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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 7

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Chapter 7 ⃣






…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov


Raja turned to look at me with surprise as Anant Desai started laughing.


“Guts, Arrogance, Pride, such Ego, I like it.” He said. “Bring down your wings Zee or else you will die quickly.”

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I smiled, I have already cemented those things already.



“Once I commit to something Anant Desai, I don’t even listen to myself.” I told him. “There are millions of ways to kill a rat.”


“Are you by any chance calling me a rat?” Anant Desai demanded.


“No, the central minister.” I answered. “Rather than killing him at the conference, why not kill him in his house?”


“Good idea, but he is well protected, his goons are good.” Raja chips in.


“I don’t care to know whether his goons are good or not, how much are you going to pay me?”


“7 million cores.” Anant Desai told me.


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“Deal.” I said getting up, keeping my half cigarette on the table and turning to leave.


“Won’t you ask about the details of him?” He asked.


“Who doesn’t know the central minister in India? I know him more than you do.” I told him and left their presence.


I entered my car and drove towards the residence of the central minister.


I parked my car at the gate, got down and knocked. The gatekeeper opened the gate for me to enter once he saw me.


His goons saluted me. In Bombay everyone knows me.


I walked majestically and entered the central minister house.


He was with his family in the living room, a wife and two daughters, and they were gisting and laughing.


Once they saw me, they stopped laughing.


“Who are you?” The central minister demanded.


“Wow, your gatekeeper and your goons know me and you don’t? That’s by the way, I was sent here to kill you so how much are you going pay me to protect you?”


“You were sent to kill me?”


“Yes, on the day of your conference which will be held tomorrow. If you don’t talk a reasonable amount, you won’t live to attend your conference.” I told him.


“How much do you want me to pay you?” He finally said.


I laugh, “How can I know the price of your life minister?”


“10 million cores.”


“If you die now, you won’t be able to enjoy your wealth.” I said to him.


“15 million cores.”


“Deal.” I said. This is how I make my own money. In the end, I will have to kill the minister, but not tomorrow. He is evil and has stained his hands in blood, innocent blood.


I put my hand in my back pocket Jean and brought out my account details card and gave it to him and left.








By the time I got home, it was night already. I headed straight for the shower to wash off the road. The water felt wonderful against my tits, I leaned in letting it flow down my back to the crack of my ass then making a little loop until I could feel its warmth dripping from my pussy.


Suddenly I heard something, a movement,


It was faint. I turned off the shower, I heard someone moving in my bedroom.


There are only two people who have the key to my house, Krish and his brother,


Khaleel. And as far as I know Raja had sent them on a mission.


I threw my towel around me and peeked out into the bedroom, the light in my bedroom was off but I saw a figure inside my bedroom. I was out of the bathroom like lightning and kicked whoever the asshole is on the stomach and quickly on the light.


Krish fell onto the floor with a horrified look on his face. “Ouch, that hurts Zee.”


My towel fell down mistakely but I didn’t care. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I shouted at him. ” I could have killed you! Don’t you know how to speak anymore when you are in my house!!”


Krish didn’t say a word, rather he stared at my face then those dark eyes drifted down to my bare breasts and then slowly drifted down to my pussy. I was suddenly aroused and kneeled down so he could get a better view. His hands went right for my face and he kissed me deeply, it was hard almost forceful.


He pulled me into him, working his way down my neck to my hard nipples.


Grabbing them one by one in his mouth and sucking so hard. I grabbed his head and held him there, pushing my tits further into his mouth. He started kissing me again, guiding me back onto my towel until he was on top of me. His hands grabbed both my arms and pinned me down.


I felt powerless beneath his weight, he started grinding his pelvis into me. I could feel his cock through his pants, it felt thick and hard, my pussy was so wet. When he came to kiss me again I got free of his grip and unzipped his jeans feeling the full size of his cock in my hands. It was so thick and the head was dripping juices down the tip. I could hear him breathing in my ear, it got faster each time I stroked him. I spread my legs, letting his juicy cock slip between my pussy lips. He was slow with his strokes, finishing each one with a little grind into my clit. I tried to pull him in tighter, tried to grab his ass and grind into him myself but he wouldn’t.



He started stroking a little faster, deep into my pussy and grinding harder and harder.


“Faster Krish.” I moan out.


“I have missed you my love.” He said as he grab my tits and starting sucking it. I was about ready to explode… Then with a finale long deep stroke I came all over his cock. The juices dripping down my pussy to the floor under me. He gave a few quick strokes then pulled out, resting his cock on my belly while cum spewed from the head.


I grabbed him tight and pressed his cock between our bodies. I could feel him still stroking it, slipping it between our skin and a layer of cum that was getting bigger by the second. When he finished he rolled off of me onto the floor, still trying to catch his breath.


That was the rule I had kept if he still wants to keeping having sex with me. I don’t need your cum in me.



Krish Pov



I love Zee with every fiber of my body. I am madly in love with her. I love everything about her, from her sexy body to her bad boy attitude.


She doesn’t know how much I really love her, if only she could see my heart.


I had to restrict myself not to cum inside her as agreed.


Why couldn’t she return my love? Why? I can go to the end of the world just to see her smile and happy. Why can’t she just do this little favor for me? Why can’t she love me back.


I wrapped my arms around her, her back facing me, and we stayed like that. I am always turned on by the sight of her.


I will kill any male that dares to near or touch her. She was mine and mine alone.


She belongs to me.



I kissed her on her hair and sigh loudly as she pressed into my body.


No one can stand her except me.


No one can take her rude comments and not get angry except me.


No one can make her smile or laugh except me.


And no one can make love to her or touch her the way I do.


She was my property.


So I thought until He came along and Zee claimed Him as hers.






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