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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 25

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Chapter 2 ⃣5 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya POV


“What?” I exclaimed in shock.


“Yes, if I hadn’t brought the attention of Ravaana Kaali to her, her whole family would still be alive.” He said with sadness. “Ravaana Kaali took her and made her his slave in the fortress.” He added.


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“I know that he kidnaps people, sells some and turns the remaining ones into his slaves.” I told him. “But how did my mother escape from there?” I asked, eagerly waiting for his answer.


“His wife helped her escape one rainy night, by then Amulya was pregnant and she didn’t want the slave to give birth in the fortress.” He replied.


“Wow, Ravaana Kaali’s wife must have a little bit of good in her.” I told him.


“I doubt that, she is evil, but has to let Amulya go.” The old man said.


“What kind of job do you do for Raveena?” I asked him.


“Weren’t you paying attention when I introduced myself to you earlier on?” He asks, then continues. “I was a doctor to them. Ravaana Kaali takes pleasure in sleeping with underage girls for more strength. I was employed to remove the little girl’s womb before he could touch them.” He added.


That is disgusting. Not only is he kidnapping and forcing people to be slaves, he is also sleeping with minors? I feel like strangling this man with my bare hands.



I thought within myself.

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“So what happened? How did you escape from the fortress?” Harsha asked.


“I didn’t escape. I was allowed to go and come as I like. But last year, I told Raveena Kaali that my eyesight was now too weak so I can’t continue working for him. He accepts and ever since I walked out of that fortress, I had combed half of India searching for your mother.” He answered.


“Why?” I demanded him.


“To apologise to her. I haven’t gotten a decent sleep for years, Zoya. I am always seeing the faces of those dead young girls. At least one of them was able to escape so I thought if I could search for her and seek her forgiveness, maybe my nightmare would stop.” He said almost in tears.


“She is dead now, old man.” I said.


“Sadly, but since you are her daughter, I can still seek your forgiveness.” He said, dropping the food which had gone cold to the floor and fell down to his knees. “Please Amulya daughter, forgive me.” He pleaded.


“Please get up and sit. My mother would have forgiven you if she was still alive, so I will forgive you.”


He stood up in happiness. “Thank you so much Zoya.” He said with a bright smile.


“I feel at peace now, thank you.” He thanked me.


“It’s nothing.” I said. “Well since you know so much about my mother, do you have any idea who my father is? I want to know my father?” I asked.


“All your answers lie within the fortress Zoya. You are going to find him, that I am assuring you.” He told me.


Why are they hiding who my father is?



“I need to find him so that we can both join hands and stop this evil Raveena Kaali, seriously, he is getting on my nerves.” I told him.


“Ravaana Kaali is no ordinary man Zoya, but I believe everything has a purpose.”


He told me. “I will be on my way home Zoya. Thank you very much.”


“Where do you live?” I asked him.


He told me.


“Okay, I will try and pay you a visit one of these days.”


“Okay, I will be expecting you. Feel free to ask me anything concerning the fortress.” He told me. “Thank you once again.” He added and left.


“Do you believe him?” Harsha asked once he was gone.


“I will once I visit that temple he mentioned.” I replied to him.


“It might be a trap Zoya, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Harsha said worriedly.


“I know, but don’t worry, I am no fool.” I told him and get up to my feet. “Let’s start going home.”


We went to tell my grandmother about our departure and soon we left.


I send a text message to a goon of mine to be watching my grandmother always in case for danger.




By the time we reached Bangalore, it was dark already. I know Anant Desai would be worried sick about the whereabouts of his son.


The gate keeper was happy when he saw us and let us pass, we entered the house and met a worried Anant Desai who was walking around in his living room. When he saw us, his face brightened up.



“I thought you both had ran away.” He said with happiness.


“Run away with your son? That can’t be possible, I don’t hide myself like a coward.” I told him.


“So where have you both been all through the day?”


“We went out to catch some fun dad.” Harsha responded before I could and turned to wink at me. That’s when I saw a black Shadow leaning against the wall outside of the living room window. He was aiming his gun at Harsha and I was fast enough to bring my lover down to the floor before the sound of the gun was heard.


Anant Desai who was standing not too close to Harsha got hit on his shoulder by the bullet. Well, I had forgotten about him. I was up to my feet and ran towards the window, breaking it with my fist and jumping out.


By then the assassin had climbed the fence and ran away. He was so fast with his movement that I couldn’t meet him. I know it was male that I was chasing


That bastard was damn lucky.


I ran back to the house and saw Anant Desai seated and Harsha was trying to get the bullet out of his body. The way he was slicing into the skin expertly made me wonder where he learned how to do that.


“He escaped.” I told them. “I won’t let this slide, someone wants to kill my lover and also shoot at my father in-law. I will comb the whole of India to find that bastard.” I said and Anant Desai’s phone rang. “Who is it?” I demanded immediately.


Staring at his phone, “Krishna.” He replied.


Krishna again? Seriously speaking, that girl is pissing me off.



“Harsha please pass me the phone.” I ordered and Harsha took the phone from his father’s hand and threw it at me which I caught mid air. And quickly answer the call.


“Zoya, I wasn’t expecting you to pick his call you know.” Krishna mosquito voice said.


“Krishna, enough is enough, you can’t kill Harsha when I am still breathing.” I told her. “Don’t attack me in the shadows, if you have the guts, let’s meet face to face and finish this once and for all Krishna.”


She laughed at my words.


“Zoya, you shouldn’t be meddling with my property. I saw him first and if you still choose to stay with him, you will die a horrible death. I will kill you with my bare hands. Just like on every bite of food, the name of the person who will eat it is written, just like that there is a bullet on which your name is written, and that bullet is in my gun. I am giving you a final warning, stay away from this family, I saw him first.”


“Too late for that, I will catch you by surprise Krishna.”


“No one can catch me, I am like sand, the more you squeeze it in your hand the more it will escape.”


“I will recite a poem I wrote a long time ago.” I said slowly. “Don’t hit me with stones, I will catch them and build my house. Don’t try to set me on fire, I will use it to light up my home. Don’t try to send me away from here, I will reach my goals much faster than you think. Don’t try to hit me with your bullet, I will make each bullet salute me. And I am telling you Krishna, don’t try to use poison to kill me. I will hold it in my throat and become Lord Shiva himself.”






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