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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 21

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Chapter 2 ⃣1 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Harsha Pov


I couldn’t believe what my eyes were showing me.


Both hands were claws.


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I had to triple clean my eyes and still see the claw hand around Krish neck…..and


he is going to die if Zoya did not release her hold on him now.


Getting out of my shock state, I quickly went over to where they are and tried to remove Zoya claw fingers around his neck, but it seems abortive.


“Zee, please let go of him, you are killing him.” I said trying to pry off her sharp claw fingers from his neck.


Her face looked normal except for her eyes which were now as black as night.


“I warned you not to hurt him. He is mine!!” She yelled in a deep growl that vibrated the room. “I am going to kill you!”


I could see that Krish was going to pass out soon as his face went pale and whiter as the minutes went by.


For some reason I can’t fathom, I wasn’t scared of Zee’s new appearance and I don’t know how to stop her before she kills Krish.


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I did what my heart told me to do at that moment.



I kissed her.



Zoya POV



Feeling a warm lips on mine made the black mist that has covered my eyes clear and I realized two things.


One, Harsha was kissing me and two, I was holding Krish tightly on his neck and was lifting him up.


I remember seeing him strangling Harsha and I lost it.


I didn’t know what happened after that or how Krish ends up in that position. I quickly removed my hand and he fell down in a loud thud on the floor, he was breathing quickly.


I saw him in the corner of my eyes as he scrambled to his feet and ran out of the room.


Why was Krish running away with that fearful look on his face?


I shrug my shoulders inwardly and concentrate on the kiss.


I wrapped my arms around him, one on his head and the other one on his waist. We kissed like our life depended on it and only broke apart when we heard the sound of the door slamming hard.


“What happened?” I asked breathlessly when I did not see Krish.


“Something strange happened to you Zee, but I will tell you the details. Let me check if truly that noise we heard was Krish leaving, okay?”


I nodded my head and he quickly left me.


What had happened?



I could feel a headache coming as my head felt as if something was pounding it and I went to sit on the bed awaiting Harsha to come back.


He returned five minutes later and came to sit beside me.


“He is gone, I have locked the door, my dad has his own keys he will use once he comes back. Thankfully all these happened when he was not around.” He said as I closed my eyes as my head felt it had been torn from the inside. “What is Zee?”


“I feel like something is tearing my head Harsha, what happened when I walked into the room. I only remember seeing Krish strangling you and…..and that is all I


could remember until you kissed me. What exactly happened?” I ask him, opening my eyes to look into his, ignoring the pain in my head.


But Harsha wasn’t looking into my eyes.


“Harsha, look at me and tell me what happened, please.”


“Were you bitten by an animal before?” He suddenly ask


Bitten by an animal?


“No, no animal has bitten me before, why are you asking instead of telling me what had happened?” I asked him not understanding his question.


“Because, when you held Krish, your fingers were claws and your eyes were darker. It seems you have a hidden beast in you.”


I wanted to laugh as he kept his face serious but the pain in my head kept my mouth shut.


“You are not serious Harsha, you are saying I have claws and not to mention I have a hidden beast in me? Are you sure you are alright?”


“Do I look like someone joking, Zoya? If you think I am joking, why then did Krish run away once you release him from your hold. You nearly killed him a few



minutes ago so I decided to kiss you and your claws and beastly look went away.” He told me.


He was really serious.


“Are you saying I am some kind of beast?”


“Yes, I don’t know what might trigger that hidden side of you…..” He seemed to


pause, thinking for a second. “You were angry at Krish when he refused to let me go. It seems your anger triggers your hidden side.”


“Then why aren’t you scared of me?”


“You saved my life and I just confess to you that I love you, you don’t expect me to turn my back on you now. We are going to figure out why this happened but for now, have some rest. We will discuss more on this tomorrow.”


I nodded my head and lay my head on the pillow then I remembered something. “Won’t I take my bath since you said I smell like him?”


“Don’t worry about that, you will take your bath tomorrow for now, just rest.”


“Thank you.” I said closing my eyes.





Krishna POV


I smiled as I watched all that was happening in Harsha’s room.


The large plasma TV on the wall was showing me everything.


“Mum! Mum!!” I shouted and I heard the heels of someone coming to my room, my mother.


She entered without knocking.


“What is it dear?”


“Look at that.” I said pointing at the TV and my mother turned to face the TV.


We watched how Harsha was able to tame her demon beast with just one kiss. It disgust me to see what belongs to me confessing his feelings and kissing her.


Wasn’t he scared of her?


“I knew it.” My mother’s voice brought me out of my thoughts.


“I told you Krishna but you wouldn’t listen, she has the blood of Kaali Yuga running through her veins.” My mother said. “If only….”


I interrupted her. “Mother, you have forgotten she isn’t a full demon. Her mother is a human that makes her a half demon.” I said my eyes were not leaving the TV. Harsha switched off the light but with my demon eyes, I could still see clearly, he doesn’t know that yet.


“I am going to kill her before she realizes…”


Interrupting her again. “That my father is her father? Don’t you think it would be too late for that mother. The demon in her has been activated.”


“That is why we have to kill her. If your father gets to know that Amulya’s daughter still lives, you know what will happen? Hell’s pit wrestling is just a few weeks away.” She said. “If she loses control of her demon….”


“Just make sure father doesn’t know of her existence yet. Leave Zoya to me, I already have a plan.” I said as I watched Harsha sliding next to her on the bed and putting his arms around her. I was angry seeing that sight. “She won’t know what hits her.”


The mother and two children Zoya had directed to her stupid organization was all part of my plan.


I smirk.



Zoya won’t know what hits her.




© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke.




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