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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 22

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Chapter 2 ⃣2 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:


The Next Morning:



Zoya Pov



When I woke up, I met an empty bed. The room was empty too. The headache I was feeling was gone, thank goodness.

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Where has Harsha gone too? Did he freak out and left me last night? No, I don’t think so.


I was up to my feet and quickly went to his bathroom to take a quick shower, coming out, I went to Harsha wardrobe and picked a random top and Jean and wore it, even though it was a little bit oversized, it fitted me perfectly.


I left his room and entered the room I and Krish had shared and brushed my teeth.



By the time I was walking down the down staircase, I met Harsha with a large tray of food, fried rice, salad and fried Chickens in his hands.


I wonder when he woke up to prepare all these.


“Oh you are already awake.” He said with a large smile on his handsome face. “I was just bringing you breakfast but anyway, let’s eat in the dining room.” He added and turned around, descending the stairs carefully so that he would not split any of the food and he led me to another section in the living room.


I haven’t been to their dining room or thought they had, in fact my eyes didn’t know there was another door in the living room that leads to the dining room. So I was surprised when I saw the glass table and chairs.


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He gently drops the tray on the table and draws out one of the chairs for me to sit on, which I did immediately, thanking him. He went and returned with two glasses of water which he set on the table.


He sat beside me and dish out my food and his.


“Thank you.” I whispered as the sweet aroma hit my nose. I took a spoon and closed my eyes in pure bliss, “You really are a good cook Harsha, you will teach me how to cook.” I said.


“You don’t know how to cook?” It wasn’t an insultive question, just a surprise question so I nodded my head and continued eating as he ate his own portion.


We ate in silence until the whole food was gone. In the process of finishing up my water, I remembered something.


“Harsha, will Krishna see what you said happened to me last night?” I asked all of a sudden.


“Yes I think so. My dad left very early this morning, he said Krishan wants to meet him.” He answered.



“I can’t stay here, I don’t like the way she has her eyes all over this house. I need to leave this house today and lodge in a hotel around here.” I told Harsha.


“I agree with you on that Zee. I don’t like how she will be invading our privacy, I am sure even as we are discussing this, she is watching us.” Harsha said. “Honestly speaking I am sick and tired of it.” He added.


“Pick a hotel we can go to now so we can discuss freely.” I told him.


“Okay, just give me some minutes to freshen up.” He said getting up, I too stood up and stopped him from packing the used plates.


“I may not know how to cook but I still know how to wash a few plates.” I said with a smile which he returned.


“Okay, and before I forget, you look beautiful wearing my clothes.” He said lean forward and kiss me on my lips briefly before leaving me alone in the dining room. My smile widened as I took the plates to the kitchen to wash.




In an hour time, we were safely at a hotel in Bangalore.


I still can’t believe I have been having my bath in a house with hidden cameras around.


“So Harsha, about last night, what kind of creature do you think I am?”


“I don’t know Zoya.” He replied, staring at my hands. “You have black claws, I could have said a wolf but your claws is so different from a wolf paws. Maybe something more than that.”


“How come I never knew I had this beast in me before? Why now? Why yesterday? I don’t understand.” I said rubbing my forehead. “I don’t understand why it has to happen now. Who am I and why do I have claws all of a sudden?”



There were many questions running through my mind which we have no answer to.


“Zoya, maybe you inherited it from your parents, probably one of them must be what you are.” He said.


“My mother is not that, she would have told me.” I said as the memories of my late mother came flooding my head. “She didn’t and neither did she tell me she is some kind of beast.”


“Then maybe from your father’s side because you can’t tell me you could sprout out some fur and sharp claws all of a sudden if you don’t have the gene already in you.” He said.


“I don’t know anything about my father, whenever I ask her of him, she just ignores the question and sometimes, she tells me he is a powerful man and some other stuff, she never told me who really is my father. But she said I will come to know of him one day.” I told him.


“Finding your father will help reveal why all this is happening to you.”


“Yeah, but I don’t know where or how to find him.” I said.


“What about your grandmother? I think she might have an idea of who your father is.” He said and I agreed with him. “Well since we are not doing anything today, let’s go to Gorai and seek for answers.” He suggested.


