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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 19

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Chapter 1 ⃣9 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya POV


He groaned, staring angrily at me.


I ate the noodles staring at him from the corner of my eyes. I had purposely provoked him so that he could give me his food.


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How do you expect me not to eat this noodle when I have already eaten it’s aroma?


His phone rang and he stood up and walked back into the kitchen, maybe to get his phone since the sound was coming from there.


Krish POV



I was very happy with the way things are going. The plan was working, soon I will make Harsha jealous and he will have no other option than to run back to Krishna.


Zee is mine and mine alone. No one will take my place from her. Even though she had rejected my advances last night, I pressured her until she gave in and allowed me to make love to her.


“Did you mean what you said about me being a cigarette Zee?” I ask, smiling, remembering how she had made me feel when I was inside her and now she has just told Harsha she couldn’t drop me. Good for me and bad for him, he should learn how to stick to Krishna and stop disturbing my beautiful Zee.


“You know I don’t mean that and even if I do, cigarettes do get crushed under my feet, so don’t make me crush you Krish.” She told me and I frowned.


“You know he doesn’t love you Zee….” I start to tell her hoping to change her mind

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but she cuts me.



“I know, but I have claimed him as mine. I don’t want to push myself too hard on him so I am taking it slow until….”


I interrupted her. “Until he confesses his feelings to you? Come on Zee, I thought you are more intelligent and clever than this. The guy clearly doesn’t love you just like the way you said you don’t love me. Just give up and focus on the guy who loves you much, me.” I told her.


Harsha doesn’t love her, can’t she see?


“He will come to love me, maybe not right away.” She said after a minute of silence and resumed eating.


Why can’t she see the hand writings on the wall? He belongs to someone more dangerous than her, she doesn’t know that yet.


“You are hoping that he would love you just the same way I am hoping, right?” I asked staring into her beautiful eyes, a mixture of dark and brown.


“Look Krish, you and him are so different. You are a killer just like I am but him, he is so different, maybe that is why I find him intriguing, plus he is handsome.” She said winking at me. “I have got big eyes and I am keeping him with me forever.”


“So are you telling me if I stop killing that you would love me?” I asked her ignoring her last statement.


Forever my ass. Not when I am still breathing. I will kill him.


“No, you will still be Krish. I can’t really explain what I meant but you are not Harsha. And there is no one who would separate him from me. And if tries it, I will make sure they disappear such that even won’t be able to find them and that includes you.” She answered me going back to finish up her noodles and Harsha came out from the kitchen, he was talking to someone on the phone as he came out.


He walked past us without a second glance and that made me happy.



Zee watched Harsha as he ascended the stairs, she couldn’t take her eyes from him.


“I wonder who he is talking to.” She said and watched him until he was out of our sight.


I smirk inwardly.


I know who he was talking to.


“Maybe to his secret girlfriend or his wife to be.” I told her grinning widely.


Zee didn’t say a word after that, she just returned her gaze back to her noodles.


I watched as Zee quickly devoured all the noodles in the plate and was up to her feet.


“Where are you going?”


“To meet Harsha of course.” She replied to me and left me alone.


What did she see in Harsha that I don’t have? I am more handsome than him, built up and so good in bed.


If Krishna didn’t put a call across to me, I wouldn’t know my woman is flirting with someone.


That bastard needs to be out of our life……for……good.


If she continues like this then Harsha needs to die earlier than I thought. Zoya POV

I climbed the stairs, taking it two at a time.


I heard a lady voice speaking to him, not just any lady’s voice but Krishna’s voice when he walked past us.



But I have to pretend as if I didn’t hear a word and I was prompted to say;


“I wonder who he is talking to.”


I reach the top stairs and head straight to Harsha’s room.


I knocked on the door rapidly but he didn’t answer me. When I turned the door knob, it gave way and I entered his room.


Everything smells like him and I couldn’t stop myself from inhaling his beautiful scent that was suddenly overwhelming me.


If not for the sound of running water in the conjoined bathroom that drew my attention, I would have stayed like that, closing my eyes and opening my mouth to breath in and swallow all his scent in his room, well if that was possible.


I walk towards the bathroom door and open it to see the na.ked sight of Harsha in the bathtub. His head was resting on top of the white bathtub, his mouth parted open as he gave himself pleasure.


It wasn’t about his na.kedness that made me aroused but he was touching himself.


My throat suddenly went dry…his cock was long, thick and, not fully hard, dripped enough pre-cum. His cock was bigger than Krish and my mouth waters for this giant cock.


He hasn’t noticed my presence yet cus his eyes were closed. I cleared my throat which made him open his eyes and quickly cover his hard cock with his hands.


“You are starting without me Harsha.” I said sweetly, earning a glare from my handsome man, my eyes diverting back to his cock and licking my lips in anticipation. “Want to put my mouth into good use sweetheart?” I added with a wink.


Then the disturbing voice of Krishna filled the bathroom.


“Get out of there, you don’t get to see what belongs to me.”


It was then I noticed the phone on top of the bathtub Harsha was resting his head on.


I chuckled drying, this Krishna is not serious.


I was very quick to collect the phone before Harsha hand reached it.


“Thanks Krishna for making him hard for me, now I will take up the rest of the job from here.” I ended the call not wanting to hear her mosquito voice.


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke.

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