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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 14

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Episode 14




She turned left and brought the vehicle to the paved road that led to Noel’s apartment. In fifteen minutes, she was inside his compound and she pulled up in the garage. She got out of the car, moved to the door and rang the bell. A servant opened the door and directed her upstairs. She climbed the stairs and found Noel watching the TV in the living room..


Immediately he noticed her, he stood with smiles and shook hands with her, “How’s


Williams?” He released her palm and she sat down.


She smiled, “He’s fine. And how’re your wife and children?”


“Oh, they just left for the zoo.” He stood and started walking to the fridge but


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stopped him,


“I won’t take anything.” She managed a smile,


“I’m not in the mood.”


Noel looked at her face, returned and sat down, “What’s the problem?”


She pulled her handbag nearer to herself and started crying, “I’m pregnant.” It


came out in a


cracking voice.


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Noel shouted, “That’s great!” He believed her tears were tears of joy and stood with


happiness, “Thank God. I’m most happy for you. I knew God would definitely answer our prayers. Have you told your_”


Thelda interrupted, sobbing, “My husband is not responsible for my pregnancy; Senator Mahoney is.”


Noel recoiled in shock, gazing at her. He slumped to the couch and gasped, “What’re


you talking about?”


Thelda said, “I allowed silly mistakes to happen and they resulted in this.” Tears flowed down her face, “I’m ashamed.”You can also read some interesting stories from


Noel thought for some minutes, “What do you intend to do?”


She wiped her tears with her palms, “I don’t know.” She choked out, “I can’t tell my


husband about this pregnancy and I can’t have another man’s baby for him.” She paused and told him what the senator had said.


Noel’s face was filled with sudden sweat, “So you’re planning to abort it?” “I don’t know. I need your advice.”


Noel relaxed on the couch, considering what to tell her. After about fifteen minutes, he


looked at Thelda and said, “I don’t think aborting the baby is an option. On the other


hand, your husband can’t be able to withstand it if you tell him the senator is responsible.”


He paused and shifted forward, “My advice is


that you’ve the baby. Make your husband believe he’s responsible. After all, you both


have wanted a child all these years. Williams will see it as a miracle and that’s what it’ll


continue to be. He’ll never find out.” He concluded.



Thelda bought the advice, thanked him and left his apartment. When Stella was born, Thelda found herself coming to appreciate the


senator for being able to make her what her husband wasn’t able to make her, a fulfilled


woman. She gradually became madly in love with him that she occasionally wished the


senator were her husband instead. As years passed by, she started regretting why he even told Noel about the affair and the pregnancy.


She saw how cordial her husband’s friendship with Noel had grown and feared that


Noel would be tempted to tell her husband about the circumstance surrounding


Stella’s birth.


Each time she saw them discussing, she would


think they were discussing about her sins with the senator. When Williams became the president and appointed Noel the


Inspector General of Police, Thelda concluded that sooner or later, her husband would


definitely come to know everything. At a point,


she could stand her fears no longer and she decided to handle these fears permanently.


One fateful Wednesday morning, the IG was in for security meeting and coincidentally,


Thelda was in her apartment at East. So she decided to cash in on the opportunity. When the meeting was over, she invited the IG for a lunch. In thirty minutes, the IG pulled up in the garage of the apartment and got out of


his Jeep. He walked up to the building, rang the bell and when Thelda opened the door for the unsuspecting IG, she was unclad with a seductive smile radiating on her face. Before the IG knew what was happening, his weakness conquered his strength and he found himself in bed with her, completely unaware of a video camera Thelda had positioned at a strategic point in the bedroom. LOVE AFFAIRS 2

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