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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 33

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Chapter 3 ⃣3 ⃣(Semi-final)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya Pov



I pushed the cart towards where the other slaves stopped and were waiting. For some reasons when I stared at them with my coldest stare, they couldn’t shoot.


Good they are scared of me.

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Why would they ask us to come and take our food and at the same time scare us away? Why? Did they deprived joy when they saw how the slaves ran away in fear? Didn’t they know we haven’t eaten? I need to find Harsha and Krish and get the hell out of here before I become a dry bone with my growing child inside my stomach.


Once I reached the scared slaves who were staring at me with shock and surprise, I took a nylon which had been packed with rice, and one apple. They all waited until I had taken my share before they rushed to take their own shares.


Why can’t they just gang up and beat up these demon’s, why?


I pondered in thought as I walked back to the poverty stinking hut to eat my food and think.


Somehow I must find a way to get into that castle and save them.


To hell with the Hell’s Pit.


There has to be a shortcut to get inside the house. An underground tunnel that would lead me inside the castle.


I got to the hut and sat down and began to eat.

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Soon, the rest of the slaves came and entered their various huts.


I saw a very old man begin led by a young boy. The boy was holding onto the old man’s hand and was leading him to a hut.


“Can’t the guards allow him to rest since he is now old?” I asked one of the slaves that sat next to me, we were sharing the hut.


“No, we can’t,” He answered. “If they know he is blind, they will kill him and give us his bones to bury.” He added.


Thinking of his answer, what he said almost sounded familiar to the story that mad man was saying last night.


I took my bath later in the night when everyone was asleep.




The next morning, I was placed with those who will be working in the maintenance room.


While cleaning and mobbing the large room filled with various large engines. I saw a map that was plastered on the wall. It has the drawing of the castle, in fact the entire fortress.


I walked towards the map pretending to be cleaning the floor and was watching and summarizing the map.


Once we were through, we left the maintenance room and headed back to our huts.


The guards were watching us, every one of us.


On our way, I saw the old man again and the young boy, the boy was behind the old man holding him in his clothes and directing him where to step.


He wasn’t seeing a drum filled with black oil and the old man pushed it to the ground, alerting the guards, all 15 of them to them.



“Is he blind?” One of them asked, licking his lips.


“No sir, it was a mistake.” The old man replied as the younger boy helped him up to his feet.


“A mistake, I see. Step forward and point at the direction I am standing.” The same demon said again moving away from where he stood before.


The old man lifted up one of his shaking bony fingers and pointed at a wrong side.


The fifteen demons started hitting their legs on the ground laughing.


The same demon who had told the old man to point at him walked up to meet the old man and began to lead him away.


The fourteen demons went with their colleague as they entered a lift which I have not seen before which took them lower.


“Where are they taking him?” I asked no one in particular.


“I don’t know, but whoever follows them there only returns with his or her bones to be buried.” Someone behind me replied.


No, I can’t stand and watch.


I waited until I saw the lift ascending before I went to enter the lift which started taking me lower.





Authoress Pov


The priest came again and requested for the present of Raveena Kaali.


Raveena Kaali came out of his castle to meet the priest.


“Your death angel is here and will kill you.” The priest told him.


“Whoever it is or wherever he or she is, I cannot be killed that easily. Tonight is the sacrifice I will offer to the goddess mamatirina.”


“And you cannot afford to miss this Raveena Kaali. Are the four people you are going to use as the sacrifice ready?” The priest demanded.


“Yes, don’t forget tomorrow is the Hell’s Pit fight where my daughter will defeat some champions.”


“I will come and watch Kaali, but remember to be very careful and be cautious for the one who will kill you is closer than you think.” The priest told him and left.





Zoya Pov



Once the lift stopped, I saw myself in a narrow passage, a replica of the other one I had been too. On the wall of the passage, were different sizes of swords, demon swords.


I took one and proceeded to walk the long passage.


I could hear the pleading of the old man, begging them not to take his life, but those demons continue their evil laughter.


I walked towards where the voice of the old man was coming from and came to a dead end, a thick wall blocked the rest of the passage. I saw they had tied up the man and he was dangling in the air.


“Won’t you leave him as he asked?” I said aloud and that seized their laughter.


They all turn and face me.


“What are you doing here slave?” A different demon asked.


“Taking the old man away.” I responded pointing at the old man.



No words were spoken as they all rushed towards me.


I swing the sword and cut one into two, the one I had cut burned to ashes.


That didn’t stop the rest from coming, by the time I was through with them, they were gone, all burned to ashes.


I quickly untied the old man and was about to lead him away when I stopped and stared at the thick wall. I left the old man and started to touch every part of the wall. I touched a particular place and the thick wall gave way to reveal a tunnel.


Where could the tunnel lead me to?


“I will be right back.” I told the old man before entering the dark tunnel.


Luckily for me, I could see perfectly in the dark, I followed the straight tunnel until I saw myself inside the castle.


I turned and went back to meet the old man and took him out of there.


When we stepped out of the lift, I could see the faces of the surprise slaves.


“They are dead.” I said aloud and freed the old man.


I haven’t taken two steps when all slaves ran to touch my feet, crying.


It was at that moment, I realized one thing.


Ravaana Kaali wasn’t my missing treasure, but them.


These slaves are my missing treasures.


Some how, have got to save them all.


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