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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 18

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Chapter 1 8 ⃣⃣



Zoya and Harsha



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya POV



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I typed ‘Okay, I will call you later bro.’ and send it to him. “Who was that?” Krish asked, trying to peek through my phone. “Your brother, Khaleel.”


“Is he in trouble again?” He asked in concern.


“No, he said he wants to talk with me on something.” I reply.


“Really? I will call him later on to know what the problem is.” He told me.


“Okay.” I said. “I will be going to my room now. Good night.” I told the both of them and climbed the stairs until I reached the top and headed straight for my room.


When a minute passed and there was no sign of Krish, I video call Khaleel.


He picked it up immediately as if he was already expecting my call at that moment.


I could see his cute face and smile.


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“How are you brother?” I asked.


“I am fine and you?” He made a sign to me. He normally put his phone on something to hold it so he could move his hands.


“Good too.” I said. “You said you want to discuss something important with me.”


“Yes. You have to be very careful with Krish, he now moves with some gangs I haven’t seen before and he talks with a lady on the phone. I thought it was you but when I spy on him without his notice, the female voice was different. I know he is with you right?” He made a sign to me.


“Yes.” I said not fully believing him. Krish might be seeing another girl since I have told him we have no future being together.


“Yesterday night he was with me and I overheard him talking to the same lady on the phone and she told him to come to Anant Desai house.”


I now believed him. How did Khaleel know I am in Anant Desai house?


“Okay.” I said. “Are you back, I will like us to see one on one brother?”


“I will be back in two days time sister, I will let you know when I am back.”


“Okay, take care of yourself Khaleel.”


“And you too Zee.”


I ended the call and quickly took my bath, brushed my teeth and went to bed though I was not sleeping.


One hour later, Krish entered my room and locked the door. He dropped his bag in the closet and went to take his bath, he soon emerged from the bathroom with a pink towel tied below his waist.


He removed the towel and climbed the bed. We had sex.



Harsha POV


I could hear them, especially her loud moan which signify they were having sex.


I was standing outside Zoya’s door and pressed my ear against the door. I wasn’t jealous, not jealous at all, but I felt my heart break into two.


This can’t be happening. I feel like breaking the door and invading their privacy but I couldn’t. No matter how much I am hurt by hearing her moans, I told myself I wasn’t hurt that I am going to remind her of our deal.


Maybe she forgot.


I left for my room quickly before my uncle could see and went straight to bed ignoring my phone which was ringing.




Early the next morning, I woke up and checked my phone to see fifty missed calls from Krishna. Ignoring my phone at the moment, I stood up from my bed and went to take my bath and brush my teeth before stepping out of my room.


I pocket my phone when Zoya door opens.


“Good morning sweetheart.” Zoya greeted me blocking my way with a bright smile.. She was just coming out from her room, looking beautiful. She looked so beautiful with her smile.


Why am I just noticing it now?


And speaking of my nickname…..


She has the nerves to call me her sweetheart when she was busy fu.cking someone else behind my back.



“Don’t call me that.” I told her coldly and her smile faded. Good. I tried to walk pass her but she blocked my way.


“Why are you angry, I just ask you how was your night sweetheart.”


“Go and greet your lover In your room and stop bugging me. I did not ask for your greetings, did I?”


“Point of correction Harsha, he is not my lover, you are my lover, we are lovers and there is no one who will stop us.”


Says the girl who was fu.cked by someone who is not me.


“Zee or whatever your name is, get out of my way, now cheater!!” I didn’t mean to say that out loud but I did and I pushed her out of my way and proceeded downstairs.


I was surprised to see my uncle and greeted him. He was dressed as if he was going out for an important meeting.


“Krishna says you are not picking her calls, why?”


“Nothing dad, I don’t feel like picking her call, don’t I have a right to make my own decisions anymore?” I ask. “Gosh she is controlling me. Must I pick her call!” I yelled out.


Damn, I was still pissed, not at my uncle but at Zee.


“Sorry Harsha, the cook won’t be coming today, so either you make something for yourself or go out and buy yourself something to eat, okay?” My uncle told me. “I will be coming back very late today, so make sure you, Zee and the other visitor eat.”


“I will Dad, take care and stay safe.”


“I am always safe, son. See you soon.” He said, kissing my forehead and left me alone in the living room.



Well since the cook won’t be coming today. I guess I own the kitchen today.


One secret no one knows except my uncle is that I can cook.





Zoya POV


I was surprised by Harsha behavior.


What is wrong with him?


Krish stepped out and wrapped his hands around my waist. Kissing my neck.


“I don’t know what is wrong.” I muttered to myself but Krish heard me.


