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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 12

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Episode 12




When Anabel was through, tears were coursing down from Stella’s eyes. She couldn’t believe what Anabel had told her. Everything she said


was strange. She remembered how she had eavesdropped to her mum’s phone call and



found out she connived with someone to kill her dad but she was sure her mum couldn’t


have connived with the senator. She believed that it was her abductor who was now dead that her mum had connived with. Anabel had


lied to her. She thought. Williams was her biological father and not the bastard senator.

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She opened her mouth to speak but tears cogged her throat, she tried again but started crying frantically. Anabel shifted closer to her, put her arms around her shoulder and said,


“I understand how you feel, I know how painful it’s, but you’ve to control yourself. Crying won’t help in any way. What’s crucial at the moment is that we’ve to stop your mum from harming you. I_”


A thought immediately screamed at Stella and


she interrupted, “How did you get to know about this?” She sniffled and turned to






Anabel heaved a sigh, “I became too close to your mum that she kept no secrets from me.”


Stella looked her in her eyes, “How was that possible?. My mum is someone who doesn’t

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joke with anything she calls secret.” Her eyes looked suspicious, “How come she told you what was supposed to be her secret?”


Anabel shifted uneasily in the seat. Though she had known Stella was intelligent, she never envisaged she would ask her such complicated question. She wasn’t going to say anything that would implicate her. She wasn’t


going to tell her the truth about how Thelda had caught her calling Reagan to assassinate Charley Hills and how she was eventually manipulated to bring Reagan in. She wasn’t going to mention how dangerous she was. She was going to play the saint while Thelda was going down alone. She exhaled slowly and said, “Your mum trusted me. After I became her secretary, she developed likeness for me and we became such close that we shared our secrets.”


“Why then are you helping me?” Stella wiped away her tears.


Anabel was looking down, “I just couldn’t withstand it any longer. She forced me to be


secretive about everything she has done.” She looked steadily at Stella, “She even threatened



to kill me if I talked. I was manipulated.” She started crying, “I was aware she sent Reagan after you but I couldn’t do anything. When we found out through Lucia, the lady that wanted to kill you, that you were alive, I couldn’t


stand it any longer. My conscience tormented me severely and I knew I would never be myself again if I let your mum kill you.” She sobbed, “I was forced to turn against your mum and come to save your life. It was a hard decision but I knew it was the best for me.”


Stella didn’t believe her, “So you knew she was going to kill my dad?. So you knew the senator was my father as you claim and all this while,


you kept silent and it’s just now you’re realizing you’ve conscience. What happened to


your conscience all this while?. Where was your conscience when she killed my dad?


Where was your conscience when that man kidnapped me, subjected me to great suffering and almost killed me?. You know you’re lying.”


Her crying grew more profuse, “You planned with her to kill my dad. The both of you


cooked up lies about the senator being my father for whatever motive you’ve in mind.”


She shifted away from Anabel and hid her face in her palms, “You’re wicked. I’ll expose all of


you.” Anabel felt her heart beating fast. She knew Stella was reading the betrayal that was bottled up inside her and she felt for the poor lady. Stella began to shout, “I’ll expose you, I’ll expose my mum and I’ll expose that senator. All of you killed my dad and now plan to kill me. You all are responsible for


everything I passed through but you will pay dearly for it.” She removed her palms from her face and turned to Anabel. Anabel saw the strange look in her eyes and shook slightly.


Stella’s eyes were red with anger as more tears flowed down her cheeks, “I’ll tell the


Inspector General about your evil deeds. He’ll place all of you in the right place and_”


“You can’t do that.” Anabel’s voice was low and solemn, “Even the IG was aware Williams wasn’t your dad.” Stella’s muscles instantly


became weak as she stared at Anabel’s mouth. Anabel exhaled slowly, “Your mum told him about the relationship when she became pregnant and other things followed.”



Her voice was painful and broken, “I fear she can easily blackmail the IG with that. The_”


“What the hell are you talking about?” Stella retorted and Anabel told her how the


IG came to know about her being the daughter of the senate president and why she


was against her confiding in him.



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