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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 1

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Episode 1




Lucia stood, her legs flaccid. She knew it was pointless arguing. Her freedom depended on whatever she made out of the assignment.


Only Thelda could save her at the moment and she knew it. She looked at Thelda, “I’ll give you a call in an hour. Get everything about my walking out ready. I’ll dispose of


their bodies where they can never be found.


She walked to the door and was already holding the bolt when Thelda said, “Wait.”


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Lucia stopped and swung around to face her.


“Reagan can sometimes be mysterious.” She placed the glass on the stool, walked up to her and put a palm on her shoulder, “In case you don’t find them in that apartment, he has another secret apartment at No7 Steve Avenue. He might decide to change location. Good luck.”


Lucia nodded and was out of the building.


Later in the day, Thelda was waiting for Anabel in her apartment in Kuta. She took her phone from her bag on the couch and called Reagan for the umpteenth time.



The phone rang severally but he still didn’t pick. She smirked and tried to imagine what could’ve kept him from killing


Stella. Had Stella charmed him with her beauty?. Was Reagan trying to help Stella?.


Had Stella outsmarted Reagan?.


Was something wrong with Reagan?. Did he lose

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his phone?. Thousands of thoughts whirled around in her mind and at a point she thought she was going to have a heart attack. She rose from the couch and strolled to the fridge, then opened it, selected a bottle and took a glass from the rack. Back in the sitting room, she pulled a stool and placed them on it. She uncorked the wine, filled the glass and gulped it down. She put the glass on the stool and slowly rested her back on the couch. She shut her eyes and her mind went to Lucia. Was she being wise using a total stranger she had only seen for few minutes?.


Was Lucia going to succeed? Would Reagan overpower Lucia?. Would Lucia who wanted her freedom at all cost decide to recourse to the police?. Would she try to find a means of having an audience with the president?. At this


point, she remembered she didn’t even ask her how she got her mobile number. She gritted her teeth at her forgetfulness and felt her heart pumping with nervousness. She started


considering where she must have got her number from. Her thought went to Anabel but


she quickly eliminated the thought. Anabel couldn’t have given out her number without


her consent. Moreover, from how Anabel had behaved, there was something lost between them. After few minutes of thought, she


remembered the presidential villa and found her head nodding. That was the only place Lucia could’ve got her number from. The villa was filled with many philanderers and one of them who might have Lucia as a mistress


could’ve easily given out her number. Thelda concluded that Lucia could decide to talk this


aide into arranging for her to have an audience with the president. That would be easy for her to do; she had an attractive face with a cute body that could move any man to do anything she wanted. Thelda remembered that President Wilfred was not in good terms with her husband when he was alive and was


overtaken by a sudden chill that lasted for few minutes. The president would definitely put his full weight to ensure she was brought to book.



Her imagination went to the senator and she shuddered. He would be mad at her if such


incidence showed up and he was always aggressive whenever he was flared. From the excessive sweat that suddenly filled her face,


she knew she would eventually have a heart attack if she continued nursing those negative thoughts. She fought to redirect her mind to


imagine Lucia calling her back in an hour she had promised and announcing she had


eventually gotten rid of them. At last, she was able to control her thoughts and she concentrated on Lucia successfully carrying out the assignment. She was glad for her wise decision of paying her twenty million and she knew that was enough to motivate her to do as agreed. She remembered how Lucia


looked. She was beautiful, with a good shape and was almost the same age with her


daughter. When she had killed Reagan and her daughter, she could decide to take her in and


treat her like her daughter. She could take her to the heights she had dreamed for Stella. She suddenly became ecstatic. With Lucia, she would easily get over the demise of Stella. She started to smile. With her, she would start her life allover and…







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