“What is wrong?” He asked me as I relaxed more comfortably in his arms, resting my head on his chest.


“Harsha is angry with me and I don’t know the reason.” I replied to him staring at the ceiling.


“Must you talk about someone who is already engaged to be married Zee.” He said turning me around to face him, he was so fast.


“Why won’t I talk about the man whom I love? He is angry with me and I don’t know why.” I told him once I was facing him, staring into his eyes. “Why won’t I talk about him? He is not yet married to the stupid girl.”


“I love you Zee so when you talk about a man who is getting married soon, I lose my cool and get jealous. I don’t want to lose you Zee or hurt him.”


“Krish, Harsha is my lover and if a single hair on him is hurt, I won’t take it lightly with you, friends or not.” I told him and released his hold on me, turned and descended the stairs without a backward glance.



Few minutes later, I was going through my phone when I perceived a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. Apart from the food I ate in my grandmother place, I haven’t eaten anything.


It wasn’t long Harsha came out from the kitchen with a straight face and a tray filled with rice and fried chickens.


I licked my lips as I stared at him. He sat opposite me and started eating without saying a word to me.


I was hurt. I don’t know if it was for the food or him ignoring me.


“Harsha, where is my own share?” I asked, starting a conversation with him.


“I prepare this, go and prepare yours.” He replied rudely.


I don’t really know how to cook.


I wanted to tell him that but kept quiet.


He ate and when he couldn’t finish the food, he called the gatekeeper and gave him the food.


I watched everything and once the gate keeper was gone I was up to my feet pointing at him.


“You know I was hungry why didn’t you give me your leftovers?”


“You have Krish right? Go and tell him to make breakfast for you. I give whoever I want my food.”


“Harsha, I am hungry, you don’t want me to die.”


“Even if you are crawling with blood flowing from your eyes, read my lips, I won’t give you one seed. Go and meet Krish to cook for you.” He said and left me.


I was greatly famished and called Krish so that we could go out together and eat.



Harsha POV



I watched Zee and that snatcher leaving the compound on bare foot from my room window. He has one of his arms wrapped around her and she was laughing at something he was saying.


I wasn’t jealous, I am not but it felt wrong seeing her together with him. Why didn’t she protest about his arm on her waist? Didn’t she know that is not good? As she calls me her lover, allowing another man to touch her is called cheating.


She is cheating on me with Krish.


I didn’t move an inch from the window as I awaited their return. I even took a chair closer to the window.


They didn’t return until evening time and I was livid with anger.


Didn’t Krish know that she belonged to me?


I waited until they were inside the house before leaving my room and heading towards the kitchen.


“Good evening sweetheart. Hope you have had your dinner?” Zoya asked as I passed them. Her two legs were on Krish lap.


I ignored her and went into the kitchen to prepare noodles.


Ten minutes later my delicious noodles were ready and I put it on a plate and went to the living room to sit and eat.


Luckily for me, they were still there. Though Krish wasn’t looking at my direction but who cares.


I went to occupy my previous position I sat earlier today when eating my rice and started to eat my noodles.


Zoya left Krish and came to sit beside me.


“Can I have some of your noodles, please?”




“I will do anything you ask me to do.”


The one you promised me back then in your grandmother’s place, just look at how you are sticking to your words backstabber.




“I will do anything you want Harsha, I mean it. I can’t resist this.”


“You will do anything I want you to do?”


“Yes Harsha.”


“Cut off your relationship with this loafer here.” I said gesturing with my head towards Krish.


Krish glared at me.


“He is not like a cigarette that you will throw away after you are done smoking.” She said and Krish smiled.


“Then I am not a balloon that you will let go after filling it up.” I said trying to say something like she does.




“I mean I am not a chewing gum that you will open it, chew it and spit it out.” I told her.


She leaned forward until her face was a few inches away from mine.



“When did I open the chewing gum? When did I chew it?” She asked. “Just to give me one spoon, you are causing unnecessary drama here. I greeted you twice today but you refuse to acknowledge my greetings Harsha. I haven’t even eaten today because I was thinking of you. And I came back home to see you eating, why don’t you ask me ‘Zee darling, come and eat. Have you eaten?’ No, all you care about is your tummy.”


“Then eat. Eat me! Eat me!” I didn’t know when I said those words out.


She smiled and stared at me from head to toe slowly.


“I would have eaten you but I don’t like meat which has too much fat.”


I opened my mouth in shock and gave her my plate of noodles.


“Eat it!” Trying not to sound upset.


She collected the plate and started to eat my noodles.


“I hate you wild cat.” I told her, staring at my noodles which she was devouring.


“But I love you my sweetheart.”




© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke.






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