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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 30

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Episode 30




The sun had already disappeared and ominous dark clouds gathered overhead. Dennis was tied to a stake in front of the four- square building of the police headquarters.


Few miles from him was the IG in his official uniform. His face looked sinister but an enigmatic smile was resting on his lips as he walked leisurely up and down the compound. Beside the IG stood two ladies



whom Dennis couldn’t recognize because of the long black veils that ran from their heads to their toes. Each was holding a colt.45 semi automatic pistol, aimed directly at Dennis’ forehead and awaiting the IG’s order to be fired. After few minutes of pacing up and down, the IG stopped before the ladies,


regarded them, then he turned to face Dennis and spat on his face, “You’re a failure to this nation and a failure to the police force.” He said mirthlessly, “Since you were


recruited into this force, you’ve remained a liability, bringing only disgrace and disappointments rather than glory and honour to this great nation. You’ve not only arrested innocent citizens but seen them put to jail.

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Some are on life sentence while others have been shamefully executed. You’ve made many children orphans and have destined a good


number of our young women to early widowhood. How many innocent citizens have


you sent to their early graves just within these few years of your joining this force?” He


paused, slapped him hard on his face and spat on him again, “I’m sure you won’t remember the figure because the list is


endless.” He began to smile, “Today will mark your end in this planet. Today, indelible smiles will be put on the faces of the thousands of souls languishing in their graves because of your heartlessness. Today, their widows and orphans will be consoled. Their consolation will be in the shameful and agonizing pains you’ll be subjected to before you eventually die. Your death will be shameful because a lady you once loved and the one you still love are going to execute you and they will make it in such a way that your death will be both slow and painful.” He turned to the ladies and signaled them with a wave of his hand to raise their veils. He watched as they obliged and he turned to Dennis to see the impression


the ladies he was staring at was having on him. The ladies were Vivian and Stella and Dennis instantly felt a cold chill run through his spines. What was Stella doing with the heart breaker? He wondered. No woman could be trusted. He thought. How could Stella, the


lady he loved and trusted dearly just in the twinkling of an eye suddenly turn against him and choose to be in the company of the heartless IG and Vivian?. Why would she stab him in the back after he had saved her life?.


He looked Stella in the eyes and the only thing he was seeing in them was hatred.

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He tried to think further but was interrupted by the thunderous laughter of the



IG. The IG slapped him again and again on the cheek, took some steps backwards and


commanded, “Fire.” Dennis shut his eyes immediately, with his heart hammering violently as he awaited the bullets that would permanently steal away his breath. In another second, he opened his eyes and decided to courageously accept his helpless fate with


eyes wide open, and just that instant; he watched Stella with awe as she quickly turned her gun to Vivian’s direction and buried a bullet in her chest. The puzzled IG was still trying to open his mouth, probably to ask Stella what the hell had come over her, when she faced him and shot him on his head.


When the IG dropped dead, Stella allowed the gun to fall from her hand to the ground and she ran to the baffled Dennis. She kissed him


passionately and said, “I shall forever love you and stand by you,” then she began


to untie




But before she could finish, Dennis jumped up from the seat, sweating and only realized he had been dreaming. He switched on the light, looked at the bed and found


Stella sleeping peacefully. He stood, dropped his goggles on the seat, slowly moved to the


bed, bent over it and kissed Stella’s forehead. He returned to the seat, switched off the light, shut his eyes but couldn’t sleep again. From that night till dawn, his memory was filled with the blissful pictures of the rest of his life he would probably be spending with his new found love.







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