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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 4

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Chapter 4 ⃣



My Beginning (Part 2)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



He let go of my front gown and he started laughing and his members laughed with him.


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I looked around and noticed that people who were still littering around but made no move to come over and help us. This is Bombay, everybody minds their business.


“You.” He said, bringing my attention to him and was pointing at me, laughing. “You will hit me shorty?” He asked once he stopped laughing, looking at me from head to toe and he burst out laughing again.


I didn’t say a word, I was just staring at him, waiting for him to make one move, one mistake by touching me or my bag then he will know my fist is as tall as his.


“I wanted to take it easy on you shorty, but you want to prove stubborn.” He said and made to grab my bag and I punched him hard on his organ, he went down on his knees and I grabbed him on his hair and started punching him hard on his face.


“Who are you calling shorty? Who are you calling shorty?” I kept repeating those words as my fist drew blood from his mouth and nose. Once I had beaten him to my satisfaction, I let go of his big head and he fell down to the floor. I did not care to see if he fainted or died as I turned to look at the other four who hadn’t moved from their spot.


“If you don’t want to end up like your big mouthed friend here, give me all your money.” I told them smiling and they quickly searched themselves and brought out some coins and money notes. “Krish and Khaleel, go and collect their money and search them.” I told the two brothers who have been quiet and watching everything.


They quickly stood up to their feet and went to meet them, grabbing the money and searching their pockets.



I searched the body of the one I had beaten and took all the money from his pockets.

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Krish and Khaleel came back to the side with their hands full of money.


“Take your boss and get out of my face.” I told the useless four standing there like old ladies.


How can they just stand there without fighting for their boss?.


My mother would have said. ‘On some roads one must go alone, only alone.’


I rather be alone then have them as a gang member.


They didn’t move an inch to help their fallen member.


“Krish you and your brother should take that one and I will take this one.” I said to the brothers, pointing at the money in their hands. I opened my bag and put the money I took from the boy on the floor and zip my bag. “Look, once he wakes up, tell him to pick someone of his own size and strength next time. I have come here to find some treasure, not to break bones.” I told them and started walking away from them.


I have covered some distance when I heard running footsteps behind me and I know who it is.


“Why are you following me?” I asked turning around to face the two brothers. “Is the money you took from those boys not enough?”


“Not that Zee, I and my brother wish to follow you to wherever your destination is, you keep speaking of finding treasure, we want to help you and find it, if you let us.” Krish answered.


I smile. “Even I don’t know what treasure I am looking for Krish.” I said to him. “It might take a long time for me to find my kind of treasure.” I told him.


His brother made a sign which he interpreted for me.



“He said that whatever treasure you are looking for, we will help you and find it.”


I said nothing more as I turned to continue my walk, both running and walking besides me.


My stomach made a growling sound and I stopped walking prompting the brothers to stop. The Creator had sent the deaf boy with his gang to bring money for my next meal. Is the Creator not wonderful?


“Krish, you know this street like the back of your hand, right?” I asked him.


“Yes, I know everywhere, why are you asking, hope you are not planning to break into a house?”


“No, I am hungry, can you take me to where we can eat cheap food?”


He nodded his head. “Yes, I know exactly where to go.” He said and he and his brother started leading the way.





Krish Pov



Meeting Zee today was the best thing that has ever happened to me and my brother. Truthfully, the boy Zee had beaten was my friend and coming to take her bag was planned by me. We planned to take her bag from her and share whatever that we find Inside the bag amongst us equally.


I wasn’t expecting her to beat him to the extent of him fainting. We had checked his pulse and nose and I breathed out when we discovered he was still breathing. He fainted from the beating. I would be in big trouble if he woke up.


Every runaway kid, or orphans in Bombay, all live together. Our big boss simply known as Vishal, would return everyday with kids of Zee age or my age, some of the kids are orphans and some are runaways just like me and my brother. He will



give us food and shelter in his big house but it came with a price. Vishal works for a man named Raja Rajasthan.


Every morning he will divide us into three groups, one group will be given a box each to use in mending shoes etc, just like a cobbler, everything needed is in the boxes. The second group are pickpockets, they will go around Bombay tearing off and stealing people’s money or wallets, and the third group are beggars, they will sit from one street to another begging for money and by the end of the day, we will all give Vishal all the money. My brother and I fall in the third category.


And I am taking her to meet Vishal.


“Zee, there is something I want to tell you.” I said nervously. I need to tell her the truth just in case she meets the boys we took their money from.




“What happened back then was planned by me.” I confess.


“I know.” She said and stopped walking that prompted me to stop, my brother stopped walking to face her.




“What?” I exclaimed in shock. Maybe I did not hear her well.


“I said I know.” She repeated more loudly.




“One, I woke up and you and your brother were unhurt, your clothes looked fine. Two, when I left, you and your brother did not run to follow me which means you know the five of them. I was suspicious before but now you have confirmed my doubt.” Zee replied surprising me even more.


“I am sorry.” I said.



“It’s okay, I understand, is good you spoke up in time, because if it was someone else who told me, you and your brother will be in a peaceful coma.” She told me. “So where are you taking me to? The food joint or somewhere else?”


She is smart. I wonder how her brain works.


“Not a food joint Zee, but our boss, he is someone who can help you.” I told her.


“Your boss? Alright, take me to your boss, maybe he can be the treasure I am looking for.”


I did as she said, walking fast on the familiar road which led to Vishal home.


Soon enough we arrived at what we call home.


A very large bungalow, painted in white color which was fading.


Vishal and her kids live in this bungalow.


I knocked on the door and it was opened by one of us. We entered.


All The kids were present. I failed to tell Zee that she will be the only girl here.


I saw Anmol, the boy Zee had beaten and the rest of them four with Vishal. He was bandaged all around his face except for his eyes, nose and mouth and was sitting next to Vishal.


Behind Vishal were his thugs.


Did I forget to mention that he was Vishal’s favorite?


“That’s the girl who did this to Anmol.” Apurva, one of the four said pointing at Zee.


“He is not the treasure I am searching for.” Zee said pointing at Vishal without fear.



“Hey kid, do you know who I am?” Vishal asked and from the tone of his voice he was angry.


“As long as you are not my mother, I don’t care to know who you’re.” She told him with a matching tone.


“You beat me up and you still have the guts to talk to my boss rudely.” Anmol said. “You don’t know what is in for you shorty.”



“Hey you chutney made of rotten tomato disturbed fashion of the era and blackness of a burnt potato, you still have the strength to talk to me?”




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