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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 26

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Episode 26




Stella nodded and returned the smile. She watched the guard walk down to the extreme of the sitting room, open a door and enter a room. When she heard him close the door behind him, she brought her eyes back to the television, her lips smiling and her thoughts


imagining what her mum with Anabel would be facing in few hours. When fifteen minutes


had passed and neither the IG nor the guard entered the sitting room, Stella became worried. Had the guard not yet informed the IG she was waiting? She thought. May be the IG was busy with something and was already


rounding off to join her soon. She concluded and decided to exercise some patience. She


suddenly became uninterested in the sport she was watching on the TV and started moving


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her eyes about the room. Fifteen minutes later, she was still all alone in the large sitting


room and she grew restless and could not help listening to the ticking of the huge clock


beside the couch she was sitting on. After fifty minutes, there was still no sign of either the IG or the guard and she stood and moved to the window. She looked out to know whether the guards she had seen downstairs were still


there but could only see the falling rain. She immediately guessed they had gone into the gatepost because of the heavy downpour. She


contemplated going down to ask them the where about of the IG and considered entering


the room she had seen the guard walk into.


She decided to go into the room and find out what was wrong. She started moving slowly toward the room, her legs wobbly and her breathing fast. When she was few paces to the room, she heard sound from behind her and stopped moving. She turned immediately and found the IG standing beside a couch; his


short gun clutched tenaciously in his hands was pointed at her. She stood stunned and felt like fainting as she stared at the IG as if she was looking at a complete stranger. The

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expression on the IG’s face was both deadly and regretful. That was the third time a gun was being pointed at Stella. The first was her mum murderously pointing a gun at her inside


her room, second was Reagan’s finger on the trigger as he pointed his gun fiercely at her, and now her dad’s best friend was doing the same thing. She felt her heart drowning in her stomach and she began to suffocate. So


Anabel was right. Tears strolled down her cheeks. What was happening? What was the man she had taken as her saviour trying to do?. She tried to think, but that was useless; her senses were no longer with her. The two


things she was conscious of at the moment were that the sound of the IG’s gun would definitely be swallowed by the heavy rain outside and second was that she was going to be buried somewhere in his apartment where her corpse would never be discovered. Her tears flowed continuously down her face and her mouth was wide open.


The IG couldn’t speak. He saw no need for words. When he had made up his mind to kill Stella, he knew it was the most critical decision of his life and


had decided that perfecting it in silence was the best for him. He never imagined Thelda



could be such deadly. The accident of that fateful afternoon in Williams’ apartment at East was a temptation he found himself not able to resist. Her charm was too overwhelming on that very day that when Thelda opened the door of the apartment for him, unclad and with such a seductive smile


and the most attractive body he had ever seen, he found his guts instantly gone and he


immediately forgot many things. He forgot his dignity, his position, his family, his friendship with Williams and even forgot his own name.


It was only after twenty minutes, when Thelda was already done with him and asked him to put on his clothes and return home quickly for he had overstayed, that he realized the gravity of the trap he had fallen into. After that day, neither the IG nor Thelda mustered the courage to speak about that very afternoon again.


The IG never cared to ask her the motive behind her action but secretly, he wept and


did self-inflicted penance for his sins and vowed never to allow Thelda to seduce him again.







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