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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 31

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Chapter 3 ⃣1 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya Pov


I can’t be pregnant, not now.


“Are you sure I am pregnant, doctor?” I asked the doctor.


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“Yes ma’am.”


“I am so happy for you Zee, you are going to be a mother soon.” Khaleel did his sign language, smiling happily. “Is the pregnancy for my brother or Harsha?”


“Harsha.” I replied, forcing myself to smile..


My hands slowly went to my stomach. I have someone growing in me.


Will keeping this baby ruin my plan for me?


Should I remove it or not?


“Is my new face mask ready Ajay?”


“Yes ma’am, it has been ready since two days now.” Ajay responded.


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“Okay, please call me Arjun.” I told him. “And take the doctor away with you.” I said.


Ajay led the doctor away as I went to sit on the bed.


“Come sit with me Khaleel.” I told him and he hurried and sat close to me.


“Please don’t think about aborting my little niece or nephew growing inside you.” Khaleel told me.


“Be rest assured I won’t, Khaleel.” I said and at that moment the door opened and Arjun walked in. He was the guy who had come with few of my goons to Gorai village when the village was being threatened.


“You sent for me ma’am.” Arjun said.


“Yes, have you gotten the person that owns that email account I had sent to you?” I asked immediately.


“Not yet ma’am, I am still working on it. The owner of that email made it impossible for anyone to track him or her, but I will definitely know who has the account.” He replied to me.


“Okay, keep working on Arjun. You can go now.”


He nodded his head and left us alone.


“What are the two of you discussing? What email are you tracking?” Khaleel asked.


“Don’t worry Khaleel, I will give you an answer soon, but for now, let it remain between I and Arjun.” I replied, smiling sincerely.


“Okay.” He said without asking any further questions, that is one thing I love about him. If it was Krish, he won’t rest until I have told him.


“I hope they have been treating you well since you are here?” I asked.



“Yes sis.” Khaleel responded. “So what are you planning, I know you are not going to rest as the doctor said?” He asked me, smiling. I smile back at him.


“You know me too well.” I told him. “I am going to see Raja Rajasthan.”




The following day, I went to visit Raja Rajasthan.


“After you left for Bangalore, you just forgot about me, Zee.” Raja Rajasthan said to me once we are seated.


“You know my style Raja Rajasthan.” I told him. “Anyway, that is not why I am here, when is Raveena Kaali bringing in his packages?” I asked him. He knows what I mean by ‘Packages’.


“In two days time.” Raja Rajasthan responded. “Are you now interested in joining my business Zee, I will be buying some packages from Ravaana when they arrive.” He added.


“Can you tell me the place where those packages have been loaded before taken to Raveena Kaali fortress?” I asked him, smiling sweetly.


He told me without any hesitation.


“But I must tell you, there are at least more than a hundred goons there and if you are not from Raveena Kaali, they won’t Grant you access to check the trucks.” He told me.


I thanked him and stayed with him until it was even I and left his house and drove towards Anant Desai house. I went back to my house in Bombay and took one of my cars to drive.


He was surprised and happy when he saw me.


“I thought they had killed you Zee.” He said smiling happily.



“I am too tough to get killed Anant Desai.” I told him.


“How about my son, Harsha? Where is he?”


“I’m afraid Krishna took him away and wants me to come to the fortress and fight her for the release of your son and my other friend.” I replied to him.


“What are you going to do now, you will be killed before reaching the second gate.” He told him


“Don’t worry about that Anant, I am going to the fortress to save Harsha and Krish and no one can stop me.”


“I shall be waiting then, I will give you all the help I can.”


“Okay, thank you.” I thanked him and left his house and drove towards my hideout.


Getting out of my car Ajay came to meet me. “Did you get the information you needed from Raja Rajasthan, ma’am?” He asked me.


“Yes, get me someone who will remove these tattoos from my body tomorrow.” I told him.


“Done ma’am.”




Two Days Later…..


I was set and ready to go to the location Raja Rajasthan had given me.


My tattoos were gone, including my mother’s picture I had drawn on my back.


Can’t take chances.



I was wearing the new face made for me, giving me a different look entirely and as if the doctor knew the kind of face I had wanted, he added hair to the skull.


Wearing it as the length stopped in the neck, it quickly glued to my skin. No one would notice it. I packed the hair in a ponytail and turned to fade Ajay, Arjun and Khaleel.


“How do I look guys?”


“Different, no one will know it’s you.” Ajay spoke first.


“It has transformed you into another person.” Arjun said.


“Be safe Zee.” Khaleel told me and I smiled.


“I will Khaleel.” I said. “Ajay, give me my things.” I told him and he gave me a little bag.


In the bag were bombs, probably five or more.


“Is that all you would need?” Arjun asked me.


“Yes.” I answered, touching my left Jean pockets to be sure the bottle given to me by the priest was there. It was.


I was wearing some ladies clothes this time around.


“Arjun, the key.”


Arjun gave me a key and I went and climbed the unregistered bike that was a few metres away from us.


“I will give you a signal, until then, don’t do anything and Arjun, make sure you are working on that.”


“Yes ma’am.”


I started the bike and drove away.




I saw them, the goons Raja Rajasthan had told me about and it didn’t take me time to blow some of them off and kill some of them.


By the time I was done, no goons were alive.


I went and took the chains used on the people packed like sardines in about seven trucks, opened one of the trucks and entered it and was about to enter it when my phone rang.


Damn, this could have given me away.


I brought it out of my pocket and glanced at the caller to see an unknown number calling.


I picked it up and heard the voice of Krishna.


“Are you still recovering dear sister?”


I laughed.


“You think you are the head dear sis, but what you don’t know is that you will always be the neck. And the head is me.” She told me.


“I am coming to the fortress Krishna, stop me if you can.” I told her and cut the call. Throwing the phone to the ground, I matched it until it was in pieces and entered the truck, closing it behind me.


Putting the chains around my legs and neck, I sat down with the shivering people.





Krishna Pov


I was up to my feet immediately she ended the call.


My mother who was discussing with Raja Rajasthan stopped.


“What is it my dear?” She asked me.


“Zee, she is coming mother.”


“She can’t pass the gates, alert the guards of her coming. Let them kill her.” My mother said and Raja Rajasthan started to laugh. “What is so funny Raja?” My mother asked, getting angry at the man.


“If it is Zee, forget it Lady Deepa. She will definitely enter this fortress.” Raja Rajasthan answered.


“Not on my watch. My goons are already waiting for her.” My mother said. “Go and alert the guards and stay in the last gate and also, inspect the trucks that are coming, she might be hiding in one of them.” She told me.


“Lady Deepa, the one who comes with a gang is a gangster, Zee doesn’t need one and that makes her a monster, if I am you madam, I will give Zee what she is requesting now before it is too late.”


“What are you still waiting for Krishna, go now!” She yelled and I left to carry out her order.


I alerted the guards at the three gates and waited for the trucks to arrive at the third gate.


Zee can’t enter the fortress, those guards aren’t humans.





Zoya Pov


I watched as the trucks were stopped and inspected by Krishna herself.



The truck I was in was next and I mask my face so that it will appear scared and change my voice to that of hers, a high pitched voice, and start screaming out in fear, my voice louder than the others.


The door of the truck was opened and she climbed inside, though it was dark, but she used a torchlight at each of our scared faces.


She came down from the truck.


“She is not in this truck.” I heard her say and move to the last one.


The truck started moving.


So finally, I am inside the fortress.


I smile to myself. What Krishna doesn’t know is;


In a fight, who hits first is not what is counted, but who falls down first is what clinches the fight.


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