“You are right sweetheart.” I told him. “I will have to buy my normal clothes I usually wear when visiting my grandmother.”





Krish Pov


Krish Home (Living room):



I was angry, not at my love Zee but at Harsha. That fool nearly made the love of my life to kill me.


I was scared at first of what I saw last night in Harsha room when I saw Zee nearly changing into a creature, but then again, after I had run away and was halfway to Bombay, I realized Zee wouldn’t have known she had that beast in her if it wasn’t for me.


I remembered Krishna telling me that she was different, in fact the entire guards that guide their fortress were different and when I asked her how, she told me it’s a secret that if I want to know I should find a way to provoke Zee since I am close to her.


I never meant to provoke her in this way and the revelation that came afterwards was shocking.


Was this what Krishna was trying to say? And, how did Krishna get to know that provoking Zee would bring out the hidden side of her? How? Or are they related in any way? What if they are, that means the rumors going around that Raveena Kaali is from the lineage of a demon god is true.


My phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts, I went to pick up my phone which I had thrown on the chair when I came home.


I saw the caller’s name and picked it up.


“Krish, just because I gave you a chance you want to take chances, right?” The chill voice of Krishna asked me.


“I am sorry, I didn’t know what came over me Krishna.” I apologise. Truly I was blind with rage when Zee told me to leave because she wants to make Harsha happy.


“I will let this slide but next time if you touch Harsha you won’t like my dancing style.” She said. “Did you notice anything when Zee held your neck yesterday night?”


“Yes, but…” I began to say when she interrupted me.


“Krish, I know there are a lot of questions running through your mind, but just know if you tell someone else what you saw last night, you will be dead, I am watching you.” She said. “Let the questions be left unanswered.” She added and ended the call.


My questions won’t be left unanswered Krishna, you have made me more curious, I will surely find a way to talk to Zee once Harsha is out of the way for good.


Krishna threats will amount to nothing once I have Zee by my side. Zee is mine beast or no beast.


I know someone who can help me eliminate Harsha.




Gorai Village:



Harsha Pov


Zoya’s grandmother was surprised to see us as she wasn’t expecting us that soon.


“I hope there is no problem?” She asked us after we were seated. We were inside her room.


“No grandma, actually we came here for answers.” Zoya said.


“Answers to what?” She asked, staring at her granddaughter.


“My father, do you by any chance know who my father is?” Zoya asks immediately.


She shook her head sadly, “No Zoya, I don’t know who your father is, to be truthful, I had asked your mother once but she said she doesn’t want me to know for my own good, that she is keeping me safe from danger.” She said.


“So you have no idea who my father is?” Zoya ask with a crestfallen face.


“No my dear child.” Her grandmother said. “Zoya, there is something else you should know. I am not your real grandmother.”


What the hell? I wasn’t expecting that.


“What?” Zoya exclaimed in shock. “What did you just say grandma?”


“I am not your grandmother, your mother and I are not related. Some years ago, I met your pregnant mother and took her as my own flesh and blood. We made a vow not to tell you but why I am telling you all these is that you shouldn’t see me as someone who didn’t know who got her daughter impregnated.” She told us.


“I can’t believe this. So how am I going to find my father to explain some certain things happening to me right now?” Zoya asked no one in particular.


“If this could help….I am coming.” She said and stood up from her seat and went to


one of her boxes, opened it and brought out a dirty but yet clean white saree and a white skirt and gave it to Zoya. They look so familiar to me. “This was what she was putting on when I first saw her that night.”


Zoya collected the clothes from her staring at it.


On a closer look, I think I know where I had seen the familiar clothes from.


“I think I know where the clothes are from.” I said bringing Zoya and her grandmother attention to me.


“You do?” But she and her grandmother asked at the same time.


Nodding my head to their question, “Yes, these are the outfits given to a female slave.”


“Female slaves clothes? Where?” Zoya demanded with a raised eyebrow.


I could tell she was waiting for my answer.



“In Raveena kaali fortress.”


I have been to Raveena kaali fortress before, I have seen the slaves there. If her mother is a slave there, then we now have a lead.


Her answer lies in Raveena Kaali fortress.




© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke.

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