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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 19

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Episode 19




The senator smiled, “Ok, I’m sorry. I won’t call you that again.”


“Now I’ve given you the chance to show how sorry you’re, can I now hang up?” The senator said calmly but immediately, “No, don’t hang up yet.” He paused, “I like


apologizing in a grandiose style. Can we’ve lunch tomorrow, may be in a restaurant, that’s if your apartment won’t be conducive?”


Thelda thought a moment. She didn’t want to be spotted any place in the company of the senator. She decided to ask him to come to the apartment. She would tell the guards to stay with her inside the apartment until the


senator was gone. The senator wasn’t going to charm her again. She determined, “Come to my apartment by 2:00PM and be sure the lunch doesn’t last more than fifteen minutes.”


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The senator said happily, “Very sure my dear.


Will be in your apartment at exactly that time.” He hung up.


The following morning, Thelda saw her husband to the convoy, kissed him goodbye


and he was off to a rally. She prepared and left for her office. At 1:30PM, she was back.



She called Morgan, her chief guard and Raymond, another mean-looking guard, into


the sitting room and asked them not to leave until they were told otherwise. She rested her eyes absentmindedly on the television and waited restlessly for the senator. At exactly


2:00PM, a black Jeep pulled up in the garage. She strolled to the window, looked out and


was filled with sudden sadness as she watched a guard open the door of the car. Senator Mahoney came out, pulled on his tie and took his briefcase. The guard closed the door and the senator walked towards the apartment. Raymond opened the door and the senator stepped into the sitting room. He strode to Thelda and extended a hand, “You look beautiful my dear.”

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Thelda gave him an awful glance before accepting his hand in a handshake.


He smiled, moved to the dining room and sat at the table, “Are you not joining in the lunch?” His voice was captivating.


Thelda hesitated before walking to the dining room. She sat on a seat far away from him and said curtly, “I’m not hungry.”


The senator smiled, “In that case, you’ve to watch as I eat.” He said in a clipped voice.


Thelda despised the tone of his voice butmanaged to watch as he ate, blaming herself for even allowing him into her apartment. The senator tried to start a conversation with her but every statement he made was met by silence. The senator gave up and ate in quietly. When he was done, he moved to the sitting room and Thelda followed him. They sat down and she said, “Hope you’re still mindful of the time?”


The senator’s lips twitched in a smile, “Sure,” and he placed the briefcase on his laps. He


turned the numbers and looked at the guards, “Can you please excuse us; this is confidential.”


The guards turned to Thelda for her instruction. She looked from the senator to Morgan, then to Raymond, hesitated and slowly nodded. They opened the door, walked out and closed it behind them. Thelda contemplated whether she made the right decision by letting the guards leave and made up her mind to scream if the senator tried anything silly. She looked up to the senator


and watched as he slid his hand into thebriefcase and take out a golden casing. He turned the lid, bent the casing a bit, held out a palm and a golden necklace slipped into it.



Thelda looked with awe at the necklace; she had not seen such attractive jewellery before.


The senator dropped the casing on the couch,


“Can I’ve the privilege of putting this,” he held it forward, “round your neck?” He was smiling,


“I promise you, I’m entirely harmless.”




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