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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 16

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Chapter 1 ⃣6 ⃣



Gorai Village (Part 4)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya POV


I swallowed hard when he tightened his hold on my ass.


In one swift move, my back was on the bed and he was on top of me, getting in between my legs quickly before I would close it. That action made my gown rise higher to my hip, revealing my panties.

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He was staring at my revealing part and it gave me warm feelings that he could be interested in me.


“What should I do Harsha?” I said, staring at him as he slowly looked into my eyes. “Harsha….” I manage to say only to gasp out loud as he thrust his hip in between my legs. I moan out as he did it a second and third time.


I caressed his ass with my hands as he thrust vigorously into me, even though it wasn’t skin to skin, I could feel I was getting wet.


I was horny.


He leaned his head forward to kiss me and I was already waiting eagerly for his kiss only for him to whisper in my left ear.


“Why did you lie?” He ask, halting in his movement as he awaits for my answer.


“I did not want my grandmother to know I kill for money.” I responded in all honesty.


“What if she comes to know the truth?”

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“She won’t.”


“Tell her before she gets to find out from another mouth.” Harsha suggested.


“I will, not now.” I said. “Please don’t tell her, I will do anything for you just don’t tell her.”


“I won’t tell her but as for the ‘anything’ you said, I want you from now henceforth to stay away from that guy that called you yesterday……your mate, if you


disobey, I will have no other option then to report you to your grandmother.” He said. “Do you agree?”




“That’s my number one list of what I want you to do for me. As time goes on I will be listing them one after the other.” He told me and got off me and was out of the bed, before he faced me.


I could see he was hard but he ignored it and stretched in front of me, swaying his hips from side to side.


Was he teasing me? The bastard was teasing me.


“Come and finish what you started.” I told him.


“In as much as I am tempted with your offer, I won’t finish what You started, wild cat, remember I don’t like you.” He said.


“Oh please tell that to the birds.” I said rolling my eyes.


I redo my gown and was up to my feet. I noticed Harsha staring around as if he was searching for something in the room.


“And what are you searching for sweetheart?” I ask him, prompting him to stare at me.


“The birds to tell, wild cat.” He answered with an annoying smirk.



I was about to reply to him when my grandmother entered without knocking.


Thank goodness she didn’t come when u and Harsha was still in bed.




“They are here.” She answered and saw that Harsha was awake, she went to meet him and touch his cheek. “My son in law, come with us maybe if they see you they will pity us.” She added and left us, Harsha turned to stare at me in confusion.


“I told her you were the vice president’s son and my fiance.” I told him. “So please just go along with it. Thank you.”


“Okay.” He said surprising me with his answer.


“Thank you.” I said once again and we left the room.


On our way out, I brought out my phone and sent a message to someone.


There is something no one knows, even though I love working alone, I have hundreds of thugs who work for me.




We went outside the compound and I saw all the villagers, they were standing outside the gate of my organization. As I and Harsha were coming out of the compound, they cleared the way for us.


I saw some group of thugs standing obviously on the opposite side. I saw a man sitting down in front of the thugs, he seems to be their leader. I haven’t come across him before. He was ugly with scars all over his face.


I walked back leaving Harsha behind and returned with two chairs, one for me and the other for Harsha.


I made sure I was very close to the ugly thug before I dropped the chairs.



Harsha was surprised when I indicated the other seat for him to sit which he did immediately.


I was facing the thug crossing my hands across my chest.


“So you are the one they told me about?” He asked with a side grin.


“Yes.” I answered and smiled.


“You are a beautiful woman.” He said licking his lips and that disgusted me.


“Thank you ugly now I thought you are here for something else.” Harsha snarled at him, earning a smile from ugly.


“We are sent here by the government to seize every land in this village.” He said staring at me.


“Where do you want them to go if their lands are seized?”


“Anywhere, do I look like I care?”


“I care so you are not taking any papers or chasing the villagers out from here.” I told him calmly. “If you refuse, I will hit you hard and tears will refuse to come out.”


“Some people hit ten people and think they have become a Don, nonsense.” The ugly thug said laughing hard.


I smiled at him.


“Since you want to do it in the hard way, so be it.” The ugly thug said and motion with his head for his other thugs to attack us.


Harsha clenched his hands into a fists and wanted to stand up, but I touched his lap and shook my head, telling him not to do anything.


The thugs were coming when a gun sound was heard and I smiled.



The approaching thugs halt.


Fifteen Toyota cars were seen driving towards us, the cars stopped and coming out of the car were my thugs with guns.


The sound of three approaching helicopters was heard above us, and the occupants in the helicopters were pointing their guns at the ugly thug and his other thugs.


One of my thugs came forward and gave the ugly thug a card.


I have already texted him what to do.


The ugly thug stared at the little card briefly and was up to his feet, running to kneel before me with fear in his eyes.


“I am sorry ma’am, I didn’t know you are Zee.” He pleaded to the surprise and shock of the onlookers.


“I am not someone who hit ten people and became a Don.” I said smiling widely at his shaking form. “All the ten people I hit were Dons.”




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