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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 15

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Chapter 1 ⃣5 ⃣



Gorai Village (Part 3)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya POV



I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Harsha. No wonder when I went to check on him in his room he wasn’t there.


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I hope he hasn’t revealed anything to my grandmother yet but with the way my grandmother was doing and how Harsha had fainted after my grandmother’s shocking revelation. It was confirmed he hasn’t told her yet.



I had to lie to my grandmother that I was dating the India Vice president because of the numerous questions she keeps asking me every time I return home.


‘Where and how did you get all this money Zoya? I hope you are not into what I am thinking.’


That question made me lie to my grandmother.


Harsha fainted, though I don’t know why.


I was at his side before his body would reach the ground.


With the help of the women there, we carried Harsha into one of the vacant rooms we have in my organization.


I didn’t want anyone to question me, especially my grandmother, if u carried Harsha by myself.

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I was a good girl in my grandmother’s eyes.


Once we had settled him on the bed, the women left leaving me and my grandmother alone in the room.


I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his sleeping figure.


Just looking at him made me wish I was alone with him so that I could touch him in some certain places before he wakes. Maybe I should just send my grandmother away to give him a quick blow job before he wakes up.


I licked my lips at the thought of having his hard dick inside my mouth and would have succumbed to my desire if not the clearing throats of my grandmother that brought me out of my dirty thoughts.


“Who is he to you Zoya?” She asked me.



I realized I was already leaning towards his face, I brushed my lips against his lightly before I straightened up to return my gaze to my grandmother.


“Someone important grandma.” I answered truthfully staring at him briefly, getting tempted as the minutes went by.


“Is he your fiance?” She finally asked.


Deciding to go along with it since I and Harsha will be getting married soon.


“Yes grandma.”


“I knew it.” She said with a smile. “The young man was surprised to see you and you were even more surprised to see him. I knew that was why he had fainted.” She added.


“Maybe.” I agree with her.


“He is a handsome fellow, hold him tight before other girls catch’s his attention.” She told me.


If those girls don’t care for their lives then. I thought with an inward smirk.


“I like him already, he is just a gentleman. When are we fixing your marriage?”


“Soon, did any new people come here yesterday?” I asked, referring to the woman and her two children.


“Yes my dear, a woman and her two kids, they said a good person had directed them to this organization.” She said. “Do you want to see them? They are adjusting to their new environment.”


“No, not yet grandma, I came here for what you told me over the phone yesterday.” I said quickly fearing that the woman might recognize me once she sees me.





“So do you know who has threatened to seize the village?” I ask, changing the topic.


“No, I don’t.” She answered me. “Someone had sent them here, I am sure of it because the thugs, their leader I guess, was speaking on the phone with someone.” She told me.


“Were you able to know the gender of the voice he spoke to?” I ask. My only guess is Krishna.


“No, but the leader of the thugs told us the land belongs to the government and the government wants to make use of it.”




“Since you are dating the Vice president’s son and he is here, if they come today, it will be very easy to negotiate with them, right?”


“Yes grandma.” I replied and a groan from Harsha brought our attention to him. He was waking up. “Can you leave us alone grandma, I want to discuss something important with my fiance.” I told her and she left without a word.


Once the door was shut behind her, I climbed on the bed and straddle him, pulling the mouth of my dress upwards until my thighs were showing. I could feel his dick through that trousers of his and made sure my pussy was on it. Thankfully, I was wearing a gown.


I grind myself slowly on him earning a loud gasps from him.


His eyes opened up fastly in panic and when he realized it was me, he calmed himself down.


“Sweetheart, why did you faint?” I ask him sweetly. He realized what I was doing.


“Get off me right now wild cat.” He snarled but didn’t push me off him.



“No, you are enjoying it Sweetheart.” I said grinding myself harder. He moans slowly and quickly places his hand over his mouth to prevent another one from coming. “Now if you ever. I mean ever open your mouth and tell my grandmother what I am really into, you won’t like the beast in me.” I told him my voice was getting serious.


“Get off me this minute mother of all liars and guess what I will tell your grandmother and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do to me.” He said with a smug look.


I stopped grinding into him, ignoring his hard on that I could feel against my ass and glare at him murderously.


“Don’t dare me Harsha. I am more dangerous than you think and I will kill you without a second thought.” I told him, though I didn’t mean it.


“You wouldn’t do that because you love me and won’t stand to see me hurt.” He said with a smirk on his lips.


Why is he taunting me? What does he gain if he tells my grandmother?




“What do I have to do to keep you quiet sweetheart?” I asked him, that was the only option I had. The bastard knew I wouldn’t hurt him even if I held a knife to his throat. He was right, my love for him wouldn’t let me.


I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt two hands on my waist which slid down to grab my ass.


“First of all wild cat, I love this position better.” He purred.


Now it was my turn to panic.

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