found my way out of his home and went back to my house.


I put a call across Raja Rajasthan immediately.


“Hello Zee.” He said once he picked up.


“The central minister is dead, tell Anant Desai that.” I said and hung up the call going back to sleep.




When I woke up, the morning sun was out and I was hungry.


I quickly took a quick shower put on my cloth, a black top, baggy blue jeans with a black sneakers.


I took my phone and left for my car.


I was about to enter my car, a black Benz, when my phone rang.


I pick it up knowing who the caller is without checking the Caller ID. “Raja.”


“You are needed in my house right away Zee.”


“I am on my way to have breakfast Raja.”


“It’s urgent, you will eat when you get here.”


“Okay, I am on my way now.” I told him and he cut the call.


I entered my car and drove straight to Raja house.


I parked beside the familiar range Rover car parked in Raja compound, which means Anant Desai is here.



I entered his living room and I was right and went to sit down without greeting them.


“I am here Raja, my food.” I said and Raja climbed his hands twice and his cooker brought a plate of rice, a fragrant biryani rice and table water. I started eating immediately.


“You did a great job Zee.” Anant Desai said.


“Thank you.”


“There is another job I want you to carry out, I will pay you well.”


“What job?”


“My son will be getting married in a month’s time, I want you to be his personal bodyguard in Bangalore.” Anant Desai said. “I will be giving you 5 million cores every week if you accept.”


Five Million Cores? Every week? Wow.


“I accept.”


“When should I be expecting you?”




“Raja will text you my address.” He said standing up and left.


I finish my food. “Thanks for the food Raja.” I said and drank all the whole water in the can.


I stood up to leave.


“When am I getting his address?”


“Before you get home.” He answered and I left.


True to his words, I got a text message of Anant Desai address from him.




8: pm.


I left for Bangalore that night and didn’t take my car, I boarded a taxi when I got to Bangalore and told the old man to take me to the most expensive eatery around.


“Sorry ma’am but the only eatery which would have fit your taste has already been booked by a rich kid, everything.” The driver said. “No one is allowed in that eatery for today.”




“The guy who booked it is celebrating his birthday today ma’am.” He replied.


A birthday boy…


“Take me to that eatery.” I told him.


“The Eatery manager won’t accept any money you want to give to him as long as long as the rich kid is there.”


“Don’t worry, just take me to the eatery, I will pay you handsomely.” I told the driver.


He started his car and drove off towards the eatery direction.


We got to a beautiful eatery that left me speechless. It looks like a five star hotel.


I gave the old man some money that would feed him and his whole family for a month and got down from the car.


He drove away quickly after thanking me.



No security in sight as I entered the eatery.


The only people I saw were guys in suits seated in groups and talking amongst themselves and eating. The up and down we’re filled with guys in suits.


They all turned to look at me, the once noisy place became quiet.


“Where is the birthday boy?”


“I am.” A deep baritone voice that sent shivers down my spine greeted my ears.


I turn to see the most handsome guy walking down the stairs slowly. His eyes enchanted me immediately and my heart skipped a beat. Unlike the other guys, he was wearing a simple cloth, a white top that showed his 8 packs, white jeans and white timberland shoes to match.


I was in love. This handsome guy was mine to keep.


“Congratulations.” I said, prompting him to stop mid way on the stairs.




“I love you.” I answered and blew a kiss in the air towards him.


I heard loud gasps around me.


“How dare you?” He said in anger. “Hey, what are you half grown monkeys, castrated pigs and wax dummies doing? Beat this half unbaked bread now!!”


That was when I know, all the guys in suits were actually his bodyguards.




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