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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 34

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Chapter 3 ⃣4 ⃣Finale



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya Pov



Mehal came to my rescue when the slaves refused to let me go or allow me to move, but still yet, they held onto my cloth, feet and arms tightly and didn’t want to let go of me.


“Save us from those demons, please!!” Were the chants that filled the air.

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I wanted to speak but the noises they were making were too loud.


“That’s enough all of you!!” I yelled out and that shut up everyone.


The noisy place suddenly became quiet.


“Let me make this clear, I wasn’t here to save any one of you but to save someone I love and my friend whom the daughter of Raveena Kaali had captured. But, seeing what you all go through, I changed my mind. So I am going to help you if you will help me in return.” I told them.


“What should we do?” Mehal demanded.


“Do you know the room where Ravaana I stays?” I asked him.



“No, I do not know his room, we haven’t been to the castle before. But I know of how you can get to Ravaana.” Mehal responded.


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“Okay, tell me, I am all ears.” I said.


“Ravaana always sacrificed four slaves to his goddess Mamatirina for good luck and protection before the Hell’s Pit fight.” Mehal told me.


“Okay, he uses humans for sacrifice?” I asked. My father is really cruel.




“So when is the sacrifice taking place?” I asked.


“Tonight? Today?”


“Today, and tomorrow is the Hell’s Pit fight.” Mehal replied.


“Do those guards have any telephone with them?”


“They have one in the maintenance room.” Mehal responded. “What do you want us to do for you?”


“I want you all to pray, have faith in the Creator and pray for my mission to be accomplished.”




I went to the maintenance room, and on the table, I saw a phone, a little android type.


Touching the screen, it opened. Thankfully it has no password, I went to the call list and saw a number saved as ‘Emergency’ and dialed it.


It rang two times before it was picked and I heard the voice of Krishna.


“Hello Aupu, what’s the situation?”



“I am not Aupu, sister.” I said. “Somehow, I found my way inside the fortress.”


“Zoya, I have to admit defeat on this round.”


“Where do you keep Harsha and my friend Krish?”


“They are fine, you will see them tomorrow.” Krishna replied. “So what’s your next plan, sis?”


“Planning to kill our father, stop me if you can. It’s a challenge Krishna.” I told her.


“You are chasing a dream that won’t come to pass.”


“Save your father tonight from me if you can.” I told her and ended the call.


She wouldn’t come here. I know the type of her, for her ego, she won’t tell anyone of our conversation, instead she will be with Ravaana Kaali all through today till tomorrow.


I could recall when Ravaana Kaali had come to Anant Desai’s birthday. I saw the way everyone was bowing to him as if he was a king, a legend King. I watched him whispered into Anant ears and went upstairs, I excused myself from Harsha on the pretence of wanting to use the bathroom and saw him when he entered Anant Desai. It was my chance to end him, but I had a change of mind and left him.


Krishna did not know that on the night she took Harsha and Krish was the night our father was supposed to die.





Krishna Pov



I will not tell anyone including my mother about I and Zoya conversation. With her calling me from the maintenance room means she is already in the fortress.


I will make sure she doesn’t set her eyes on Harsha or Krish again.



I quickly sent a text message to all the guards guarding the three gates to be at the festival before my father and the priest would arrive. I will be standing beside father.


This is between I and Zoya.





Zoya Pov


The sky was almost dark and I know the sacrifice will soon start.


I dug out the knife I had buried, removed the bottle tied around my waist and laced the knife with the thick liquid inside.


The old sage had told me to use it wisely.


I came out of the hut and saw the slaves, seated with their eyes closed, praying.


I left them and went back to the lift that took me back to the tunnel that led to the castle.


I removed my face mask and threw it at a corner.




Mamatirina Sacrifice (Beneath the Castle was an underground Large Cave):



Authoress Pov



Lady Deepa and her daughter were seen standing side by side near an empty stone chair as Ravaana Kaali and the priest entered the cave. They were red wrappers leaving their chest bare.


The priest and his followers were singing and dancing. The drummers were seen beating their drums.



Inside the caves, stood all the demon guards as Krishna had ordered them to stay alert of any unwanted presence.


Krishna was very alert.


Raveena Kaali went and sit down on the stone chair.


Not too far from the stone chair was the large statue of the goddess, Mamatirina. At both sides of the goddess were the skeleton heads of those he had sacrificed before. A sword laid on the arms of the goddess.


The priest and his followers went to the goddess and started dancing.


They danced for twenty minutes and then stopped, but the drummers.


“It’s time.” The priest announced and Raveena Kaali stood up from his sit and went to where the priest was standing and took the sword from the arms of the goddess and touched the tip of the blade to his forehead, closing his eyes as the priest started his incantation.


“Bring the slaves, the two male first.” The priest ordered and two of his followers left and returned with the first two males. Placing their heads at the feet of the goddess, Raveena Kaali wasted no time in cutting off their heads and throwing their heads at the place the skeleton heads are.


He licked the blood from the sword and with one powerful kick sent the headless bodies inside a hole which was hidden underneath the statue.


The drummers beat their drums then stop.


“Bring the two females.” The priest ordered and the same three people went and dragged the two.


One of the girls was Zoya. She used dirt on her face, so she wouldn’t be recognized.



When they placed their heads at the feet of goddess Mamatirina, and were pinned by the three younger priests.


Zoya waited as she watched the sharp sword of her father coming with full speed before she kicked the one that was holding her by his legs and removed her head at the same time, Ravaana Kaali sword had descended and it only cut the head of the other female.


Zoya was quick and held his sword, and brought out hers which enlarged and with it, she cut off the head of her father.


No one moved as they stared in shock at what just happened.


Raveena Kaali is dead.


She turns and faces the priest. “The sacrifice is complete.” She told him and went to the stone chair and sat down. She smiled at Krishna and Lady Deepa.


An unknown person who had watched everything from where he was hiding left the cave and came outside the castle, bringing out a phone and quickly dialed a number. Once it was picked, he said.


“Raveena Kaali is dead like you had predicted.”


An evil laughter was heard.


“I will be coming to take what rightful belongs to me.” A thick hoarse voice said.


“The fortress will take a new turn once my footsteps land there.” He added.


Zoya looked at the demons who were staring at her with shock and surprise.



Zoya Pov


I smirk at the shock look I was receiving, no doubt, they are scared of me.


“From now henceforth, I am the new Ravaana Kaali.” I said aloud. “Drummers!!” I yelled out and they started hitting their drums.



Come out of your hiding place and stop hiding in the shadow, I am waiting for you wherever you are.


Authoress Pov



Powerful people come from powerful places. Zoya had a plan before but that changed when she found out a secret and forward everything to Arjun to help her track someone through an email. She knew of Krishna and her mother’s plan and knowingly shook hands with Lady Deepa to inject the drug into her. When she saw Ravaana Kaali, it was confirmed to Zoya that truly her father comes from that powerful place. So even though she got a chance to kill him at that party, she did not kill him. She left him alive. Whoever that is the owner of that email, will be a strong opponent. It would be a tough battle, so to defeat the unknown person she needed to obtain her father’s strong demons. That is why she had killed her father in front of them, to instill fear and respect towards her.




This is just the beginning of the story.




The End









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