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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 10

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Episode 10




He smiled, “I’ll take you to a place you’ve never been before, a place your husband has never taken you since you got married.” He held her hands and helped her to her feet. He pulled her body against his, inhaled the soft fragrance of her hair and kissed her neck.


Before she knew it, he quickly scooped her up in his arms, kissed her and when he wanted to release his mouth, she caught his head, pressed her lips harder on his until five


minutes was over. The senator raised his head, chuckled and moved towards the stairs,


“Where’s the bedroom.”


Thelda pointed up and the senator carried her up the stairs, to the spacious bedroom. In the next minute, they were struggling out of their clothes and in another minute, they were making love. .


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When Williams became the governor, it was no longer convenient for the senator to continue seeing Thelda in the apartment. The senator’s


apartment wasn’t also an option for his curious wife and observant children. After some hours of discussion, they chose Williams’ apartment at East as a secret rendezvous and they met there every week. (Topster Stories) More interesting stories from


After three months of Williams’ becoming the


governor, Thelda became pregnant. When Williams received the news of his wife’s pregnancy, he went mad with jubilation. He threw a party and the senator and other friends were in attendance. The following Sunday, he went for a thanksgiving. In the


ninth month, Thelda delivered of a beautiful baby girl. After Stella was born, the senator came around to see her regularly until she was five. He knew that if he kept coming


around, Williams would eventually get suspicious. He told Thelda he was coming for



Stella when she graduated from the university but Thelda made no comment on that.


Everything went on hidden until Stella was sixteen. At this point, Stella’s resemblance to

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the senator started becoming noticeable. She inherited the senator’s good looks, his height and his eyes. Like the senator, Stella had a narrow mark on her left cheek and she


laughed like him. At seventeen, the resemblance became such obvious that Williams sometimes nursed some doubts about his fathering Stella. His confusion was that although Stella had his behavior, she didn’t have his looks, but he kept his observation to himself and took it as a mere coincidence. When Stella was eighteen,


Williams took her with him to visit Chief Humphery.


When they were about leaving his apartment, Chief called Williams into a room and said,


“Something has been bothering me for some months now.”


Williams asked, “What’s that?”You can also read some interesting stories from


“Your daughter seems to have the complete traits of the senator. Why not confirm from your doctor.”


When they came home, Williams sat alone in his room; his mind was at various directions.


After some hours of thought, he concluded that something was probably wrong somewhere. Two days to the university anniversary, he called his wife to the room after supper and when she had settled, he said, “I’ll like us to see the doctor after the




Thelda’s eyes shut up at him, “Is anything wrong?”


Williams managed a smile, “There’s no problem. There’s something I just want us to


check out.” There was a note of finality in his voice that made Thelda not to object or


question further, and they went to bed.



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