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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 5

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Episode 5




Reagan dropped his shorts and his organ was engorged. He was already feeling horny as he violently slipped off Stella’s shorts with his teeth and ripped off her shirt with both hands.


Stella tried to scream but it was useless, the sellotape was still firm on her lips. In the next


second, Reagan’s body was already hard on her Unclad body and she tried to twist away but she was helpless in his grip. He reached down, forcefully stretched her legs apart and started to enter her. Stella shut her eyes in disgust and fought to squirm free but Reagan was too strong for her. He was becoming ecstatic as he pounded madly into her, sweat pouring off him. He ran a hand up her mouth and took off the sellotape. Stella wanted to scream but Reagan’s mouth found hers and her voice was subdued in his mouth. He


began pinching her Tips and she felt herself giving up the ghost. She started pushing out blindly for Reagan was practically biting her tongue, and her fingers touched his trousers.


She grabbed hold of it, felt a gun inside the pocket and dragged it closer. She squeezed a finger into the pocket, slid the gun out and


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there was a sudden loud explosion. “Wha_”


Reagan tried to scream but could not complete the word. Blood was pouring out of his head and dripping into his mouth. With shaking hands, Stella pushed the corpse off


her body and it dropped to the floor. She pulled herself to her feet, held her clothes and


hurried into them. She took the bunch of keys from the stool and made to the door. She thought about the gun. Anything could happen in the darkness and she was already afraid of the dark. She went back and picked the gun from the bed. She slid it against her waist and tightened her shorts to it. She climbed down the staircase, hurried out of the apartment, to the backyard. As she moved towards the car,



she remembered she had forgotten to get the car key. She considered going back to the room for the key but became afraid. She was already imagining Reagan’s ghost somewhere behind her and she hastened to the car and found the door open. She got in with sweat dripping down her cheeks, quickly reached down and held two wires. She hot-wired, engaged the gear and turned the steering to the gate. She stopped before the gate, picked the bunch of keys from the dashboard and made to open the gate. She unlocked it and was staring at Lucia as she strode toward her. She was wearing a see-my-laps skirt and her


eyes were brutal. Lucia opened her handbag leisurely and took out a gun but Stella was


faster. Stella whisked out the gun and pressed the trigger but no sound came forth; there was no bullet left in the gun. Sudden chills vibrated up her spine and her legs became


stiff. She knew she was going to die and tears filled her eyes. Lucia was now smiling callously as she held her gun toward Stella, her finger firm on the trigger. A shot rang out

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immediately and Stella watched with mouth agape and trembling body as Lucia slumped dead, her gun slipping to the ground. She was confused with had happened and thought she


was hallucinating. She looked up and saw Anabel running toward her, her left hand returning the gun she had killed Lucia with to her handbag.


“Follow me now.” Anabel shouted and stopped in front of her. Stella hesitated, considering where she was


following her mum’s secretary to, “You’re taking me to my mum?” Her lips quirked.


Anabel shook her head, “I’m not taking you to that murderer. She sent Lucia after you and will find you herself if you remain a minute longer. Come with me.” She held out a hand,


“There’re a lot I’ll tell you about.”


Stella stood a moment, fighting to make a decision. She knew she couldn’t trust the woman but she was also aware that at the moment, she was left with no choice. After all, Anabel just saved her life. She thought. She found her hand making toward Anabel’s


stretched hand. Anabel took it firmly and they ran to a black Carina parked some miles away. They got in and Anabel sent the vehicle onto Express way. LOVE AFFAIRS 2

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